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0:57, 20 November 2017

Yoga For Weight Loss – Healthy Energy Flow – Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Weight Loss – Healthy Energy Flow – Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Weight Loss - Healthy Energy Flow - Yoga With AdrieneYoga For Weight Loss, Healthy Energy Flow guides you to the mat to cultivate the healthy flow of energy you need to explore your body and create a sustainable practice. Trim, tone and build lean muscle mass with attention on alignment, action and sensation.
Want to feel your best this Spring and Summer?
Commit to this practice and you will want to return to the mat again and again.
Keep returning to the mat and you will feel and see results.

Let me know how it goes down below!


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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Aminah A says:

    Thank you Adrienne for these videos

  2. kiuka says:

    Thank you Adriene, this felt so good, I’m sharing it with loved ones.

  3. yea_sayer says:

    nice leggings

  4. Mary Catherine Lopez says:

    I love your videos so so much! Thank you <3 NAMASTE

  5. LoriWatt says:

    Almost got to the end was a workout

  6. Valerie Gelardi says:

    That was A W E S O M E ! Just what was needed. Thank you Adriene. Sending lots of love back to you?

  7. Justin Rufa says:

    Strong flow with a sneaky good (and quick) abs exercise. Thanks again Adrienne!

  8. Heather Nolan says:

    This was actually really good. I’ll be using this on my active rest days now. Any yoga poses good for inflamed SI joints?

  9. isabelle sagra says:

    Another fantastic, deep and profound practice from you Adriene, Thank you!

  10. Kajal Kavia says:

    Great Yoga video Adriane. You have really helped me deepen my stretch and build my core! Love what your doing!! ??

  11. Dawn Milburn says:

    Love. Namaste.

  12. Sophia Lightfoot says:

    Had to pause at 2:12. What if the breath was your spirit? I woke up this morning with the very same thought. Synchronicity rocks!

  13. Irma Allen says:

    Thank you thank you thank you soon much!! Your programs has helped me to get back in my body and spirit. I feel more grounded after.

  14. Shiva says:

    hahaha "take a mudra here, rock and roll." made me laugh so hard xD

  15. Reconnect Yourself says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful video. That was all I needed to see at this point in my life.

  16. Kelly Justic says:

    When I do the hip dips (19:49) my left lower back crunches. I also have pain from that area that radiates to my hip. Will this exercise help or hurt my issue? Thanks! I LOVE your videos!!!

  17. dawniedon says:

    Hey, i go to the gym pretty regularly, but i always skip the core and leg days, mainly because I’m weak in those, today is my first time doing this and guess what, i finally feel connected and I’m determine to carry on with more yoga sessions with u. Thanks.

  18. thelochnessmonster boo says:

    Hey Adriene (or anyone who’s reading this xD)
    I just love your videos, i feel like each time i choose to follow you, it’s the best choice. I actually found myself enjoying yoga, and i wanted to know – sorry if i sound a lil classic and beginner but that’s what i am at this point – from how many times a week can yoga be considered as an "enough" activity ? I know it sounds soooooooo so stupid to ask this question, but still wanted to. 🙂
    Thanks in advance for the ones who’ll clear my mind <3
    (gonna do this RIGHT NOW)

  19. Tristan Collings says:

    Hi Adriene, thank you for your videos. I love the personal touch you add to your videos. You are helping me with my back through the yoga classes and I thank you. All the best to you!

  20. Benjamin Fowler says:

    Thanks Adriene!

  21. Judy H says:

    This is one of my favorites. I take my tablet to the gym and stake out some space in a corner to put in my ear buds and let my energy flow with Adriene. LOVE!

  22. Melina Khat says:

    thank you for your time and energy

  23. watermelonxsmile says:

    This one is too hard and now I’m in a bad mood and mad at myself for not being able to make it all the way through :/

  24. Kristin Morrissey says:

    I’m using my new awesome wireless headphones for today’s video. During shavasana I could hear a heartbeat. At first I thought it was my own but then I realized I could hear yours ❤️ don’t mean to sound creepy ? but it was a special quiet moment.

  25. Lori Zulliger says:

    This was an amazing practice, Adriene! Thank you for the energy and a new way of thinking about my breath. Namaste! Lori

  26. Tina Angel says:

    I can only do half of it. I’m finished for now. I feel like I ran a mile. ty. namaste.

  27. Baby Lady says:

    this must be one of my favorite practices. I’ve done this 3 or 4 times already. So good.

  28. Kelly H says:

    After attending a yoga class once in my life years ago, I started doing YWA 112 days ago when a friend recommended Revolution to me. I have done one of Adriene’s videos every day since. First Revolution, then Yoga Camp, then 30 Days of Yoga, and now I’ve been picking a different video every day. Combined with walking and diet changes I have lost 40 pounds. Weight loss is why I came to yoga, but I’ve discovered an enjoyment for the practice that extends far beyond that. Thank you for providing such amazing free content Adriene! (Also, I did chattaranga to up dog for the first time today – woohoo!)

  29. Hakyung Chang says:


  30. Elizabeth Minott says:

    i haven’t done yoga in awhile so this one was kinda tough for me and i was ready to give up half way through but when we reached warriors pose i remembered how empowering these practices are and that pushing myself to get through them means i’m only getting stronger and more aware! thanks adriene!

  31. Leanne Marie says:

    I couldn’t do a proper warrior pose when you said, "I just spit" because I was laughing ??

  32. Emily Budnick says:


  33. My Ugly Plant Based Kitchen says:

    Love this one 🙂

  34. FrenchyFireDance says:

    Thank you so so very much Adriene! Thanks to your inspiration and wonderful teaching. I have committed to a regular, mostly daily home yoga practise for over two years and its thanks to you and your programmes. I have noticed a difference physically for sure (i was rocking the core today, something that i used to dread and hate but now do with a smile on my face!) but for me its been about connecting with my spirit and my breath (so this practise was spot on!) and how its carried off my mat into my consciousness, the way i treat others, deal with my emotions and being able to observe my actions and reactions on a daily basis. I thank you in my ‘gratitude practise’ i have at the end of every session in shavasana / meditation; you are in a star studded line up of the tools of yoga, the Universe and Spirit 😀 So so much love to you and gratitude, keep up the amazing work sis*star, you inspire so so many people. Arohanui (lots of love and community) from Aotearoa! (New Zealand) Please come visit here someday! I live in the paradise world of Wanaka and you would be a welcome guest anytime 🙂 xxx

  35. Paul Holland says:

    I find it interesting how much clearer my sinuses are after 15minutes. I used to take an over-the-counter medication when I woke up. I’m so glad that I don’t do that any more!

  36. pangphaitong says:

    My neck is very stiff and tense when I do the pulsing. I cannot relax them. I try relaxing them but I just cannot, why? ???

  37. Amanda Marley says:

    I am so grateful for you Adriene! This practice was especially medicinal for me. After having a scary and challenging day my nerves were shot and instead of doing something self destructive I chose to turn this on. I laughed and cried and ultimately felt a lot of yucky energy I had taken on be released. Thank you so much for reminding us to listen to our spirit. <3

  38. Marlon Pascual says:

    love this one! always makes me feel so great about myself! it relaxes me, strengthens me, and reminds me its ok to allow my body a workout.

  39. dancerinthemountains says:

    Thank you so much, Adriene. I felt so ill and exhausted out of nowhere today, and decided to do this as a way to take my mind off it. I feel so much better now

  40. Ali Salajegheh says:

    more yoga weight loss please we waiting for it thanks

  41. Sarah May says:

    All your videos rock but this has to be one of my favourites. I keep coming back to it!!

  42. Cedric Jones says:

    This is so much better than lighting a joint to numb and thus,…not learn from what my mind, body,…and soul are sharing with my spirit. Be blessed!

  43. Fern Ciraolo says:

    Hey oh!
    Thank you for giving us your time, energy and experience. I am so grateful I found you!
    You have pulled me out of some the darkest days. You are my sunshine. Always feel better after a little time with you?.

  44. Niamh McKinney says:

    Adriene, so funny, so personable, her character shines through and keeps me coming back to my mat. THANK YOU ADRIENE! From Niamh in Ireland xxx

  45. Colette Meyerkort says:

    Thanks for the wonderful yoga. Would you do a class/ series for children with anxiety? As a teacher this is so prevalent today. Namaste

  46. Sabrina Shaulis says:

    such a great session! I am so appreciative of your youtube channel. I just moved to spain and yoga is very hard to find here. I will be practicing with you quite a lot!

  47. Mariel Zabaneh says:

    Amazing ??

  48. Климент Петров says:

    Adriene ty,i love you 🙂

  49. Mary Ann Williamson-Hinkle says:

    Love this!

  50. Sarah Juggins says:

    fantastic. Great way to bring a busy week to a close. Thank you

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