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20:51, 07 June 2018

Troubles in San Francisco Push Some Voters to Believe Republican

Troubles in San Francisco Push Some Voters to Feel Republican

Troubles in San Francisco Push Some Voters to Think Republican

Richie Greenberg, center, a Republican candidate for mayor in San Francisco, in the course of an election night celebration. &ldquoThere is an awakening happening here amongst lifelong Democrats&rdquo frustrated by issues facing the city, Mr. Greenberg stated.CreditJim Wilson/The New York Occasions

By Nellie Bowles

SAN FRANCISCO &mdash In this deeply liberal California city, aggravation over crises about housing and homelessness is bringing some on the left a small further right.

At an upscale sushi restaurant, a handful of dozen members of the San Francisco Republican Party gathered on Tuesday night to watch the election results. Most did not want to speak about state or national politics, they wanted to keep it local.

The group largely supported the Republican candidate for governor, John H. Cox, whom President Trump had endorsed and who won a location on the ballot along with Gavin Newsom, a Democrat and a former San Francisco mayor. But amongst the longtime Republicans have been some newcomers, drawn to the appropriate over aggravation with the city&rsquos trifecta of really tangible crises: a huge homeless population, record housing costs and a high rate of house crime.

&ldquoWe&rsquore the most gorgeous city no 1 ever wants to come back to,&rdquo mentioned Anna Coles, 36, a true estate agent who has lived in the city for 12 years.

Mr. Trump&rsquos name rarely came up, even though the drink specials integrated Make S.F. Wonderful Once again (vodka, peach schnapps and orange juice).

Drugs on the street were a recurring subject amongst voters.

&ldquoWe talk about the opioid epidemic in flyover states, and we pretend what we&rsquore dealing with isn&rsquot that,&rdquo stated Magan Biggs, 28, an account executive at a title insurance firm. &ldquoAnd you can reside on the outskirts of the city and pretend it&rsquos not happening, but it is happening.&rdquo

Several in the group were involved in the actual estate sector. Some suggested that the nascent pro-development YIMBY movement (shorthand for Yes In My Backyard) could be a way for young, liberal voters to discover themselves leaning toward much more company-friendly policies and voting Republican.

&ldquoGo to the neighborhood association meetings, and it doesn&rsquot seem so liberal,&rdquo a real estate developer, John Dennis, stated. &ldquoThe YIMBYs, some of those folks may possibly be prepared to alter affiliation.&rdquo

These attempting to navigate the rental marketplace felt that the government had let them down by not creating a lot more in the city.

&ldquoDemocrats have been in charge of San Francisco, and every little thing keeps obtaining much more high-priced,&rdquo said Aidan O&rsquoSullivan, 27, who operates in marketing and identifies as a libertarian.

But there are handful of viable local Republican candidates, and it remains to be observed if interest in more conservative politics translates into alterations in how these in the city identify politically. The Republican candidate for mayor, Richie Greenberg, knew that he was a extended shot and that using the &ldquoR-word&rdquo was riskier than operating as an Independent.

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