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8:19, 20 November 2017

Yoga By Equinox

Yoga By Equinox

Yoga By EquinoxEager to master the arm balance? Equinox’s Briohny Smyth shows there’s no limit to what the artfully honed yoga body can do.

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Download the song, “Midnight,” here:

Furthermore Editors: Liz Miersch & Ashley Martin

Video by: Project Dstllry
Directed by Brody Baker
Scored by Sanford Livingston and Jamie Biden.

Copyright © Dec. 27, 2011 Furthermore | Equinox Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved.

Обсуждение: 50 коммент.

    You are the reason I started yoga. Thank you ?

  2. Brad Fletcher says:

    Amazing display of strength, balance, and flexibility. Magnificent!

  3. Doubleshot98 says:

    She’d break your dick off

  4. Cheyenne Ryder says:

    This takes a ridiculous amount of strength. Absolutely amazing.❤️

  5. Lisa Dismuke says:

    DChild poae starts off thw downward dog, cobra should i go on? Those are just a few.

  6. T L says:

    very cool yoga moves but it threw me off with the guy sleeping in the background.. This girl is doing yoga in her panties and doing yoga in her bedroom with her guy sleeping in bed. is it really necessary to have the guy in the background??

  7. Daniel Adshead says:

    amazing control

  8. Rajeev Bhatnagar says:

    She has outstanding, extraordinary flexibility and strength. In the 3:28 minutes sequence at a few points the postures are yoga-postures. But this is not a demonstration of yoga-postures. Yoga-postures involve co-ordinated breathing pattern. All the same one cant but admire her.

  9. Izzy Hasan says:

    this is so beautiful,I wish I could do that…

  10. ValerikOnTube says:

    О, это очень круто! Человеческое тело это лучшее из творения Бога!

  11. NELL NK says:

    what kind of mat do you use? 🙂

  12. Camille Z. says:

    I come by here every now and again….beautiful…..and they I make a commit to myself to try another class again…. :0)

  13. Keelolo V says:

    The first time I saw this, Brain by Banks was playing in the background. Chills ensued.

  14. Scott Steiner says:

    Wow….just amazing….beautiful….awesome….etc!!! Thank you.

  15. Kirsi Laholer says:

    i will never never ever never have a body like that 🙁

  16. Mostly humble 1 says:

    Mute this vid…  Play this in another window..  Too cool…

  17. Jeffrey Brunner says:


  18. Charles Adair says:

    Fluid and gorgeous. ??

  19. Michael Robins says:

    Asian women are way more attractive than black females

  20. Eugene Nyunt says:

    Thank god I’m not a fat, bald, Anglo Homosexual who works for Mind in Haringey, London

  21. PRIYA SINGH says:

    Yoga Guidebook is for the novices of yoga who want to embark on a private adventure of liberation and transformation.

  22. Лейла Байрамова says:


  23. stefano garbin says:

    Qualcuno sa dirmi che musica è.

  24. Orlando Yoga says:

    nice nice nice

  25. J88 S says:

    u can still wear clothes and do yoga. its actually disrespectful to do it without proper covering.

  26. Центр йоги & аюрведы Кувира says:

  27. violetsquare says:

    Does anyone know what mat is she using ?

  28. Dev Babu says:

    What a Graceful move of the Yoga – beautiful

  29. Божена Глинська says:

    music is so gooood

  30. We Rise 2 Inc. says:

  31. hobrah96740entertainment says:


  32. Kaarthikh Bkv says:

    must watch every youth…

  33. jack rees says:


  34. Дмитрий Лемеш says:

    What song is playing?

  35. Furiously Eclectic Video says:

    Time seems to slow down. That’s a lot in just a few minutes.

  36. Blanka J. says:

    The BEST!

  37. Salt chillF says:


  38. David Snape says:

    Id drag my bollocks through a mile of broken glass just to hear one of her farts through a walkie talkie!

  39. ast453000 says:

    If my wife ever did that shit in the morning instead of making me breakfast, she’d catch a beatin.

  40. perka321 says:

    Is this a certain type of yoga or just randomly choreographed positions? Some parts seem like gymnastics

  41. John Smith says:

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  42. William Strauss says:

    That is one badass woman

  43. Savannah Gordien says:

    hummm son ventre désolé mais il me fait peur… j’espère que tout va bien pour elle.

  44. ankit sood says:

    will you marry me?

  45. Thayse Rodrigues says:


  46. ফারভেজ ফারভেজ says:


  47. Meat Beater says:

    shoutout to the real niggas beating their meat to this video

  48. Manoj Kumar says:

    Good yoga.
    [email protected]

  49. sendthosepixma says:

    Damn the butt cheeks Girls wear those booty shorts that length and I still haven’t got used to how small they are

  50. gabriel briceño says:

    like si se te paró

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