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9:31, 27 March 2018

Unicorns Are Getting Closer: Version 1.0. Of New Blockchain Online Game UnicornGo Is Launched

The UnicornGo team began to implement a very interesting and unusual project, which is a synergy of blockchain technology, online gaming and science.

UnicornGo is a blockchain based online game in which users will be able to buy, sell, exchange, upgrade, breed and even clone mythical unicorns. UnicornGo is based on Ethereum smart contracts but will be later transferred to the Universa platform for its higher transaction speeds and almost no transaction fees. The game features limited resources, the in-game currency CandyCoin, has a limited release of 12,000,000 tokens with no additional releases in the future.

Play, have fun and earn money

To enter the game, users need to purchase CandyCoin which can be used on the in-game marketplace to buy pet unicorns, plots of land, unicorn food, and other magical items. Unicorns have unique physical characteristics and abilities based on their gene combination. One of the most intriguing features of the game is that the gene-crossing mechanism has been developed in collaboration with real genetic scientists. Some rare hereditary traits can turn crypto unicorns from an ordinary one to Legendary or Epic unicorn, which makes such unicorns desirable and highly sought out for crossbreeding to receive valuable offspring.

Currently the first generation of fabulous crypto creatures, GEN-0 unicorns are available for purchase on the project’s website. GEN-0 unicorns are limited to 30,000 units, all the next generations of crypto unicorns will be descendants of the GEN-0 generation and successors of their genetic heritage. The probability of receiving legendary unicorn parts during the creation of a GEN-0 unicorn is 30 percent higher than in the subsequent generations. Moreover, the team has prepared a wonderful surprise for lucky community members. Those who, through the creation process, receive an ultimate Legendary unicorn, consisting of all legendary traits within a specific set, will be rewarded by the UnicornGo team with an amount of $10,000 in ETH!

In their work, the UnicornGo team uses the SCRUM method very successfully, which allows to achieve maximum efficiency and maximum satisfaction with the results of each member of the extensive and highly experienced team. Careful attention to work quality and complete sincere involvement of everyone in the team creates a voluminous and multifaceted colorful playing space giving the team an opportunity to achieve impressive results in a short time.

In only seven weeks, a genetic core, the gameplay model and conceptual design of the project were developed. The unicorn characters were visualized. The legal company Unicorn Go PTE Ltd. has been registered in Singapore with a release of the whole set of required legal documents. The official project’s website was launched with users’ personal account page an integrated multi-currency wallet, and developed, tested and audited smart contracts. UnicornGo game version 1.0 has been released on 10th March 2018, with GEN-0 unicorns made available for purchase with an opportunity to win $10,000. CandyCoin tokens are already listed on the ForkDelta token exchange, while other exchanges are currently being negotiated with.

Now the team is working on the game version 2.0. where new features such as land, titles and tournaments will be added, preparation for a mobile version of the game, testing and improvement of the augmented reality system developed in collaboration with Izitex, and is preparing to blow up the market by introducing the latest high-tech gadget that will allow gamers to control their pets with the power of mind! The neural interface technology has already been developed by Basis Neuro and a team of highly experienced designers, led by Tesla’s former designer, are working on the final look of the gadget.

To get more information, buy GEN-0 unicorns and get a chance to win a reward of $10,000 please visit:

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