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8:50, 14 December 2017

U.S. Military Tent Half Shelter

U.S. Military Tent Half Shelter

Military Surplus Sleep System And Canvas Pup Tent Evaluation

U.S. Military Tent Half ShelterPlease join me for a brief assessment of my “military surplus sleep technique and canvas pup tent”. This “military surplus sleeping bag”, “U.S. Army half shelter pup tent”, “iso mat”, and “ground sheet” can all be had for right about fifty bucks. This technique has proven to be an efficient and reasonably priced answer to an unexpected evening in the wilderness. In addition to getting extremely inexpensive I have identified “military surplus gear” to be very sturdy as properly. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Joe Young says:

    What is the actual footprint dimensions of the pup tent?

  2. Allen Isbell says:

    Would you recommend using one of these for recreational camping? How well do they do in the rain, and why can’t you touch it when it’s wet? Thanks!

  3. Dan Wang says:

    lol I’m part of a jeep group… and i can agree with what you say about winding up with a group. hahaha

  4. Ander H. says:

    Very nice. can you tell me where i can get one of them? I live in Germany

  5. Robert Barbour says:

    Like your setup.
    The new tents does not last as long and it cost more.
    I just ordered mine, cost right at $30.00 for the two halves, all the poles, all the pegs, and the ropes.
    adding to my bug out kit.
    even going low budget, it adds up.
    But well worth it.

  6. Hayden Hass says:

    how do you close the bottom off so bugs and snakes wont get in ?

  7. jethrob34 says:

    Nice, Dad retired from the Guards a few yrs back. Over 20 yrs in Army Navy and guards. When the millitary started updating equipment in the early 80s dad brought home a lot of surplus including Sea Rations which i lived off of for several months it seamed. Sadly very little survived a foolish kid…. Me. thanks for showing.

  8. blootoons says:

    id recommend using these for recreational camping if you dont mind getting a little closer to the elements. lots of people complain about the weight but it dosent bother me and iv lugged these things all around the maine woods. they dont come with a floor or a bug net though so if it rains be prepared to dig a small trench around the base. i know iv seen bug nets for them in my local surplus store. theyr kinda hot in the summer but nothing beats em in the winter. hope that helps

  9. GunsAreEssential1975 says:

    Lol. I’m sure it is buddy.

  10. TheXJthatCould says:

    thats why u buy an xj =P

  11. Graham Walker says:

    You can get a used one for like $30

  12. Freedom Bushcraft says:

    Looks and sounds like a nice system

  13. MasterK9Trainer says:

    I find military surplus here to be expensive unlike where I used to live, but as a former re-enactor, I love the stuff. Even the WW2 reproduction stuff is well made. Here in Orlando, there are only about 3 places and they carry newer gear, which is cool, but it’s not cheap.
    Liked your video and the concept behind it.

  14. NWOIS666 says:

    Great review; gotta find one.

  15. Bernese_mt_dog says:

    I have A tent pole like that

  16. Joe Young says:

    BTW, even new tents will leak after a certain amount of rain. Believe me, I have experienced it. With these tents a cheap camo tarp from Harbor Freight with do the trick, not only for a rain fly but they have the 5.5 x 7.5 ft. tarps for a ground ground cover. Thanks for the videos. Eatallthebirds is right, if you are getting into camping on a budget military surplus is the way to go. Plus, you cannot modify store bought tents much. 

  17. TheReluctantSurvivor says:

    JEEP!!!! Nice to see a fellow Jeeper. Thanks for the video.

  18. Samuel Bayse says:

    it’s always good to promote frugality (as you have done) and the barrel fire is pretty cool too!

  19. Nos Khaos says:

    How do you keep the snakes out of your bag at night?

  20. themightydozer says:

    a local surplus store had a canvas roll with a few aluminum/metal poles stuffed inside for 11 bucks. is that what this is?

  21. MrArizonaJONES says:

    Very nice.
    ~The Orange Jeep Dad

  22. superdave2112 says:

    How is that with the scorpions and rattlers, with no floor and all?

  23. wilk380 says:

    This is the same system like bundeswechr.

  24. paul biff says:

    My Granddad bought one of these pup tents back from Dieppe after WW2.He traded some stuff with a G.I…(It’s stamped US. 1941)… I used it in the garden as a child. And now use it on summer bush crafting expo’s… I love it!!! 

  25. HalfQ says:

    Nice setup bro, I like that alot. That system would work for me during summer fishing trips "summer, cough" Thats the summer we never have anymore lol.
    I have been after one of those large family canvas tents for ages, I just can’t afford one. I’ll keep looking. Take care bro and I hope you don’t have family in the storms path.
    cya bud.

  26. MrStuffdude says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing!

  27. roarilan says:

    That almost turned into one of those Dish commercials…"Don’t wake up in a roadside ditch" hahah

  28. Eatallthebirds says:


  29. John Strabismus says:

    I like it except for one thing: ants.

  30. Justin Case Solar Power says:

    old school military tents. What can i say I love them. yes there heavy. but they just don’t make them to last like that anymore. In a big storm i know what sort of tent i want to be in.

  31. Bill23799 says:

    Thanks for the video. I served in the US Army in 70’s and 80’s. We were never issued any ground cloth in our
    TA-50. We were issued inflatable air mattresses that oddly were in the shape of a coffin.

  32. Smokey Canopy outdoor says:

    Nice shelter for the uk, just one question do u live in a airfield? And were those b52s flying over lol

  33. ArmyStinger150 says:

    Surprisingly…the US Army "Sleep System" survived at least until I got out of the Army in 2001! I used that damn pup tent more than I care to remember (1987-2001). It was a great set up. Nicely done vid man.

  34. Rahul Sarpal says: , instant tent technique , 1 min tent technique

  35. oneeyedpatriot says:

    I miss those tents. Nice set up.

  36. Therocketman321 says:

    LOL I dont think my van is much better. Where Im at in PA the gas has been about 3.78… It takes me about $70ish to to fill.

  37. Tworescue01 says:

    @Allen Isbell the canvas can’t be touched when wet because it causes the moisture to soak through. Once this has begun, it will continue and eventually cause the entire canvas to become soaked. I can’t explain exactly why this happens, but believe me…It’s true!!

  38. Mario Sanchez says:

    How much does it way in total ? just in case you have to hump it.

  39. TheXJthatCould says:

    nice vid im going to get myself a pup tent

  40. BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose says:

    man does that bring back memories. i spent a lot of nights in my shelter half back in the 70,s. i would be afraid of the snakes and scorpians where you live. do they make a tent on stilts?

  41. Punisher6710 says:

    they were better than setting up a GPsmall with camonets but if you had to march you just used a poncho with liner

  42. Therocketman321 says:

    I want to be a jeep person…. Instead I have a mini van 🙁 LOL I will get a good wrangler one day. How often do you fill your tank? How much is gas in AZ?

  43. WELSH PREPPER says:

    great set up.

  44. cody tucker says:

    you rock dude

  45. M0D0C42 says:

    Nice set-up and great price. I need to get a good sleeping bag like that. 🙂

  46. 윤재훈 says:


  47. John Lord says:

    If you follow the wilderness, long hunter, or survival people, using linseed oil and iron oxide on cotton fabric, you can make an awesome rain cover tarp, or canvas foot print.

    With multiple treatments, you can make that near-perfect rain protection attribute.

  48. HalfQ says:

    Well you never know, if you still have a country next year we might take a plane lol.
    110F at night is hard for me to understand lol crazy heat.

  49. 尾上祐一郎 says:

    Nice tent!

  50. GunsAreEssential1975 says:

    Awesome set-up man. Didnt notice mentioned it or not, but how much does the tent weigh?

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