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Friday, 27 November 2020   Subscription to updates  RSS
22:51, 19 November 2017




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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Jordan Wright26 says:

    Is 16 too old to start gymnastics? Xxxxx

  2. Yo Man's Abe L. says:

    Lookin like a bunch of faggots in the thumbnail

  3. Hoover Dam LOW WATER LEVEL says:

    Put a shirt on.

  4. Jasmine Walton says:

    Bring the chicken back in the 60 second q and a that was da best last time 🙂

    You are the best!! 🙂

  5. Nikita Tushinski says:

    Why is this channel always on trending

  6. atomicbrain9401 says:

    luv these gaybois

  7. PigToots says:

    lol most of his viewers are little girls that think hes hot

  8. MisterPeetBull says:

    Homosexual challenge

  9. Dax Smith says:

    U R videos always make me smile. Thanks. Also, you have motivated me to add some body weight training to my workouts. It’s killer…!!!

  10. Kitto Katto Walker says:

    Nile you sneaky boy changing the title

  11. Jules V says:

    The most beautiful thing ever created

  12. David Dutka says:

    Okay, WHO took the yoga challenge, and WHO is the "ambiguous" one? The way I see it by the picture, the one on the right is the latter, just look at his hand placement.

  13. Lee Kerr says:

    shit kickers.

  14. sandz arjak says:

    I like your shirt Nile Wilson. Do you have one of those for me? ?

  15. Yo yo Desi ta says:

  16. Mini Pals says:

    Why Logang

  17. Rafaelo HN says:

    Marry me . subscribed to my youtube channel

  18. Walker Harris says:

    Good news! I’ve lost 50 pounds since watching nile! I did my first wall assisted handstand last week and I’m working on building strength through wall assisted handstand pushups but, it’s been hurting my wrists significantly. Does anyone know if maybe I’m doing a common mistake or if there is a way to minimize strain on my wrists?

  19. bl4ckant32 says:

    Steroid dbags

  20. Joannah says:

    If I was younger Nile I would do very naughty things with you…….

  21. Rosie White says:

    I usually love your videos but the click bait titles are getting a bit annoying, we’ve already seen the yoga stuff in toms video?

  22. Rd G says:

    These dudes are fags?

  23. Blade Lord says:

    A valiant effort , but lets have a full 10+ minute video of Nile and Tom doing all new yoga positions. Let there be so much groans, tension and steam the fans would want to *Nom* you right up. And if one or two more gymnasts wanted in on the action, it’ll just get even more *Delicious* 😉

  24. Bam bam Banuelos says:

    Man!, What u guys do with your bodies is insane!?? ,Gotta try gymnastics now

  25. Jocelyn Little says:

    Nile! For Niels Birthday you should make the vlog the internet sensation edition. Like have him sing the intro etc etc. Love the vlogs!!❤️

  26. Mini Pals says:

    Great Vid!! Nice Editing 😀

  27. MyDog Barks says:

    Oh the nasty things I would do to your butt hole

  28. Unreal flippers says:

    Lol you change it to tasty?

  29. Brian says:

    gay as hell

  30. Bart Fox says:

    Bunch of faggots you guys are.

  31. CC tv says:

    Stupid faggots

  32. D Youngster says:

    This looks so gay. Put a shirt on faggot.

  33. Andrew Salinas says:

    Body goals

  34. david bean says:

    Fuck I’m out of shape….

  35. Tbone Scriv says:

    Bunch of fags

  36. avremi poupko says:

    wen Is the next launch for a t-shirt gonna be ??

  37. Cesar Guillen says:

    Want free money? Check out the link

  38. Molly Howard says:

    I bought a hoodie at 10am yesterday ??

  39. Chris says:

    Tom is hot af

  40. Society Proof says:

    It was kind of gay clicking on the video.

  41. Chad Johnson says:

    gay guys always look like they just smelled cookies

  42. Mammy Bluegum says:


  43. Horse 005 says:

    Why is this on trending?

  44. Ayleen Chapa says:

    You need to collaborate with Alfie Dayes @pointlessvlogs

  45. Marcello Bello says:

    Butthole licking good.

  46. Pariah Carey says:

    4:44 DADDY AS FUCK.

  47. Doris freediving trials uncut says:

    nice vid ! #GoogleThisHashtag

  48. Chuck kick says:

    Naaaahhhh NOT GAY AT ALL!!!

  49. Sam Smith says:

    A lot of them are super pale, there’s no sun where you guys are?

  50. Jordy Lunkhead Verrill says:

    2 ghost pale honkeys

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