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2:19, 20 December 2017

X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelets | Set Of two| The ULTIMATE Tactical Survival Gear| Flint Fire Starter, Whistle, Compass & Scraper/Knife| Best Wilderness Survival-Kit — Black(R)/Green(R)

X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelets | Set Of two| The ULTIMATE Tactical Survival Gear| Flint Fire Starter, Whistle, Compass & Scraper/Knife| Best Wilderness Survival-Kit — Black(R)/Green(R)

Item Description

All The Survival Gear You Require, Packed In Our SA01 Paracord Bracelet!

Now with X-Plore’s paracord bracelet, you can take pleasure in obtaining a four in 1 mini survival kit that can be carried about your wrist!

Intelligent Design and style

Our ultimate survival bracelet, is designed in a way that permits you to carry it with you everywhere. Basically put on it on your wrist or snap it on your backpack and you happen to be ready to go!

Zombie Apocalypse Imminent? Never Sweat It! Our Tactical Bracelet Is All You Want!

With the flint fire starter, the lengthy distance survival whistle, the compass and the knife/scraper, you have everything you want to survive whenever you go camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or basically exploring in the Wonderful Outdoors!

Simply place, with our emergency bracelet, you happen to be set to survive!

The Greatest Option For Each and every Outside Hobby & Far more

Regardless of whether you like hunting/fishing and you are in require of a security net usually ready on your wrist, an army/military man who knows what it requires to survive, or simply a hiker or survival enthusiast, we know you are going to really like what our private survival bracelet has to provide.

Plus, our bracelets come in sets of two so you can rest assured that you’re getting the greatest bang out of your buck!

These leading-quality survival bracelets are assured to take good care of you when you are out there carrying out what you adore, as they’re manufactured according to the highest top quality standards

When it comes to surviving, we do not mess about.

Buy These days, Buy With Self-assurance

Grab your set right now since we confident can assure the quality of our paracord survival bracelets, but we cannot say the identical about the unbeatable price tag!

ITEM Still IN STOCK: Order Today Even though Supplies Final!

Price: $9.99

  • THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL GEAR: The SA01 emergency paracord bracelet is a compact and tactical survival bracelet that comes packed with all the required characteristics you require, in order to survive in the wilderness. Our paracord bracelet is the excellent option for every single camping, hiking, hunting, fishing enthusiast or basically anybody who likes going in the Excellent Outdoors and be ready!
  • three IN 1 SURVIVAL KIT: Our bracelet is a mini personal survival kit on its personal. Featuring a flint fire starter, a whistle that can be heard from a great distance, a scraper that can also be utilized as a knife, and a compass to preserve your sense of path, this bracelet will support you with winter journeys and we bet it could even aid you survive in the course of the apocalypse!
  • Smart, COMPACT, Transportable: This ultra powerful paracord bracelet for males and females, sports a intelligent design and style that makes for easy carrying and storing. Basically wear it on your wrist, or snap it on your backpack and take pleasure in having a tactical survival kit often with you, no matter exactly where your adventure requires you! Plus, our bracelet sets come in various colour combos for you to find your preferred. Available in three diverse sizes: Standard, Medium, and Kid Size. Order yours today!
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL GADGET: With our 4 in 1 Survival Bracelet, you can often be prepared. Set traps with the Paracord rope, safe your items or use it as restrains, light a fire for cooking and warming yourself up, uncover your way with the compass and have an ever-critical scraper/ knife at your disposal. Tiny, compact and packed with everything you need, this tactical bracelet is a must-have for each and every Outdoorsy particular person out there!
  • A Protected Buy: We at X-Plore Gear, manufacture our paracord bracelets according to the highest requirements so that you can get pleasure from them for as long as achievable. You can rest assured that our survival bracelets are 100% reputable when the time comes to use them, in contrast to numerous other competing goods on the market. So grab our wonderful, cost-powerful set for you and your close friends, and have fun exploring!

Gear Assessment: Mechanix M-Pact Tactical Gloves

A brief overview of what I feel are the ideal tactical gloves out on the market place appropriate now. I do personal two pair of Pig gloves, and like them, but these Mechanix M-Pact gloves take it to the next level, and for less than $30! I’m a firm believer that gloves ought to be affordable no matter how feature-filled they are, and Mechanix delivers large.

You can now support me on Patreon: //

Verify out the sizing chart at!

I purchased these on Amazon, just so you know. This is not a paid endorsement from Mechanix nor did they solicit this gear assessment. This is 100% my own acquire and the gloves I will be wearing on the variety when this blasted cold climate finally breaks!! 🙂

Preacher on Twitter: @TacticalPreachr
Preacher on Instagram: @TacticalPreacher
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God bless all of you, and keep ready to defend yourself, your soul, and your family!


Обсуждение: 23 коммент.
  1. Don Enrique says:

    I have a pair like this,, the only problem that i have with those is that they tear with time, mine last for like 3 months and they tear buy i keep using them cause they are comfortable and have great grip

  2. Wesley Burton says:

    My gloves the hand covers are falling apart and I haven’t had them to long and I haven’t been working them too hard so if you do buy them be wary of that

  3. 8trigrammer says:

    Did you have space at the end of the fingertips?

  4. Rick Rabies says:

    obey acts 2:38

  5. john david Copeland says:

    how do I message to get a patch from you

  6. Nawras Khalil says:

    Can you do a review for the M-Pact 2? Those gloves look awesome.

  7. eclipseks says:

    The Pig gloves are great. I love both!

  8. Steve Whitaker says:

    First, I want to say it’s awesome seeing a Christian on here….. I appreciate the solid info on the gloves too. I’m interested in a patch and a bible cover I saw Sootch00 sporting ….. God Bless

  9. MadeInVolantis says:


  10. Mike M says:

    So…it took you 1:40 to finally get to the review…lol

  11. thisghy says:

    the m-pact rebber padding on these tend to stripp off of the glove. i would recommend just going with the regular gloves. they are great shooter gloves

  12. Clint's Corner says:

    I like the PIG Alphas better. I have the mechanix impact and had to cut the trigger fingers off due to such bad dexterity and sensitivity.

  13. Triple259772 says:

    It’s between this and the oakleys

  14. D8 zVevoh says:

    Do they even have fakes of these?

  15. Mo Gibbz says:

    i have and have had several pairs of these. the one thing that sucked about them was the index finger and thumb material. not only did they add uneccessary girth, but they were slippery (they were supposed to be grippier, but they did the exact opposite), making your trigger finger slip off the trigger face. maybe they were rougher when new, but they quickly became slick after a little use. apparently i wasnt the only one to complain since the new ones no longer have that (i have two pairs of the newer type).

  16. john david Copeland says:

    LAPolice gear has these for 18 dollars for 2 pair

  17. officialspaceman1190 says:

    Can you do the the new M-Pact 3?

  18. QJAndra says:

    I lost my left handed glove and I’m here to remember the good times.

  19. Edgardo Centeno says:

    you can get this gloves on walmart for less than 20 dolars

  20. Matthew Jacobus says:

    Very nice review question have you used or have the Oakley tactical gloves
    I have those and like em but I wanna get another pair of gloves and I like the Mechanix line

  21. Jason NOT Bourne says:

    $21.00 on Amazon with free shipping (he purchased from Amazon). So this isn’t advertising.

  22. BrewCityRider says:

    Thanks for the review.  I have been trying to decide between these and the PIG’s.  The PIG’s are a bit expensive for me and I don’t think they offer anything over the M-Pacts. Yours is the first review I’ve found that talks about both, which is helpful.  As far as the Mechanix sizing chart…I printed it out and confirmed that it was to scale, and it said I was a Large.  That is actually incorrect though – I am an XL in all my gloves.  I went to the local Farm & Fleet to try some on and sure enough, I’m an XL in the Mechanix as well.  So I would say to anyone ordering these gloves that they fit true to size.  Just order the same size gloves that you normally wear.

  23. Ryan Gaming says:

    How Big are your hands

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