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15:34, 16 August 2018

‘We Are Tired of Crying for the Dead’: A Stunned Genoa Mourns

‘We Are Tired of Crying for the Dead’: A Stunned Genoa Mourns

&lsquoWe Are Tired of Crying for the Dead&rsquo: A Stunned Genoa Mourns

Evacuated buildings around the collapsed Morandi Bridge in Genoa on Wednesday.CreditNicola Marfisi/Linked Press

By Gaia Pianigiani

GENOA, Italy &mdash All day Wednesday outside the austere creating that houses Genoa&rsquos morgue, parents, young children, buddies and colleagues of achievable victims of a collapsed bridge entered, dreading what they might locate.

William Ben Lou Lou, 42, owner of a French moving company, arrived in the morning, a day following the city&rsquos Morandi Bridge collapsed, leaving at least 39 people dead. His daughter, scrutinizing images on social media, spotted the wreckage of one particular of his trucks in the rubble. Two of his workers, each Romanians, had been in the truck, moving furniture from France to Italy, but he did not know if they had survived.

&ldquoI attempted to contact them,&rdquo he said, &ldquobut I couldn&rsquot attain them.&rdquo

An hour later, Mr. Lou Lou had a partial answer. He identified the body of 1 worker, a man with a wife and 3 young children. Then he went with the police to the hospital, in hopes that the other man was alive. &ldquoThey say my other worker may be in intensive care,&rdquo he said.

William Ben Lou Lou, the owner of a French moving company, identified the wreckage of one of his trucks in the rubble.CreditLuca Zennaro/EPA, by means of Shutterstock

The bridge collapse has traumatized Italy and exposed the decrepit state of the nation&rsquos infrastructure. The worrisome condition of the Morandi Bridge was properly identified, even as it remained a heavily trafficked thoroughfare via Genoa, and the query of why absolutely nothing was completed has inflamed the national discussion.

But across Genoa, an ancient Ligurian port city tucked amongst the mountains and the Mediterranean, the shock of the calamity was especially private and terrifying.

Genoans not only mourned the victims but wondered what would come about to their own lives, now upended by a severed highway that connected 1 side of the city to the other.


Some of the much more than 500 evacuated residents from apartment buildings below what remained of the collapsed Morandi Bridge. Rescue workers went into their houses to collect essential belongings for them.CreditAndrea Leoni/Agence France-Presse &mdash Getty Images

Loved ones members of missing travelers waited anxiously for word of loved ones. A man named Antonio Cicala told Sky News that he was in search of the whereabouts of his brother, sister-in-law and their daughter. &ldquoThey haven&rsquot responded to telephone calls and never made it to their location,&rdquo he stated. &ldquoWe went to the police, but they didn&rsquot inform us something. We&rsquore just waiting. We want to know.&rdquo

By Wednesday afternoon, the Genoa government had released a partial list of Italian victims &mdash a young couple heading for trip, truck drivers from Genoa and Naples who had routinely crossed the bridge, a loved ones of 3 returning from a holiday on the Ligurian coast and a family members of four heading to a ferry to start off their holiday.

&ldquoWe just discovered that our young athlete perished right now in the tragedy in Genoa,&rdquo Brike Bike, the amateur bicycle group of Manuele Bellasio, 16, wrote on its Facebook page. &ldquoAll our group is collectively with the loved ones for this unfair loss.&rdquo


Firefighters and rescue workers near element of the collapsed Morandi Bridge on Tuesday.CreditStefano Rellandini/Reuters

As more becomes identified about the bridge victims, they are likely to paint a somewhat international mosaic, reflecting Genoa&rsquos location as an intersection for Europe.

Genoa had been a usual transit point for the two Romanian truck drivers who lived near Paris, Mr. Lou Lou said. Four French nationals are also amongst the victims, according to France&rsquos Foreign Ministry. Loved ones members of a 22-year-old Albanian national cried more than his physique at the morgue on Wednesday morning, all dressed in black. He had lived in the city and crossed the bridge for function, a cousin stated.

All through Wednesday, workers and rescue crews continued browsing the bridge debris for a lot more victims or, perhaps, survivors. Witnesses recounted the horror of obtaining watched the collapse.


A man forced to evacuate his house close to the collapsed Morandi Bridge recovers his cat on Wednesday.CreditAndrea Leoni/Agence France-Presse &mdash Getty Photos

Domenico Infantino, 69, a retired firefighter who lives close to the bridge, saw vehicles and vans flung off the bridge, landing upside down on the railway tracks.

&ldquoI heard a thunder and then an explosion and the apartment shook,&rdquo he stated. &ldquoI thought a nearby apartment had exploded, then I looked out of my kitchen window and couldn&rsquot see the bridge anymore.&rdquo

In the Sampierdarena neighborhood, under what remained of the collapsed span, residents lined up at barricades erected by the police. Evacuated from their apartments after the collapse, they still could not return. Holding identity cards, they waited patiently for firefighters to retrieve their most critical belongings &mdash medicine, documents, pets.


Firefighters on Wednesday walked amongst the buildings that were evacuated near the bridge collapse in Genoa.CreditLuca Zennaro/ANSA, by way of Connected Press

&ldquoWe&rsquoll get to all of your homes prior to the sun sets,&rdquo 1 firefighter promised.

Amalia Salton, 66, was second in line. Her 16-year-old cat, Pepe, was stranded in her apartment, a couple of hundred yards from the wreckage.

&ldquoI&rsquove always lived here, since I was born,&rdquo she said even though a firefighter took her details and walked away with her keys. &ldquoI was in middle school when they constructed the bridge, and we believed it was such a masterwork. Now it&rsquos gone.&rdquo

Ms. Salton was staying with loved ones members in one more section of Genoa, and like her neighbors, had no idea of when she could re-enter her property, or reconstruct her day-to-day life.

&ldquoWe walk or drive beneath the bridge every single day,&rdquo she said. &ldquoHow will we go to the other portion of town?&rdquo

Residents who as soon as thought nothing of walking across the bridge now face simple challenges.

&ldquoIt&rsquos like possessing the Berlin Wall in your neighborhood,&rdquo Ms. Salton stated. &ldquoNothing will ever be the identical.&rdquo

She did get a bit of great news: A firefighter, Elisa Romani, delivered Pepe into her arms.

One particular of her neighbors, Marisa Spiganti, also standing in line, blamed the authorities who she stated had accomplished too little over the years to ensure the bridge&rsquos security.

&ldquoI want they would stop making messes like this and commence doing issues in a much better way for the generation that comes after us,&rdquo she mentioned. &ldquoWe are tired of crying for the dead.&rdquo

Guglielmo Mattioli contributed reporting.

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