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10:40, 28 October 2018

#WalkAway movement urges disgruntled Democrats to leave the celebration behind

#WalkAway movement urges disgruntled Democrats to leave the party behind

A newly developed political movement urging liberals to leave the Democratic Party held a march in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

The 5-month-old #WalkAway movement advocates that those who really feel disillusioned with the&#xA0party — which some&#xA0say uses scare tactics and&#xA0identity politics — to&#xA0come out&#xA0publically against&#xA0it.

A number of hundred supporters attended Saturday&#x2019s mile-lengthy march along Pennsylvania Avenue — from John Marshall Park close to the Capitol to&#xA0Freedom Plaza near the White Home.

&quotWe’re walking away from the Democratic Celebration and actually walking toward freedom,&quot #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka told Fox News.

Straka spearheaded the movement soon after posting an online video in May possibly explaining why he was abandoning the Democratic Party.

&#x201CPeople are fed up with what&#x2019s taking place on the left,&#x201D he said, adding that interest skyrocketed&#xA0after the hearings into sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanauagh. &#x201CThese were actually the sort of die-hard loyalists. Folks in their 60s and 70s who had been Democrats their whole life who mentioned &#x2018This was the final straw for me.&#x2019&#x201D

Scores of video testimonials posted to the #WalkAway Campaign Facebook page give a range of motives for switching political allegiances.

Some mentioned the Democratic Celebration has turn into hate-filled and hostile to opposing points of view whilst moving further to the left. Other people&#xA0say they were tired of the celebration&#x2019s &quotpolitically correct&quot culture.

The movement caught President Trump’s interest. He tweeted about the event ahead of it started.

Straka stated he’s most proud that minority groups,&#xA0such as Hispanics, African Americans and the LGBTQ neighborhood, have embraced his movement.

&quotThese minority&#xA0groups that I think&#xA0the Democratic Party has had sort of a stranglehold for so extended on, they are walking away,&quot he mentioned. &quotThey want to be self-empowered.&quot

But not everyone believes the grassroots campaign is genuine.

CNN contributor David Love named the movement fake and a Russian ploy to divide crucial&#xA0Democrat voting blocs, the Washington Times reported.

&quotRepublicans want to split up the Democratic political opposition and divide black and Latino voters. And&#xA0Russia&#xA0looks like it desires to aid right here, too,&#x201D Really like wrote. &#x201CThe most current instance of this method is the #WalkAway hashtag, which is presented as a grassroots work by former Democrats who are essential of the&#xA0party&#x2019s alleged intimidation, confrontation and lack of civility and want individuals to stroll away from the&#xA0party.&#x201D

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