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Tuesday, 22 September 2020   Subscription to updates  RSS
7:19, 20 November 2017

Yoga For Weight Loss | Strengthen and Lengthen

Yoga For Weight Loss | Strengthen and Lengthen

Yoga For Weight Loss | Strengthen and Lengthen40 min Yoga For Weight Loss series continues with this Strengthen and Lengthen sequence! Learn proper alignment and how to infuse mindful energy and awareness into you practice. Adriene offers modifications as well as inspiration to detail the practice to suit your needs and desires! Breathe deep and enjoy your at home yoga practice. This is a full body experience, work it out!

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Yoga For Weight Loss – 40 Minute Fat Burning Workout

Yoga For Weight Loss – Total Body Workout

Yoga For Weight Loss – Core Workout

Yoga For Weight Loss – Abs and Arms

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Anthony says:

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  2. Tara Lemmens says:

    Aaaahhhhh. So so good. I’m ready for my day. Namaste Adriene ???


    I am a woman 5’1" weigh 138 lbs How many calories would I burn in this workout please? want to record it on my fitbit

  4. Briar Falgoust says:

    @ 36:12 lets just say i took a minute to breathe instead lol

  5. m3csk4 says:

    Thank you for doing this, Adriene! I would be a much less happier person if it wasn’t for you and our practices 🙂

  6. Hakyung Chang says:


  7. Hakyung Chang says:


  8. Erin Bond says:

    how many calories does this practice burn?

  9. Gaëlle says:

    Awesome practice! Thanks a lot for the endorphines 😉 Hi from Switzerland!

  10. Candace Pruitt says:

    Love, love, love your videos. My practice has developed due to your help. Keep them coming. I loved the diversity, the strength and relaxing state this video put me in. Your down to earth, fun and calm nature, help me to love to keep doing yoga.

  11. Janene K says:

    This was my first Yoga with Adriene over 30 minutes…I loved it! A great wake up to the body.

  12. Ng Yining says:

    why you talk so much when exercising

  13. MomoMelon says:

    this one felt so quick!

  14. Hakyung Chang says:



    This was quite the workout, and non-stop, I certainly feel it today, which is good. I was disappointed with the ending as I was left in a laying position, not sitting as I’ve been used to other Yogi’s and ending with Namaste…Would be nice, Just a suggestion

  16. Anette Müller-Bungert says:

    Love your videos so much. Thanks

  17. Sat Manku says:

    Had a bad back for ages. This is the only thing that’s helped. Thanks

  18. Wilderness and Workouts says:

    haha!! I cracked up at you telling yourself to shut up!!! loved this flow! Thank you Adriene!!

  19. Miz Dough says:

    She rocked out of the blue!!!!

  20. Dale Van Deven says:

    That is a great workout, Adriene! Very challenging and great for strength and stretch! I found it very challenging, and I am glad you published this one.

  21. Nathalie Segelborg says:

    I Just want to thank you! I found your videos about 6 months ago and i’ve never been interested in working out before and i’m 20 y/o. But thanks to you i found Yoga and it really works for me! I’m backpacking around the world right now so it’s been hard to watch your videos without acces to Wi-Fi everywhere but i just noticed that you could download some of the videos on your page. It made my day!! Now i can do Yoga like normal without worrying if i’ll have Wi-Fi.
    Stay awesome!

  22. Joelle Gilmore says:

    I am so happy that I found your channel on youtube! Such a gift to us all. Thank you 🙂

  23. Thu Pham says:

    má này nói nhiều kinh khủng

  24. Sparra Lina says:

    Woah! a great new session for me, a few new poses : )

  25. Christina D says:

    Love it! Love your personality too. 🙂 Thanks Adrienne.

  26. Sirinan Poel says:

    Wonderful practice <3

  27. Emad Khalique says:

    White Anushka Shetty

  28. Gerardine A. says:

    new goal 🙂 made it to the halfway point of this before calling it done! I’ve to work on strengthening my wrists (if that’s possible) ~:P

  29. Badá Rock says:

    Really disappointing. Six minutes and still nothing. Very misleading title. How can one lose weight and get strength by doing this?

  30. Roberto Colantuono says:

    I have very bad Jet lag after traveling across the globe and I started doing Adrienes Yoga courses and its fantastic! I love it… I try to do one a day…..

  31. Joni Willis says:

    flex good

  32. chunkycake101 says:

    How often should I be switching videos? Do a particular video for a week at a time? Bit worried about only focusing on certain muscle groups and allowing the ones that aren’t used too much in this video to grow weak.

  33. Nancy Badal says:

    Have been with Adrienne for over a year now and found this video fun and refreshing. Since I am pretty well versed in the ebb and flow of Yoga with Adrienne I can work in extra movements while she explains each pose. It is, also, good to have a refresh tutorial. Finally, I succeeded with my crow after a 2 year struggle. Got up there for a whole 4 seconds. Well it’s a start!

  34. ColinTheButthead says:

    Was that a fart at 0:50??? Hahaha

  35. Radley Fischler says:

    you are a gem! love the longer workouts

  36. Jennifer Mesiti says:

    You have a lot of great videos back pain I have terrible back pain and they do help thank you

  37. Jane's Earthworm says:

    <3 <3 <3

  38. Shade TV says:

    love your videos they have been amazing on my journey to happiness. you have the best yoga videos on youtube and you look amazing doing them! much love from this golden soul! 🙂

  39. Vivian Jupp says:

    I’m so grateful for you, Adriene. Namaste

  40. Emine Ciğer says:

    This is SO GREAT

  41. Christel Buts says:

    Hi Adriene, I want you to know your yoga classes are awesome. I’ve been practising 20 minutes each morning for six months now. What a change in my body, in my mind and in my heart. You changed my life! Moreover I ‘m practising my English!
    Big hugs from Brussels.

  42. Shannon White says:

    Lots of extra chatting over and above instruction. Decent workout tho, except for extra abs at end.

  43. saucy3101 says:

    Whenever I do your exercises when I have finished I always feel that I am on the ceiling and the ceiling is the floor. (Except for the time I was really low that is). You allow me to fly. You have given so many others and myself confidence, help, love and understanding. Thank you doesn’t even come close. <3 <3 <3

  44. kelseyjo926 says:

    Slow and gentle but still strong–just what I needed today

  45. Amy Rosenberg says:

    I LOVE this video… One I keep coming back to again and again…. I’ve been practicing with Adrienne for 6 months now……And I’ve been working on building arm strength for Crow Pose. Today, I did this practice on my back deck. 78 unseasonably warm degrees in suburban Philadelphia today and I got a crazy sweat in! Thanks again Adrienne, and also to Weight Watchers since I am now down 20 pounds and have a  VERY healthy BMI of 24!!!!

  46. Kristi rush says:

    Thank you??feeling great

  47. Abigail Van Ommeren says:

    Adriene! Thank you so much for your videos. Your positivity truly makes me smile and look forward to doing yoga again.

  48. Sarah Herman says:

    I have done several of your classes and love them all. I love how you give tips for micro movements. I also love how positive and genuine you cone across. I always feel good about myself when I’ve finished but also feel like I’ve had a good work out x

  49. Maureen Carroll says:

    The huv

  50. Victoria Torres says:

    this makes me feel like a warrior

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