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10:18, 21 November 2017

Yoga Camp Day 1 – I Accept

Yoga Camp Day 1 – I Accept

Yoga Camp Day 1 - I AcceptYoga Camp – Day 1! As we begin the journey to connecting to our body, trimming up, shaping up and loving ourself for who we truly are – we start with the Day 1 mantra, I accept. Ease into it. Enjoy.
And we are off!

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Saige VK says:

    Thank you for this relaxing and wonderful video! ? I appreciate you! ?

  2. borgesgx says:

    You rock Adriene

  3. Shannon Wilson says:

    08/24/2017 Day 1
    Adriene made Day 1 as a very gentle introduction for a beginner. I’ve only practiced yoga a handful of times in the past and am looking to get more into it. I’m hoping to tone up and relive my neck and back pain. I think that this will be an excellent start. My back felt nice and relaxed after the gentle stretches with today’s workout. Looking forward to Day 2. Who’s with me 🙂

  4. Pretty Thoughtful says:

    I’m back to the first day and I accept my wrists aren’t what they used to be! ? still, the only way is back up, right? ?

  5. valempire says:

    Namaste home for 29 more days and practice yoga with Adrienne 😉

  6. Laura Lozano says:

    the 31 day of the yoga revolution was absolutely amazing and beautiful. Om namo guru dev namo.

  7. Kim Ryan says:

    I am loving yoga with Adrienne I just finished the 30 days of yoga and did day 1 of yoga camp today. Thank you Adrienne for these wonderful classes. I am hooked as it makes me feel so much better.

  8. Noy Cohen says:

    I’ve just finished yoga revolution and today I’m starting yoga camp!
    anyone else is starting today? 🙂

  9. Taylor Nicole says:

    Adriene what is the color of your walls?! It’s the perfect white with a hint of yellow I’m looking for!

  10. Elena Yakovleva says:

    it was beautiful

  11. Marcus Jackson says:


  12. Maureen Schneider says:

    love it <3

  13. seung hyun Jeon says:

    Awesome ! Thank you:)

  14. Alyssa Brown says:

    Just finished this and I’m feeling so relaxed!

  15. Louisa Heaton says:

    Just completed 30 Days of Yoga and now here. Looking forward to longer sessions, hopefully x

  16. LiteraSea says:

    Hey Adriene! Back again for my second 30 day challenge, thank you for bringing me back! I loved day 1 and felt like I was checking back in on what I had learned in the last series. The one thing I found though was that when I finished, an ad popped up right away and it kind of throws the final moments of the practice off. Despite this, I really appreciate the workout and the time spent with you! Thanks again!

  17. Merlene Francis says:

    I’m new to yoga can i do these yoga camp workouts for 30 days

  18. Jaclyn Rodriguez says:

    So I just finished the 30 days of yoga and I’m obsessed! I’m still not confident in my practice though. Should I go it all through again? Start the 30 day yoga camp? What did everyone else do when they were finished? Thank you! ?

  19. Sana Nassar says:

    I finished my 31-day Yoga Revolution with Adrienne last night and now I am so ready to start 30-day Yoga Camp!
    Thank you so much Adrienne for your love, passion, and free spirit. You make me want to do Yoga every day of my life <3

  20. Joanna Johnston says:

    Same, just finished 30 days. Fabulous, thanks so much ???????

  21. Cat Coletti says:

    Thank you for sharing yourself with the world— a gifted talent and skillful teacher. I can’t believe how much I LOVE you, Adriene. You have enhanced my health, body and life…

  22. Des Alleyne says:

    thank you for your time and kindness, just finished my 30 days and now moving on with you. thank you.

  23. Aaron Andres says:

    I just completed the 30 Day Yoga Camp! It was exactly what I needed. I have tried other videos but I find myself getting injured because they are so rigid and did not stress the aspect of listening to your own body. You get it and I could not be more impressed. Thanks! Now on to the 31 Day Revolution!

  24. Pascale Stratford-D. says:

    You are a great teacher Adriene. After the thirty days of yoga , I can now just listen with my eyes mostly closed and follow the flow of my breath and the sound of your voice.
    Everybody I introduce this chanel to just fall in love with you and the practice.
    Best way to start, continue or finish the day.
    Thank you.

  25. Dharm Khalsa says:

    Hell Yeah Adiene Your the best… and "you got my back" lol thanks

  26. Anna:.C.: says:

    Adrienne, this is one video I can always go back to anytime anywhere just to reset myself and find my center again. Thank you so much for creating this channel, I have learned so much about myself and my body from you. ~ so much love <3

  27. carolyn watt says:

    Brilliant thank you ❤️✌️

  28. Dianoskilicious says:

    I accept where I am today. Lately I’ve been comparing myself to other people, thinking I’m not enough, and talking to myself with unkind words but today with this practice I remembered the importance of my words and my thoughts. I accept, I accept, I accept, I accept …

  29. Lindsay Obregon says:

    just finished 31 days of revolutionary yoga ..and now moving on to this!!gonna try to be a bit more consecutive with these

  30. Manuel B says:

    Thank Adriane!

  31. sandra ofili says:

    I just finished the 30 day yoga challenge and today i am starting with the 30 day yoga camp. i love you Adriene . You are so amazing.

  32. Hrnek Bezucha says:

    What you do after finishing 30 days? Starting another! Yay!

  33. Kelly Jean says:

    Started this yoga camp this Saturday morning and I think I am going to love it. I love the idea of having mental yoga as well as physical, because a big part of the reason why I do this is for the mental aspect. Thank you for these wonderful videos!

  34. Justin Baker says:

    that 30 minutes flew by! literally my first time and you are a great teacher/instructor. will be back tomorrow morning for day 2! I accept!

  35. PHLiiP says:

    That was amazing!!

    Thanks 🙂

  36. Lisa Law-waï says:

    Thank you Adriene. Love how your personality express & make us smile from even the heart !

  37. Kristin St says:

    It’s been a year after I started my yoga journey with Adriene. I’m 15 now.When I was 9 or 10 I practiced yoga with my mom but this wasn’t thet great.It was focused on shape over sensation.It wasn’t about finding what feels good.So thank you Adriene for this time.Yoga is my best relaxation and self talk as well!

  38. GUStavoSuperCool says:

    Thank you Adriene!

  39. rafael lewis says:

    Thanks Adrian!

  40. Stephanie Lane says:

    "I got your back." Just perfect. I needed this in so many ways today. Thank Adrienne ??xx

  41. Megan Cain says:

    I have been a subscriber for quite sometime now, and I recommend this channel to anyone I meet who has an interest in yoga. Much thanks to you Adrienne for creating a page that is for all skill levels, easy to listen to, and easy to come back to. Over the past few years I have really struggled with committing to my practice and myself. Every time I start I get to a point I am comfortable with or am enjoying and progressing, then I just stop (for various reasons). I’m deciding to do yoga camp because last year I started and never finished. It is a great one for me right now because of the connection to self (mentally and physically). This time I am accept the challenge to come to my mat everyday for my mind and body. I accept the commitment, that will hopefully last longer than 30 days.  I wanted to thank you again Adrienne for your channel, for the accessibility, and for being who you are. It’s refreshing to watch your channel and know that someone is supporting the process every step of the way!

  42. athleticasian1 says:

    Coming here after Revolution. Hitting the like button before I even start. 🙂

  43. Mike Israel says:

    Umm…yoga for neck pain in the future please…umm…

  44. Bryanna Rae says:

    I completed 30 days of Yoga & now onto Yoga Camp!! I love it!

  45. Edward Elkins says:

    I studied yoga for one term in college, also I took Laban Movement at a university for one term. I have taken several Physical Education courses over 20 credits, all of them one credit a course. I trained to be a Combat Medic in the U.S. Army. I also worked in construction for several years in my younger adult years. I took a little martial arts and aerobic weight training in my early 20’s. I had a journey learning to work and living skills. I am catholic and worshipped God as often as I could living as an Adult. I studied Laban Movement for a term and another 3 months private course of Modern Dance when I was 30. I have trained to be a triatholon athlete running and swimming, riding a bike. Because I had such a wide variety of physical training and learned discipline from work, Yoga was a little different to mentally experience. I learned in the army strength training in a different manner, you never relax in the army. You are totally challenged to learn a mental strength for using weapons and being very alert, so that you can respond to attack at a fraction of a second. When I got out of the army I had to re-train to learn to live again among civilian. I wasn’t in very long even. However war training is nothing like civilian training and mentally changes your bearing in life. I don’t stick with yoga stretches after the class I took but I do combine my laban movement with some martial art like forms and a bit of yoga like stretches. Last night I came up with some project similar to your yoga camp. I started with the Rising Sun, then the sun’s course, Then the Moon, and today I started the Waters of Life, and will keep going through them until I have renewed my mind and body a bit. I took a few years off from fitness to do some online courses at a university. What I don’t like about Yoga is the origins of some of the religious aspects of yoga meditations , I learned to meditate in a crisis hotline operator class. As a Catholic I don’t think old world religions are the best source for spiritual guidance, but the exercises I think take some of the conventional boredoms out of life and do help your health. I am more into strength and endurance exercise myself, like hiking and running. Well just wanted to share , I think out of sheer boredom , I don’t know.

  46. hey89boo says:

    Wow! After completing the 30 day challenge yesterday I was a little reluctant to start a new 30 day challenge right away but I knew that if I didn’t I’d probably take forever so I forced myself onto my mat before bed and I am so glad I did. Today was a hectic day at work and I was all tensed up. Now I feel as loose as ever and am ready for a good nights sleep! I’m so ready for this second journey!!! ^____^

  47. Tulasi vrinda d d says:

    Hi Adriene, Hi everyone. Namaste. I want to leave my positive impression on today’s practice following this video. Was great, great guidance, appropriate motivation, expert yoga knowledge, kind to body and spirit. Experience for yourself.

  48. Nathan Evans says:

    Thank you for a lovely Yoga session, it really helped me a lot 🙂 You’re such a lovely person and teacher, you shine light! x

  49. Mike Israel says:

    Umm…yoga for neck pain

  50. fidelma fidelma says:

    Anyone starting today. Pretty stressed today and this calmed me right down. Thanks Adriene

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