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When a team has as much sustained success in a decade as the St. Louis Cardinals have this past decade, you can expect the fans to reciprocate by snapping up any and every piece of team merchandise they can get their hands on. Though they’ve won only that one World Series Championship in 2006, they did come close twice, and have consistently won the National League Central Division, and even posting several 100 win regular seasons.


And of course, let us not forget their deep push into the playoffs year after year. Winning tradition such as that the Cards have displayed is deeply appreciated by the fans, thus resulting in most St. Louis Cardinals merchandise selling like hotcakes. Some of the more popular categories of Cardinals team memorabilia include the gifts category, the jewelry category and the home décor section.


St. Louis Cardinals Gifts


Like any good fan, Cardinals fans relish receiving gifts that bear their team’s colors, uniform, and logo. That makes it easy for gift givers, as there is a wide selection of Cards gift items available in stores and online, if you know where to look.


For the working man who spends a lot of time at the office, there’s the Cardinals Replica Mini Helmet display – to remind you that you should not neglect having fun. For the sports apparel nut, there’s Cardinals Logo Baseballs, and Cardinals 3D Logo Ornaments. If you need to find a gift for a young Cards fan, there’s a Cardinals Lunch Box available. The options are many, if you know what to look for.


St. Louis Cardinals Jewelry


Another popular section is St. Louis Cardinals Jewelry. No, this is not a jewelry store like the one where you got your fiancée’s engagement ring (nothing as snobbish as that). This section is mostly dominated by fun and casual jewelry such as Cardinals Snowman Baseball Earrings with a snowman and Cards logo. There are dangle earrings, Cardinals logo pendants in the shape of the team’s logo, as well as Cardinals flashing pins and pendant.


Fans can complete the jewelry ensemble and come to the games sporting everything from toe rings to pendants, to bracelets and rings. They also make great gifts for your girl if she’s also a fan. The jewelry is made of fine jewelry grade silver most of the time, but due to the sporty designs, they are better used for casual occasions.


However, if you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find some gems that you can wear even to the office as well as some black tie events. These nice little numbers are usually found in the watches subsection of the jewelry section. Here you can find Clip On Sport Watches, Agent Series Watches, Cardinals Chronographs, and leather strap wristwatches. Some watches are not overtly noticeable as baseball jewelry, and only have a small logo of the team in the dial, but are conspicuous enough that they can easily tag you as a fan, perfect if you want to spread the word just how much of a Die Hard Fan one is.


St. Louis Cardinals Home Décor


Home décor scores highly in any fan’s team merchandise wish list, especially during the season and most definitely during the playoffs. Home decorations are the perfect way to show your support for you favorite team. There are Cardinals Double Sided Window Light-up Player displays, Cardinals Tabletop Snow Snowman, Cardinals themed table runners, Cardinals logo mantle clocks and more. If you suddenly have the need to make your home conspicuous and ready to spot – perhaps the product of a post game party you planned after a team victory – there are many options available. There are Cardinals Mailbox Covers and Flag Kits to tell everyone they’ve arrived. There are also the Cardinals 12 inch Art Glass Clocks, or the Cardinals Dual Lit Accent Lamp, and Cardinals Art Glass Frame.


Adding these display pieces into your home not only make it more colourful and filled with team spirit, it makes it more comfortable as well, especially if you g et any of the available recliner chairs and ottomans found via the home décor section.


Katie writes article on Sports products. Among her many written articles, one is on MLB Shop and St. Louis Cardinals Merchandise, Baltimore Orioles Merchandise online to present your partner, parents, and friends.

Four Cowboys? (detail)
Now here is an interesting item.

At the end of a long trail ride, four cowboys got a buzz at the local saloon and decided to commemorate the event by having their picture taken at the photographer’s studio just down the street.

Well, probably not. It seems to be a fake. But, how fake is it?

First of all, all four are wearing dress ties under their bandannas. Three of them are wearing suit coats all tucked in under their gun belts and chaps. The one on the left even has a kerchief peeking out of his breast pocket.

The one on the far right seems to be wearing a horizontal stripe pattern narrow tie or maybe that’s just the narrow end of the tie showing, the wide half being tucked up under that big bandanna. Second-from-right has his collar unbuttoned and his diagonal stripe tie loosened at the neck. Second-from-left has his collar buttoned and his tie up tight. Left-end wears a solid color wide tie. They all seem to be tied in Four In Hand or perhaps very tight Windsor knots. So when was it fashionable to wear both narrow ties and wide, patterned and solid?

Their hats are all too big. They rest on their ears. Second-from-right has his pushed well back on his head. The other three have the front brim turned up to put light on their faces for the camera. These hats are probably photographer’s props.

Dusty cattle trail riders? No, probably not. Here are four young men at a county or state fair getting their picture taken at the photo booth with fake cowboy costumes. That’s a more likely scenario. Their girlfriends stood off camera and teased them. Note the one on the left end is looking in a different direction than the rest. He also appears to be speaking.


According to the postcard backing, the AZO design in the upper right hand corner indicates it was printed between 1904 and 1918. For the moment, let’s say it is not a counterfeit backing to give an “authentic” edge to the fake novelty photograph on the front.

The photo qualities seem true for the time period just before 1918. The face of our cowboy on the left is slightly blurred. He moved. The slow shutters of the time would have captured that movement as a slight blur. Faster film media and lenses and consequently shutters didn’t appear until a little later.

The eyes of second-from-left seem very light. As we have learned, blues tended to photograph as white in early photo media, just as reds tend to appear black. Second-from-right has what appears to be leather chaps, probably brown, making his suit probably brown also since they appear to be similar gray in the photo. First on left is probably dressed in blue. Since it seems to be a joke type photo, the chaps on second from right might very well be bright red. Well, maybe not.

The black wedge in the lower right corner might indicate that the light sensitive media was not quite straight in the carrier when it was exposed. That is something that a good expensive studio photographer would not allow, nor would their customer accept. This was probably a carnival or fair or other novelty operation.

The paper stock is the right weight for the time. The yellowing, fading and wrinkles seem appropriate for the age.

With today’s technology, we know it could ALL be faked on a home desktop computer and printer. For paper you could use the blank flyleaf pages of old law books or catalogs. Without the use of a very technical lab to test the chemical composition of the emulsion on the front or the ink on the reverse, it would be hard to tell if it was printed yesterday or really nearly a hundred years ago. And what junk store shopper is going to go to all that trouble? An enterprising junk dealer could whip up a few of these to shuffle among a few real ones and maybe peddle them for four or six dollars each. The good sellers could be printed over and over.

What do you think?

By anyjazz65 on 2006-01-22 05:43:23

Обсуждение: 15 коммент.
  1. puzzlemaster says:

    Hi AJ. Just seeing this photo for the first time. Love your write-up. One more observation supporting the conclusion that this is a dress-up novelty photo: The "cowboy" second from the right is wearing his holster the wrong way around. If he is a right hander, as appears from the way he is holding the gun, than the holster should be worn like the man on the far right of the photo. Otherwise he would have to draw with his left hand and transfer the gun to his right.

  2. anyjazz65 says:

    Of course. go right ahead. This is a very popular found photograph. I just noticed that it has been visited nearly 3500 times since I first rescued it in 2006. Looking forward to seeing your page.

  3. meagain625 says:

    This is a good one!! Well seen 🙂

  4. Price Engines says:

    Hi – I’m so glad I found this photo to illustrate a story on my blog about green scientists ‘fighting back’ after the recent ‘climategate’.

    The story behind the picture also captivated me – so much so that I’ve broken normal ‘protocol’ and commented on it underneath the photo credit.

    Hope you get a few more views as a result.

    Oh – here’s a link to your photo in situ:…

    Thanks for sharing – Jonathan

  5. Price Engines says:

    Hi – me again.

    Every month I do a round up (no cowboy pun intended) of the months posts and pick out my favourite illustration too.

    Thought you’d be pleased to know I chose your photo – as much for the fascinating deductions you make as the quaintness of the photo itself.

    Cheers and thanks for taking the trouble to reply back.


    p.s here’s a link to the round up including your photo (again):…

  6. anyjazz65 says:

    Glad to help. The photo prompted an analysis of the old photo industry.

  7. anyjazz65 says:

    Seems to be!

  8. puzzlemaster says:

    The eternal mystery of Flickr I guess. I have a very poor quality PP photo of Walt Disney which got over 45000 hits in one day because of being linked to in Metafilter.

  9. anyjazz65 says:

    Thanks []. This RPPC and the accompanying reverse shown above, holds the record for the most observed item in this Flickr stream: over 88 thousand. I have no idea why.

  10. puzzlemaster says:

    Dave Miller. …and cowboys.

  11. Nancy D. Brown says:

    I’d like permission to use your Four Cowboys jpg for my "What to Pack for a Horseback Riding Vacation" post at Of course, I would link to your Flickr photostream and give you credit for the photo.
    Thank you. Nancy Brown

  12. nikiforberg says:

    cool, photo. Chewbacca pants ???

  13. anyjazz65 says:

    Thanks very much for your comment.

  14. anyjazz65 says:

    Yes, Flickr’s search engine is a little hard to explain sometimes.

  15. anyjazz65 says:

    The above is a crop for detail. This is the original with reverse also shown.

    Four Cowboys

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