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10:03, 14 December 2017

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DIS Unplugged – Military Vacations at Disney – 03/19/13

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In this segment, Shaun and special correspondent William Rubenstein go over guidelines and discounts for military vacations to Walt Disney Planet.

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Обсуждение: 35 коммент.
  1. The DIS says:

    Thanks Mike. Much appreciated

  2. 3TeasInAPod says:

    I’d love to see an update video on this topic if possible. I know the prices have changed over the years. Thank you so very much for supporting the troops! My husband who is a Marine and I are taking the kids to Disney World for the first time and your channel has been so helpful in planning.

  3. Steve Bell says:

    My pleasure Shaun, I know what you mean, I deal with the confusion on this subject all the time.

    Wish Disney could make it easier…

  4. Melissa Lauderdale says:

    Thank you for devoting a whole show to the military experience at Disney! And thank you for your support, my husband is currently an Active Duty Marine, who is deployed, and once he gets back we are taking our first Family Disney trip! I will agree that I looked at a Disney vacation when we were younger and it would not have worked. Even now(Hubby is an E-6) I devoted all of our tax return to pay for the trip. It is a huge chunk of change, but we recognize that this deal may not last forever.

  5. David Tyler says:

    That’s after tax and medical and housing and all that gets taken out.

  6. bbrown0212 says:

    What are available to Vietnam-Era Vterans?

  7. Vanessa Mertilus says:

    Parking is only 5 dollars a day at shades of green resort. Checked their website.

  8. Steve Bell says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks so much for the great video. It’s great to get this info out to our military community.

    I’m Steve the owner of MilitaryDisneyTips(dot)com and I do have a few corrections for you and your viewers.

    Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

    I’ll post in several comments as there is a 500 character limit for comments here.

    The Armed Forces Salute tickets expire on 28 Sept 2013 not the 30th.

  9. bbrown0212 says:

    I served 3 years ctive duty and 10 years reserve. I was dischared with an honorable discharge. I too served my country, am I eligible for any of these discounts?

  10. VaBeachVA2010 says:

    The one discount you would be eligible for is.. in Sept and January the Shades of Green allows non-retired veterans with an honorable discharge to stay at their resort. You must bring your DD-214 upon checkin to prove your eligibility.

  11. Charles Foster says:

    What about Service Connected Disabled Veterans?I receive full benefits I didn’t retire from the military.

  12. Chadwick Taylor says:

    Regarding the confusion of "having served" vs "retired military". It all revolves around the ID card. Active duty and retired will have a military ID card. If you served in the military, and were discharged aka got out, you will not have a military ID card. So, if you have a military ID card, you are elegible for military discounts. Hope that helps.

  13. Michael Sola says:


  14. Steve Bell says:

    Non-retired veterans are eligible for Shades of Green during the months of January and September.

    The Stars and Stripes Passes are a length of stay pass 1-10 day that are equivalent to a Magic Your Way hopper plus water parks fun and more ticket, THey expire 1 day after their length, for example a 5 day pass expires 6 days after purchase and so on. Available only at Shades of Green.

  15. MrChickenbone1 says:

    Home Depot, and Lows give all vets 10% discount with an ID, VA card will work. this is good for every transaction.  Also Regal movie theaters will give you the military discount for all your tickets not just yours, you must have a military ID or VA card.

  16. Tina McNeil says:

    Isn’t an LES more to show what the pay grade is, rather than to prove that you are in fact on leave?
    Also, I’m concerned; does the sponsor having to be present at check-in mean that families of deployed personnel can’t stay at SoG?

  17. MrChickenbone1 says:

    US Navy VET,  Navy sent me, and many others to the most expensive parts of the country " San Fran" as an E1 making no money.  Because I was not married and stationed on a ship " USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 you live on the ship no barracks no windows, not privacy.  During deployment you work 7 day a week 12+ hours a day.   Served 4 years and the VA gave me a disability rating of 70%, but the VA only gives 100% disabled vets access to commissary.  Thanks this would cost nothing to allow disabled vets to access the commissary.

  18. Steve Bell says:

    Non-retired Permanently disabled veterans (with DAVPRM code) are also eligible for the Armed Forces Salute,

    There is no sales tax charged at military bases, tax is only charged at non-military resellers i.e. Disney locations.

    Un-remarried spouses of deceased military members are eligible for Shades of Green and the Armed Forces Salute as long as they still have a valid dependent ID.

    Those staying at Shades of Green have the option to pre-pay for their tickets and pick them up at check in


  19. Aaron Cohen says:

    Can you go to shades of green and purchase the 4 day park hopper if you are staying at another Disney resort. My dad is retired military. Would be good to get it there and not pay the tax.

  20. Steve Bell says:

    The tickets you were talking about are the regular military discounted Magic Your Way tickets. Available at Shades of Green and Military Bases.

    There are no blockout dates for the Stars and Stripes and military discount MYW tickets.

    The Armed Forces Salute room only discounts are 30% off on value resorts, 35% off moderates and Fort Wilderness Cabins, and 40% off Deluxe resorts. As you said the availability of these set amount discounts can vary based on what is available.

  21. bbrown0212 says:

    That’s great! Does the discount apply to park tickets also?

  22. Steve Bell says:

    The rates you quoted for Shades of Green are the current rates.

    Shades does still offer overflow rates at Disney resorts, but it is only 20% off so that option is not as good as the Armed Forces Salute and isn’t really used now.

    A Leave and Earnings statement is not required for check in at Shades for military members. It is DoD civilian employees that need to show both an ID and LES.

    Thanks again for trying to get the word out!


  23. Steve Bell says:

    The LES is for DoD civilians. The civ CACs just say CIV so the LES is needed to show the pay grade.

  24. David Tyler says:

    As an active duty E-1, take home is about $1000 a month.

  25. David Tyler says:

    As a married E-3 in a combat zone, I was bringing home about $1880 every 2 weeks. With that, I still had all my bills back home, though.

  26. VaBeachVA2010 says:

    Charles, do you hold any sort of military ID card now? If you are receiving full benefits it sounds to me that you have a blue DD-2 ID.

  27. The DIS says:

    Wow, thanks so much Steve for this great information! I really appreciate you helping us get some of this straight. I know that military discounts can be confusing to a lot of our listeners, and us! – Shaun

  28. Eric Johnson says:

    Just to clarify any veteran that is 100% service connected total and permanent qualify for discounted Disneyland or Disney World tickets

  29. coastie329 says:

    Downtown Disney House of Blues offers 25% off the entire meal

  30. Tara Morin says:

    We need an update on the military discount! Especially since they’ll be releasing 2018 discounts next month!!! <3 (hopefully!!!)

  31. VaBeachVA2010 says:

    You would be able to purchase the military discounted Magic Your Way or Stars and Stripes tickets but not the Armed Forces Salute tickets.

  32. TheLostfoundation says:

    This is the show that got me hooked

  33. Tom Servo says:

    Great show! Lots of good tips & info on things I didn’t know about. Thanks.

     Yall spoke briefly about the AAFES (px) inside SoG. I saw a pic or two of it online & it looked about the size of a large shoppette but w/ some dolls/souvenirs as well. Do yall (or anyone else) know if their prices on snacks, drinks, & toys are similar to the rest of Disney World or if they are normal aafes prices?

    Also wondering if they sell cigarettes? I know smoking is very limited in the parks & resorts (Walt would have had a rough time..hehe), but I dont really plan on leaving the DW property & I’m wondering if I need to pack enough from home for the entire trip.

    Thanks again for the great show & information. Booked our flights & rooms ealier today & can’t wait. 82 & a wake up.

  34. mandinkers82 says:

    Is it possible for the video of Shades of Green to be a separate video? It would be a great resource for military families to show them what Shades looks like

  35. VaBeachVA2010 says:

    On Facebook, look up MilitaryDisneyTips for all the latest information. There is also a specific website but YouTube isnt allowing me to post it here.

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