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14:35, 21 November 2017

Yoga – Full 55 min class ~ Hatha Yoga Flow 4

Yoga – Full 55 min class ~ Hatha Yoga Flow 4

Yoga - Full 55 min class ~ Hatha Yoga Flow 4Yoga – Full 55 min class ~ Hatha Yoga Flow 4
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This is a favorite of people who like their class to move along. Each movement flows into the next in this gentle sequence.

Teacher: Setareh Riahi

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  1. libby bright says:

    I really like this yoga series I would recommend to others.

  2. Alexander Buzzo says:

    I don’t easily get aroused, but this woman and her beautiful display of yoga aroused me. Her elegant, and slow transitions, to her soft feminine voice. Very enchanting woman and display of yoga. What ethnicity are you, mam?

  3. Hesproductions says:

    Thank you.

  4. Psychedelic Goa Trance trip- spiritual mind says:

    i saw the firt 4 minutes, this is not yoga, she is repeating the asanas many times, asanas should be done 1 time at one practice, this looks like gymnastics, not yoga, and also, she should have stayed at the asana as long as she could, she is losing the best effect of the asanas staying just a few seconds at each asana, ridiculous

  5. Dave Smithyman says:

    Wow, beautiful, thank you. Namaste x

  6. Annie Kaay says:

    Great practice. But will this this help me lose weight? please help me on that

  7. Ayu zuelke says:

    im pregnant 11weeks, and i love this yoga practice.

  8. Barbara H says:

    Just wonderful. Covers all the great poses and the transitions make it easy to keep up. The breathing instructions are great.

  9. Jūratė J says:

    The best!

  10. James Duchatel says:

    Love the balance of challenging exercise to relaxing, stretching and breathing

  11. Anne M L says:

    meilleur remède contre les courbatures et l’équilibre

  12. Boho Beautiful says:

    great practice!

  13. Shops Marius says:

    Nice flow !

  14. XuanTham Phan says:

    I felt my upper lip and the surrounding area tingle, soort of numb at the end of the exercising just before the savashana pose. The feeling continued in 30mins. Pls, tell me if it is normal? I feel my body okie. But the tingling is kinda weird. Tks.

  15. barby gonzalez says:

    : )

  16. nivaedha says:

    I lost 6kgs by following this yoga routine. thanks a lot.

  17. Joanne Clifford says:

    Great, thank you

  18. Ma Josep Plazas says:

    él millor que he trobat entre varis. La noia té el mateix tipus que jo i no és la típica esbelta que t’enfonsa en el "jo no podré mai"

  19. Cam Nguyen says:

    các bài tập yoga hay nhưng có nhiều bài k dịch lời Việt chán quá đi.

  20. Paulette Adler says:

    Loved this class and the Yoga Flow 1 as well. Reminds me of the traditional yoga classes that I have been doing for 40+ years without all of the vinyasa flow stuff. She covered many of the great yoga poses. Would like to find more classes like this. Thank you.

  21. Vera O'Neill says:

    Excellent video, easy to follow the instructions thank you.

  22. Faride Hassani says:

    I LIKE THAT…….

  23. Ssirohi says:

    This is one of the best hatha flow yoga video online. I have been looking for one for sometime. Thank you!

  24. Out of Babylon says:

    Hi, how do you plan your class? Do you write the asanas down? Do you have a certain order you follow? Like Sivananda did? What are your criterias or principles? Or do you intuitively go along? I am a dance instructor and I am wondering how you work. Namaste, thanks

  25. Lee Poll says:

    thanks, a little slow for me

  26. Vee Willis says:

    Great video! Thanks a lot..

  27. Baiju Anand says:


  28. Tyna S says:

    This is now my favourite 🙂

  29. Out of Babylon says:

    Typical human… people get a present and they complain about it… Addicts of their monkey mind… try some meditation and start valuing things. Especially when you do Yoga, the spiritual aspect could be much better developed. Instead of critisizing, try just to breathe love in and gratitude out. You can make this world a better place, when you start to work on the important things, instead of feeding the ego with critisism, self importance and over emphasized focus on physical performance.

  30. Marija Bukarac says:

    Perfect. Very good selection of asanas and easy to follow you!

  31. Sekharan Divakaran says:

    good but with lot of variations.

  32. SuperMalama says:

    Amazing ??

  33. veeraiah S says:

    very nice and useful

  34. Sailesh Mukherjee says:


  35. Eleni Ashiotou says:

    I enjoyed that although at first I was missing some music sound but then the more I got into it the more I enjoyed the pauses of complete silence. Thank you.

  36. Denise Pita says:

    facebook Bellissima active wear

  37. Lili Beyene says:

    Wow this video is amazing. She’s a great teacher. I feel so relaxed and connected to my mind and body after doing it. will definately do it again.

  38. Free Soul says:

    where can I find more videos from this woman? Unlike most other yoga videos that rush through and treat yoga like a sport, she remains true to the practice. I connect and my body responds perfectly to her instructions. thank you!I want more videos from you!

  39. The Beast Moda says:

    This is funny

  40. Mayfair84 says:

    where is the video? What’s happend? I need need U 🙁

  41. Julie Carter says:

    Boring. Wanted a quicker pace and better variety of poses.

  42. Steph says:

    Would you mind if I taught this class to my group? thanks!

  43. Lalita-gopi Prasad says:

    One of the best yoga for me, increases my energy level & relaxes me. I have been doing it every morning for years & can’t go without it. Thank you so much.

  44. Eleana Yanez Morelli says:

    I also want more videos from her. I love it!

  45. eurocopit says:

    Has  Sataria ? voiced any other yoga classes

  46. Kari M. says:

    great video! I really feel relaxed after stressing over middle back pain all day. Thank you!!

  47. Habib Khan says:

    Hey guys, The best results that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most incredible diet that I have ever tried.

  48. Melissa Bernárdez says:

    I really love this video, For me it is one of the best video of yoga, it relaxes me a lot!.

  49. Ali Abbas says:

    is there a male instructors on internet ???

  50. The Beast Moda says:


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