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Virtua for Urgent Care

Virtua for Urgent Care

Virtua for Urgent CareVirtua Express Urgent Care, with convenient hours and areas all through New Jersey, offers quick medical care for minor injuries and illnesses.

Image from page 39 of “1956 giant dahlia flowered zinnias : Steckler Seed Company, Inc” (1956)
Title: 1956 giant dahlia flowered zinnias : Steckler Seed Company, Inc
Identifier: 1956giantdahliaf19jste
Year: 1956 (1950s)
Authors: J. Steckler Seed Co Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Seed sector and trade Catalogs Seeds Catalogs Vegetables Seeds Catalogs Fruit Seeds Catalogs Gardening Equipment and supplies Catalogs Flowers Seeds Catalogs
Publisher: New Orleans, La. : Steckler
Contributing Library: U.S. Division of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Division of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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BLACK LEAF 40—Kills poultry Uce. Merely paint the perches. It operates while the chick- ens sleep. 1 oz. SOc five o^s. SI.25 I-lb. tin S2.89 two-lb. tin $5.00 five lbs. S7.65 ten-lb. tin S13.25, postpaid. &quotBLACK LEAF&quot WORM POWDER — A flock treatment for round and pin worms in poul- try. V4 lb., 100-bird size 75c: IVs lbs., 600- bird size $2.90, postpaid. &quotBLACK LEAF&quot WORM PELLETS—If you choose person dosing, use &quotBlack Leaf&quot Worm Pellets. The uncoated pellets are odorless and tasteless, containing &quotshockless&quot nico- tine made from the powder and extremely ef- fective. For two- to 4-lb. chickens give a single- half the simply broken adult size tablet. Adult size, doz. 15c 25 25c SO 45c 100 85c 500 $three.50 1000 $six.50, postpaid. GERMOZONE Germozone is an antisep- tic for each infant chicks and older birds. Assists avoid spread of disease germs. Astringent. Useful for indi- vidual treatment of birds with roup. Lee’s Germozone Post- Liquid Every single paid = 11 four-oz. bottle $ .50 $ .60 g^^ljl 12-oz. bottle 90 1.05 &quot 1^ 32-oz. botUe 1.75 two.00 TONAX For Increasing Birds Every drug in Tonaz has been selected for a definite goal. This mixture of drugs makes Tonai Ideally adaptable for year- round use. Broiler men report much better gains when Tonax Is utilised. Turkey raisers inform of quicker devel- opment and better finished birds. Flock personal- ers soy Tonox carries their flock via the heavy laying season in fine shape. Attempt Tonax. You will like it. Postpaid 12-oz. con „ $ .40 S .50 two-lb. can 1.00 1.25 6-lb. can 2.6S 2.98 25-lb. pail -.„ „… 9.50 Not prepaid LEEMULSION Cold, Wheezing LEEMULSION in the Mash Numerous poultrymen nonetheless like to add Leemul- sion to the mash as an alternative of using it in the drinking water. It can be conveniently utilized by first stirring the medicine Into water or niilk, and then pouring the solution on the dry mash. A little mixing will give a crum- bly, palatable feed. Specific directions will be discovered on the Leemulsion labeL Postpaid four-oz. botUe $ .60 $ .70 12-oz. botUe …_ 1.25 1.35 1-qt. bottle _. two.50 2.80 V^gal. iug «… four.00 Not prepaid 1-gal. }ug . 7.50 Not prepaid VAPO-SPRAY Spray in the Air—Treat the Complete Flock VAPO-SPRAY is a mixture of healing oils and expectorants. Each its antiseptic and inhalant properties are useful. It Is sprayed In the air of the poultry property until a light mist is created. The beneficial oUs are breathed by the fowls and volatile portions perform gently via the air passages. All types of bronchitis need to acquire Im- mediate remedy with each Leemulsion and Vapo-Spray. Prompt action is urgent. Laryn- gotraceitis need to be treated with Vapo- Spray and Leemulsion even if the fowls have been vaccinated. Postpodd 1 pint $ .60 $ .70 1 quart „ 90 !.20 V2 gallon 1.50 1.95 1 gallon – 2.50 Not prepaid 5 gallons 10.00 Not prepaid FOWL POX VACCINE Used in the prevention of pox and its vari- ous fcrms such as sorehead, cankers, wet pox and diphtheritic roup on all fowls. 100 dose size $1.15: 500 dose S4.20, postpaid. AQDOX For Cocddiosis Anybody who has had a severe outbreak of Cocddiosis in his flock knows how undesirable if is. The &quotbloody&quot type of Coccidiosis usually causes a really heavy death loss, but other types that do not show blood In the droppings are just as costly. In poor attacks of Cocdd- iosis, the lining of the intestines is severely broken at times so badly that there is bleeding. Acidoi is an add preparation for chickens and turkeys. Use in any sort drinking vessel for the care of birds with Cocddiosis. 4-oz. bottle SOc postpaid, 60c 12-oz. bottle Sl.OO postpaid, $1.50 l-quart bottle $two.00 postpaid, $2.20. GIZZARD WORM CAPSULE Worms do not have to rob a pullet of a lot of meals to decrease production. Take advan- tage of the fad that you con now worm your laying flock with the Gizzard Capsules when- ever needed to minimize infestation. Adult Size Can of 50 $ .85 5 Cans of one hundred $six.50 Can oi one hundred…. 1.40 1 Envelope of I0.._ .20 Pullet Size Can ol SO $ .60 5 Cona of one hundred …$five.00 Can of one hundred…. 1.ten 1 Envelope of 10 15 Chick Size Can of 50.—$ .45 five Cans of I0O.„ $4.00 Can of I00.._ .85 1 Envelope of 10.._ .10 PICKPASTE For Cannibalism Pickpaste is blood-colored and mixes thor- oughly with blood. It is repulsive to fowls. A few tastes of it normally teach birds not to pick at a single an additional, unless the habit has been permitted to grow to be firmly estabhshed. Pickpaste is greaseless and adheres effectively to wounds. It is antiseptic and pfbteds the wounds from dirt. It sticks well to skin and weathers but washes readily from the hands. Pickpaste can be obtained in hassle-free six-o«. Jars for 60c. or 65c, postpaid. FOR HOUSEHOLD USE RATS RAT Manage is straightforward with this practical prod- uct. Consists of Warfarin, the anti-coagulant roden- ticide, machine-mixed with specially-selected and processed groin that nev- er becomes rancid or sour. Rats like it and continue to consume it till they die. Quickly destroys entire colonies.

Text Appearing Following Image:
Price: Lb. 89c, postpaid. FLIES and ANTS Superlative knockdown and quick kill with pyrethrins and activator. Superb for roaches, clothing moths, crickets, silver fish and bedbugs. Spray five seconds for 1000 cubic feet, or spray individual flies and watch them drop. Excellent for dairies, every a single treats about one hundred animals. Value: 12 oz. $1.60, postpaid. FLIES and MOSQUITOES Convenient and economical. Kills flies, ants, mosquitoes, fleas, roaches, bedbugs, and comparable pests. Spray 5 sec- onds per 1000 cubic feet of space, with doors and win- dows closed. Regular kind of formula, consists of DDT. Cost: 12 oz. $1.35, postpaid. 36 STECKLER SEED Organization, inc.. NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA

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As a new manager, you are almost certainly adding considerably to your personal tension level by confusing the two ideas of urgency and value. In his seminal book “The 7 Habits of Very Effective People,” Steven Covey gave us a four quadrant matrix, which is nonetheless extremely helpful these days. Let me take you by way of the 4 quadrants and speak about the differences.

Quadrant: important and urgent

Of course, I can not tell what falls into that quadrant for you, in your managerial position, but you can. Take a appear at the tasks on your every day to do list proper now, and ask yourself: is this critical and is it urgent? Urgent tasks tend to automatically add tension, and they also tend to take a high priority in your work day whether or not that is warranted or not.

Quadrant two: critical but not urgent

An item in this quadrant might be an critical report, for instance, that you need to create. But you don’t have to do it for the next two to 3 weeks, so it’s not urgent — however.

Quadrant three: urgent but not important

This is where all the unnecessary tension lies! Just simply because it really is urgent to somebody else doesn’t automatically make it crucial to you. This is exactly where we take on other people’s priorities, exactly where we attempt to catch the balls other individuals have dropped. Be very careful about how a lot of your work falls into this quadrant.

Quadrant four: not important and not urgent

Take a good appear at these. Sometimes somebody will develop and submit a report regularly for several years, and nobody stops to recognize it no longer has any relevance or importance! So you may possibly be nonetheless performing it, but it’s not essential and it really is not urgent. If you suspect that’s the case, discuss it with the person you are submitting it to and find out if there is a much better way of conveying the details.

The fact is that if it’s in this quadrant, if it is not crucial and it’s not urgent, you ought to stop performing it!

Some folks believe most of your efforts ought to go into the tasks in Quadrant 1, but I disagree with that. I like to see most of my activities fall into segment 2: important but not urgent. If that essential report is not due for an additional two or 3 weeks, I have time now to do it appropriately and to give it the effort that it demands with no going into a panic simply because it really is urgent. So if you concentrate your time and work right here, many issues will never get to Quadrant 1 because they will be completed prior to they grow to be urgent — and as a manager, that is the way you want it.

So look at your current to do list and place each and every item in 1 of these quadrants. Do this every single day and it will assist you to distinguish among the importance and the urgency of everything on your list. That in turn will aid you get the crucial items accomplished on time, and drastically minimize your stress level.

Helen Wilkie is a specialist keynote speaker, workshop leader and Official Guide for The Manager’s Journey . For a lot more on time management for managers, pay a visit to Helen’s Guidelines for New Managers weblog.

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