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8:15, 05 October 2018

Trump: I fixed NFL’s Super Bowl dilemma in ‘two minutes’

Trump: I fixed NFL’s Super Bowl issue in ‘two minutes’

WASHINGTON &#x2013 President Trump boasted at a rally Thursday about fixing a Super Bowl problem for the NFL in a matter of &#x201Ctwo minutes,&#x201D but lamented the football players will nonetheless despise him.

For the duration of the event in Minnesota, Trump said&#xA0his new trade pact&#xA0got Canada to change its policy on Super Bowl commercials that had been a &#x201Cbig, big dilemma&#x201D for the NFL.

&#x201CDuring the negotiation, I mentioned &#x2018you got to repair the NFL problem,&#x2019&#x201D Trump said of his trade talks with Canada. &#x201CIt took me two minutes and now the NFL is so content it&#x2019s all worked out.

&#x201CAnd now our country will be taking tens of millions of dollars much more money,&#x201D Trump continued. &#x201CA lot of it is going to go to the players and they&#x2019ll still hate me, can you believe that!?&#x201D

&ldquoAnd now our nation will be taking tens of millions of dollars more cash. A lot of it is going to go to the players and they&rsquoll nevertheless hate me, can you think that!?&rdquo

&mdash President Trump

Trump has extended tussled with football players&#xA0for kneeling during the national anthem. Despite his grievances, Trump mentioned he wanted to support the NFL simply because &#x201Cit&#x2019s an American business. It&#x2019s a wonderful American firm.&#x201D

Trump said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell referred to as to thank him for the new provision of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which will replace the NAFTA trade deal.

Trump mentioned he also got thanks from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. The president went on to praise Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and hailed Bill Belichick as &#x201Cthe greatest coach in football,&#x201D which didn&#x2019t produce applause from the Minnesota fans.

The new trade deal could imply a lot more funds for the NFL for its Super Bowl broadcasting rights in Canada. The agreement would lift a policy that forced Canadian tv to air American and not Canadian commercials during the Super Bowl.

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