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14:37, 20 November 2017

Yoga Tone – Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga Tone – Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga Tone - Yoga For Weight LossYoga For Weight Loss – Yoga Tone! Aight, lets be real. The winter months are coming to an end and it’s time to transition from bears to gazelles! Whether you are looking to get comfortable in your swimwear or just more agile to move with the spring breeze let’s start with this 20 min practice that moves us swiftly but mindfully. This 20 minute vinyasa practice is designed to help you build strength and endurance – mindfully. Yoga Tone invites strong breath to help tone the body! Invite your mind and body to start working for you instead of against you. Get strong with regular practice and comfortable in your beautiful body. Stay present. Let’s move!

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Stephanie S says:

    I’ve been doing this video on and off for at least a year and it still kicks my butt lol

  2. Ellie Blatherwick says:

    is it sad that i was heavily sweating through this, but i enjoyed it anyway

  3. jan 1 says:

    adriene i love you so much …really idk what would i do without you cause no matter how much yoga videos i watch i’ll always go back to u

  4. Aisha says:

    Hi Adriene

    I spend most of my time at home. I love practicing yoga but I wonder if you mix yoga with any other types of sports like cardio?

  5. Siobhan McCrudden says:

    Just fantastic, thank you x

  6. Kristi rush says:

    Great workout ??

  7. Colleen Turner says:

    Just discovered your videos and I am so thrilled! Thank you!

  8. Nasrin Alam says:

    How many calories does this burn

  9. Julian Bonosconi says:

    So awesome thank you!

  10. Molly Zuehlke says:

    Adriene these are so wonderful. I love your practices and always have. Thanks for the gift.

  11. Sarah Smith says:

    you are seriously helping me get my strength and flexibility back for dance. Although i love yoga, dancing is my passion, and through yoga, i have been able to get back into it (I had treatment this past year and was bedridden for a month). Ever since my insurance cut my physical therapy, you have been my go to. I can’t wait to put a song to my steps again. Namaste, Adriene. You are such a loving, kind, and giving soul!

  12. Barbara Lamothe says:

    Thank you so much for this video. It is perfect!

  13. Lacey Martin says:

    Could you do 30 days of yoga for weight loss, but for busy people, like each session under 20 minutes? That would be awesome!

  14. Betty B. M. Angwenyi says:

    My favourite thing about Adriene is that she always dresses modestly yet attractively. Wonderful.

  15. Reconnect Yourself says:

    I loved the video. Make more of these videos. I need to exercise more.

  16. Kel says:

    Wow I am strong is right. I had tears at the end of this gem! This practice made me feel strong and fierce yet soft and relaxed. Absolutely wonderful. From the bottom of my heart ….thank you.

  17. Tala Tafech says:

    Nice shirt!

  18. Kate Jones says:

    You’ve helped me grow so strong and so connected. I’m grateful for you!

  19. Sheleen Addison says:

    I loved this workout – just what I wanted this morning – had a bit of everything and made me shake. A short one as I have to rush to work but definitely will do the longer version on the weekend – Thank you Adriene

  20. DontTrust Em says:

    Hi Adrienne would really appreciate a video on how to manage hypermobility. I am hyper mobile in my joints but tight in my muscles so I find it hard to balance these two. Many thanks

  21. Patricia Vastis says:

    Thank you! This was amazing and very helpful!

  22. TheAstridShow says:

    You are so funny that it feels like meeting a friend every morning!

  23. Shakthi Ram says:

    hey adreine… this s really useful for me .. it has been 36 days since i started and feels sooooo good awesome . i feel very refreshed and love your video…

  24. Timothy Hanson says:

    I really like how this workout moves along slightly faster than many others. I feel I’ve really accomplished something when it is over!

  25. tehKettyBear says:

    This video is one of the harder ones. I just started and didn’t know some of the forms so it was hard to watch her and do it!! Would suggest you do some of the easier ones before trying this one.

  26. Crismadel Napao says:

    Yes! Yoga tone series please ?❤️

  27. Hilary Thomson says:

    Brilliant, thank you ??

  28. Katharine Rudden says:

    I wish I had a room in my apt just like that one.

  29. hannehanne89 says:

    Would love Another 20 mins weightloss yoga tone video ?

  30. Mariam Idris says:

    19:40 rip I died here

  31. Kristi rush says:

    Thank you feeling so great

  32. Johnny Caldwell says:

    Always amazingly good Adriene!

  33. Abhinay dubey says:

    U r very cute dear…n u have realy proper n complete knowdelge about yoga

  34. dfy goh says:

    this crap don’t work

  35. PringDaddyPring says:

    Adriene you are the bomb! Been doing your lessons the last 4 months… got my harem pants goin, and more bend and peace of mind then I’ve had in years! Thank you so much!

  36. By Khanyisana says:

    This was a bit more challenging that I was expecting! I’m trying to get back into my yoga. Thank you

  37. Jbutterfly15 says:

    These quick flow series are always my favorite even though they challenge me and can be difficult at times for me, so much that I sometimes have to stop and catch my breath, but I love ❤️ it. Strange, I know, it’s just being able to conquer something that’s difficult for my body as I get stronger ??with each one.
    ???Day 16 "Self-Love September 2017" Namaste Adriene ?!

  38. daynes13 says:

    At the end of this practice when she said to say the mantra "I am strong" I bursted into tears… but they weren’t tears of joy, I felt like i truly did not feel like I am strong… why am I feeling this sense of defeat and sadness after i do yoga?

  39. Rena Ragimova says:

    Awesome practice! I love how it builds up and intensifies with the breath. Thank you!

  40. Thomas Harding says:

    First time I’ve done yoga in years. I want to use it to lose weight, but mainly to feel good physically. Thank you

  41. AshGunning109 says:

    Great session. I enjoy getting right into it and the challenge packed into 20 minutes! Thank you

  42. Gustavo Mattos says:

    Somehow this video made my sore wrists vanish!
    This is the second time I try it, and the second time it works!
    Thanks a lot

  43. My Merry Messy Life says:

    Thank you for your videos, I just love doing your yoga classes! It is yoga for real people. Peace and abundance to you!

  44. Edward Perkins says:

    I maintain that you saved my life and mobility Adriene, after a debilitating stroke, I found your videos and they are changing my life! Thank you Adriene!!! I’m getting my mobility back even 3 years post stroke! I know you get a lot of comments, thousands! I hope you get to see this one just to know how important your work has been to me. I sincerely thank you.

  45. Hakyung Chang says:


  46. Marcy Bolio says:

    First real yoga workout. Very good, points of being shaky but par for the core.

  47. Chloe Reynolds says:

    There’s been quite a few of Adrians videos where I get the feels, but for some reason this one really did it in. Did anyone else cry at the end? Writing this comment drenched in a mixture of happy tears and sweat after a particularly long shavasana.

  48. DragonLiLi says:

    Yoga gives me really good results, better than cardio and I hate cardio anyway.. I haven’t done yoga in a long time and I’m going to start again today with this !

    Btw those houseplants are beautiful ! I can’t stop looking at that giant swiss cheese plant and have considered getting one even though I already have a ton of houseplants and running out of space !

  49. Apurva says:

    Quick question y’all! Is doing this video alone every day enough for me to lose weight and tone muscle? Or should I do something else?

  50. Şefaat Asker says:

    Mm is it possible to loose weight with yoga? Well i don’t think so but ??

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