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7:10, 27 January 2018

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Arctic survival kit: How Russian soldiers cope with cold in the Far North

Arctic survival kit: How Russian soldiers cope with cold in the Far North

Military service in Russia’s Far North territories, which extend far beyond the Arctic Circle, demands uniforms and special diets tailored for survival in extreme circumstances.

The soldiers and officers had been wearing unique uniforms developed for the Arctic. Their expedition backpacks contained sets of high-calorie meals, as properly as new life assistance gear made specially for working in intense situations.

As the Defense Ministry explained, the new Arctic uniforms worn by the troops assist them operate in low temperatures. The uniforms defend servicemen even if they fall through the ice into freezing water:

“The specific Arctic military uniform set consists of 13 products,” says Vadim Kozyulin, a professor of military sciences. “They are supposed to shield the servicemen from extended-term exposure to cold, fierce winds, rain and snow. The outfits are ergonomic. This assists troops put on a particular Arctic bulletproof vest that does not interfere with the use of their rifle.”

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  1. abdi yare says:

    Long live Russia

  2. V K says:

    Russian here. Its just another day, that’s it there’s no formula, we just survive and thrive in the cold and that’s it lol

  3. EJM _Demon says:

    When it comes to war in Cold and snow Russia takes #1, they proved it in WW2.

  4. Michael Montefusco says:

    If the U.S. wasn’t bought long ago, and it’s recent administrations, i.e Obama hadn’t intentionally weakened this Nation, by multiple means, the radical left, and rapid demilitarzation to pre WWII levels while China and Russia are increasing their military spending. We far out spend but they are outpacing us. What’s the problem? Power corrupts absolutely. Find Christ while you still have time…

  5. Artis Oulvek says:

    stop automatic voices !!

  6. Oza Ramadhan says:

    That’s why nazi lost the battle in russia

  7. Wayman Harris says:

    I don’t find advancements in fighting each other cool… smh

  8. Overlander engel says:

    For Mother Russia !

  9. Travis Storm says:

    In Soviet Russia, soldier don’t dress warm for winter, winter dresses up warm for solider

  10. гребаный блин says:

    The picture was literally showing german special forces hahahahh

  11. Steve Hogue says:

    3:40 WW II tactics again by the Ruskies. Oh, did you see the guys firing BEHIND those in front?

  12. Иосиф СТаллина says:

    Арктика – это Россия!

  13. Stag says:

    Please loose the cringey music that you play in all of your videos

  14. Jesse Pinkman says:

    Whoever comes to Russia with a sword, will perish with a sword!

  15. cromlek says:

    dont support roobot voices – your channel sucks

  16. c431inf 11b says:

    cold ops suck

  17. hinenik says:

    I hope the day war stops, won’t be the day we’ll be all dead

  18. SpeedStriker says:

    This is badass.

  19. Paolo Humar says:

    that’s vodka power! ??

  20. Don Smajlovic says:

    What a beautiful world we live in , we are constantly at each others throats , cant even trust one another not to attack the others countries , violate their borders or undermine their vital economic interests , throughout history of humanity its always someone or more then one trying to conquer and rule the whole world and mostly its attempted to achieve by force leaving hundreds of thousands people dead and entire cities and nations in shambles , ah the Lord our God must be so proud of His creation

  21. Mihayan1 says:

    мы терпим

  22. Kentirir says:

    This army wont scare anyone..

  23. Petrini Art says:

    Look this is kind of bullshit. the troops has a jacked from 1978 then the general comes with a red canadian goos jacket that should tell you everything you need to know about the artic whatever made up bullshit the they wana make up. Russian military capabilitys is about the same as the inture france. not even couting what the uk or america could do. I dont get the point of proviking the west. when we can be friends. we are all christians right.

  24. J. Money says:

    Effective air combat/support limits the mission of ground troops, now matter how well trained its just a matter of time before they pull back. Humans aren’t really designed to fight in extreme weather and even animals know to take cover and wait. Sandwiches in their rations are comfort foods, not exactly what Special Operators need to consume which is in itself a limited diet and again time spent in cold weather is a major factor. The superpower nations are similar, we all rely on supreme naval and air forces to do score our little victories.

  25. Basavaraju Adina says:

    nice exercise in cool areas

  26. labobo says:

    WHAT! No vodka?! I refuse to believe these are Russians.

  27. Shrek Towel says:

    Their uniform is so dope!

  28. TheGamingCanadian TGC says:

    canada owns the arctic

  29. jason frost says:

    The enemy has a good camoflages.

  30. CASPAR THOMAS2017 says:

    Take me now Russia

  31. Keiser Sior says:

    There are massive oil and gas reserves in the Artic.Artic council is the Artic 5 nations that have claim there.Funny part is that China claims to and if u see chinese tv China calls itself a Artic Nation.Lol haha.After what they did in south China sea…Nobody will alow China to claim any land there and it has no historical claim on it whatsoever

  32. Qin ShiHuang 秦始皇 says:

    Anyone knows the song name?

    Found it: only believe by spiritual plague

  33. Lucian Feros says:

    Всем известно, что секрет выживания русского солдата в антарктике это бутыль водки за пазухой )

  34. TinnedTommy says:

    Who the hell is Russia going to war with in a place colder than Russia? The Neptunians?

  35. Holy land says:

    what I want to know is where all these internet experts gt their information on russian military tactics and training and just general information that somehow proves that russia is incapable of warfare

  36. ДМИТРИЙ Долгорукий says:

    Is my house!I Russian!

  37. Trevor Anderson says:

    Simple. Vodka, and singing. Lots and lots of both.

  38. GodlessMartyr666 says:

    This confirms my fears that if WW3 occurs the Russians will likely attack Canada to gain a foothold in North America… The Americans cannot protect their own coasts while simultaneously sending troops north to protect Canadians, and Canada’s army is very weak compared to Russia. Even with a home advantage I think if Canada does not stop the Russian invasion quickly enough, the Russians will build forward operating bases and spread across a wide plane…

    The war will not be nuclear. It will be conventional and quite horrible. Attrition rates could easily top WW1 and WW2 combined due to the sheer number of people on earth, the speed at which we can now travel and the technology in modern weaponry. It will not end quickly. But it will not be the end of the world. It will be the ‘final’ war before mankind sees another evolutionary period that will likely see us colonize mars.

  39. Kortak says:

    blablabla..the arctic..who cares about the arctic…nothing there

  40. jed-henry Witkowski says:

    Russia: Hey, anybody wan’t to play in the snow?! France, you down? Germany? Come on, you know you loved it the first time!

  41. 0FUX_ says:

    stupid gay american boy band music

  42. Miodrag Radivojevic says:

    Long live mather Russia and Serbia!!
    Forever brother’s!!!
    Grittings for all Russians from Serbia!!!
    Serbia & Russia forever !!!!
    Viva Putin and Russia!!!

  43. ayush kumar says:

    that’s the same thing what Indian army do in siachene glacier for many years to protect the country from neighbouring countries threat.

  44. Canadian Arctic Radio says:

    Awesome video!!

  45. MOHAMMED RASHEED 01 says:

    love u Russia ur best friend in defense a lot of love from india

  46. World Citizen says:

    What’s the point of all this shit when you have nuclear weapons.

  47. Sergey Smirnov says:


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