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7:44, 19 December 2017

Waterproof Unique Laptop Black Carbon Vinyl Skin Stickers Cover for 2015-2017 New DELL XPS 15 9550 9560 XPS9550 XPS9560 15.six-inch without fingerprint

Waterproof Specific Laptop Black Carbon Vinyl Skin Stickers Cover for 2015-2017 New DELL XPS 15 9550 9560 XPS9550 XPS9560 15.6-inch without having fingerprint

Product Description
1,This item is NOT A HARD CASE. This item is a  Particular Vinyl skin/decal sticker and is NOT made of rubber,silicone, gel, or plastic.Easy to apply and easy to remove, leaves NO sticky residue behind. 2,It also has a waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-fingerprint, aesthetics and other functions.The skin is very light and thin, it will not enhance the laptop weight and thickness.It does not affect the laptop heat loss. Please look this major image and check it. Other pictures are display supplies and colors, you can refer to it. Really, we will be shipped in accordance with Title Model. 1. Broken through the conventional idea of shell protective film, using the new South Korean imports of environmentally friendly materials, simulation textures powerful texture, bringing a natural and comfy sensory enjoyment. two. Following optical precision Rule Die cut, and the ideal integration of notebook computers, and has put on-resistant, acid and alkali, anti-oil, effortless to clean characteristics. 3. No adhesive residue.

Price tag: $20.00

  • Waterproof Specific Laptop Black Carbon fiber Vinyl Skin Stickers Cover guard For 2015-2017 New DELL XPS 15 9550 9560 XPS9550 XPS9560 15.6-inch with no fingerprint (Does not fit for other models)
  • Please inform us your Laptop models and sizes,Otherwise, we will be heading models shipped, the default color black
  • INCLUD :outer Lid skin+ Around the keyboard skin+The bottom skin ,do not need to reduce
  • Due to the fact,distinct country computer is diverse,please look this image and check it.
  • This item is NOT A Hard CASE. This product is a Vinyl skin/decal sticker and is NOT created of rubber, silicone, gel, or plastic.Straightforward to apply and effortless to eliminate, leaves NO sticky residue behind.

How To Upgrade RAM On Dell XPS 15 9560

For those of you who have lately bought the Dell XPS 15 9560 and are searching to expand the memory, this video is for you. The standard Dell XPS 15 9560 configuration attributes 8GB DDR4-2400MHz RAM and is upgradable up to 32GB. We will give hyperlinks to the RAM and tools needed for this operation in the video description. Note: we are not accountable for any harm caused to your personal computer. Execute this upgrade at your personal danger.

IIT Torx Bit Set: //
Kingston 32GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM: //

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By matthewf01 on 2017-06-21 ten:09:04
tagsExpert Guidance For Obtaining The Ideal Laptop For Your Cash

Laptops can make you life considerably less complicated. No matter what you are going to obtain your laptop for, it must aid you with life. It can be difficult to know what you are hunting for when you are shopping with a laptop. The tips laid out right here helps you discover out what you have to know about getting laptops.

Look for laptops on property buying channels. You may be able to make installment payments without worrying about a credit check. You may well be in a position to snag a fantastic laptop for a hundred bucks every single month.

Set a price range ahead of you go buying. The variety of laptop that fits your requirements is a critical consideration that will play a big function in setting your price range. Do you favor a Computer or a MAC? Macs give cutting edge technology in graphics, generating them best for people working in an environment rich in graphics.

If you just do light gaming, do not succumb to the notion that you demand a higher-end laptop. A graphics card can use a lot of power, and if you never require it, you can save on battery life. Most laptops are not employed a lot for gaming. Never spend money if you never have to. Don’t waste your cash.

Ahead of you purchase your laptop, do an on-line search for coupons or discounts that you can use. Your search may possibly come up empty, but it’s worth the effort. It can be extremely annoying to make a buy then discover out later there was a coupon for $50 off.

Make certain that your laptop comes with a top quality sound method. Some laptops are a tiny skimpy on sound, because it does not comprise a complete pc system on its own. The problem is that this reality makes for terrible viewing of videos. Make certain you listen to how the laptop sounds ahead of acquiring it.

Do not overlook the battery when you are seeking into purchasing a new machine. Even if you will be mostly making use of it at residence, continuous recharging is annoying. Appear for at least four hours of battery life.

Think about a tablet if you only want a laptop for entertainment purposes. Tablets are wonderful for downloading apps. Tablets of course can usually connect to your keyboard wirelessly so that it offers you a lot more available functions.

Believe about the mouse that comes with the laptop. There are really a couple of mouse styles that are built into laptops that are out there. Whether or not a trackpad is what you like, or a normal ball mouse, it’s important to figure out what will perform the ideal for your requirements. It is usually attainable to do add-ons at a later date, but you require to start with what you truly like.

As you study in the above report, due to the advances in technology, laptops have produced people’s lives a lot easier. Nevertheless, a laptop can be a very tough point to select. Use the guidance right here to purchase a laptop that is ideal for you.

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  1. MEATLESS MARK says:

    Awesome I love how easy Dell makes it to upgrade there new computers! Laptops and All-In-Ones included! I’m curious though can you easily upgrade the SSD in this laptop so you could upgrade to a 1TB or 2TB SSD?

  2. ted101975 says:

    benefits of doing this?

  3. Dragonhart says:

    Useless video. You hit the nail on the head in your second or third sentence…this is easy to do and anybody can do it.
    WHY ARE YOU STILL DOING COMPUTER VIDEOS?! Seriously…stick to phones. You are PHONEdog. Please quit while you’re ahead. You’re stepping on toes of people who actually know this hardware.
    If you’re going to try, at least make a separate channel. I might actually subscribe to watch your progress in learning PC hardware if that’s where you plan to venture. But these kinds of videos do not belong on PhoneDog

  4. Changxun Li says:

    are all xps 15 (ones with 32gb ssd and 500 gb hdd ) come with 2 x 4gb ram instead of 1x 8gb?

  5. Redtooth says:

    Did you just call me a dog in the nicest possible way?

  6. Vinícius Paciello says:

    Dude you should open it from the hinge side so it opens smoothly. You almost broke something inside the machine.

  7. bradycj454 says:

    Dude who doesn’t know how to install ram, literally I learned how to build a computer when I was 6

  8. Tsuki Kimura says:

    Can you tell me what’s the original model of memory? Thanks a lot!

  9. 박우석 says:

    is it support max 64gigs of ram?

  10. Jeffrey Tomblin says:

    Who was looking for this exact tutorial "How To Upgrade RAM On Dell XPS 15 9560?"

  11. Dark says:

    I rememeber whwn i had a laptop thay opend the same way but then you had to unscrew motherboard out flip it over to acces the ram

  12. Adarsh Varma says:


  13. Brett Wise says:

    I would blur the info on that card you used…

  14. Ryan Anderson says:

    what is the difference between the Dell XPS 15 9550 and the Dell XPS 15 9560

  15. Dadbeh Shaddel says:

    u should call it the ram stick or ram module not chip. chip is the silicon on the ram module

  16. Kæla says:

    better performance… but the difference is very minor. idgi?

  17. Mome Momo says:

    Why max out the ram and only have an i5 processor and average video card?

  18. ItGloRiouS says:

    2800mhz or 2666mhz still confused with clocking

  19. reydawg27 says:

    I’d like to know if they used both sockets on a 16gb. I’d like to upgrade to a 32gb with the laptop purchase but asking for $200.

  20. wamasakyy says:

    Is it the same process as for the 9550 version?

  21. Rahul Chhugani says:

    Hey what if we use two 32gb ram

  22. renike fraser says:


  23. Lakshman Karthik says:

    Will opening the back cover void the warranty???

  24. shane avlis says:

    have anything cheaper like 16bg?

  25. Hijackfun says:

    My dog barked at the intro

  26. TTP says:

    stripped my screw in the middle gg no 32GB for me

  27. Vishnu S says:

    Hey what’s your twitter handle?

  28. Minelabs says:

    What type of memory goes in this. 2400mhz, 2666mhz or 3000mhz. If i get 3000mhz would it still read it at 2400mhz?. Which would be the correct speed?.

  29. Prixor says:

    ────█▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀█─── Watch out kidz he farted!

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