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13:48, 10 July 2018

The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921

The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921

Emory Associate Professor of African American Studies, Carol Anderson, discusses some of the lesser know situations of racial prejudice in a series of videos entitled – “THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE QUEST FOR CIVIL RIGHTS”.


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  1. Hive Atlas says:

    Wow, I’m crying right now.

  2. Mark Howard says:

    Trans American slave trade blacks owned black slaves still sell them today a big business and bell professor black never had to study to get his place , black privileged , they forced blacks on whites in segregation too NAACP , government pushed em on us poor whites

  3. Ron K says:

    To have such hate and insecurity and do such a act of Terrorism is unspeakable and Pathetic.

  4. Captain Fishgill says:

    I can understand the anger today, it is still the same people today responsible for civil atrocity’s against all common man not just coloured people .

  5. Rusty McShackleford says:

    I love how 9/10 black people are professional victims and cows like this just help their cause

  6. CreatorOwned says:

    She forgot to say that most white people are born sociopaths and psychopaths. Tell me that the Black Community don’t deserve repaparations from this terrorist act from white terrorists. Yet, the so-called good white people I keep hearing about, don’t want to right this wrong and slavery with reparations, like they did with the Jewish and Japanese people.

  7. All4Him says:

    Wow, I never heard / learned anything about this. It needs to be brought out into the light for a lesson to all. If you forget history, you repeat it. What a sad thing to do to good people. Yes, Im a white boy but not a racist. Its wrong to paint cultures with such a broad brush, there are good & bad in all races, but just some ignorant individuals that cant see past color…

  8. Misty Adana Browning says:

    The problem of race hatred from our sick white brothers and sisters is the fear of the loss of power or the loss of power they never had.

  9. Rick James says:

    One lie did all that. The tongue is a powerful thing

  10. ann prince says:

    This lady is not showing the horror of community being ripped because of some slight,this was over kill in any circumstances,it was the KKK which raged through Tulsa. Just viewed a vid from the 1980,most of of the individuals being interviewed had been children or somewhat older, they saw their houses and businesses going up in flames one male interviewee described how he and his siblings were told to go under the bed by their mother, he mentioned the intruders feet so near to him,he was about to sneeze when his sister put her hand on his mouth to stop him, he added a comment that if she had done that ,would he be there to speak! Those men in the community who had been in 1st world war ,wore their uniforms thinking they would be safe,they were shot down. This was the worst Riot, in the aftermath of the demobilisation of veterans from first world war both Black and white This is what hatred,Greed,and resentment causes . The houses were ransacked by. Looters who took what they thought was their right,furniture,jewellery china and othe household items. Eventually the National Guard was brought in ,guess who got the brunt of it the African-American community… This might be psychological that is rife in African-American areas ,today why bother ,you will only be beaten again! Might bel wrong but is a possibility! It is a complicated but an reconciliation should be tried hopefully.

  11. j j says:

    Black beasts are the only Groups that ,Riot,Mob Attack,Gang rape,Accuse,Silence the whole white community,Including corupting Gods. And Beast were created on day 5.gen1,25, Adam was created on the 8th day.

  12. MultiDiceman says:

    This is apart of history they should really implement this in curriculum without altering it like they like to do with everything else to favor their own agenda.

  13. Caramel Pup says:

    Thank you for this video, the power in government have definitely suppressed this event (undoubtedly it should be a massacre), I have never heard of this event till recently after 25 years living here and going to the public schools here.

  14. Queen says:

    It was not a race riot, it was a massacre! See the authorized documentary as told by the survivors of, "Black Wall Street Massacre – The 1921 Burning of Oklahoma’s Black Wall Street-YouTube."

  15. Chico Mendez says:

    I always say….no difference between Nazi Germany & US both have murdered lots of inocent people !!

  16. chris b says:

    I have heard about this for the first time today. Does anyone know what happened to the guy that was accused of rape? I heard one story of how the elevator was not level with the floor when it stopped and he tripped entering the elevator and fell against the woman elevator operator. I have also heard they knew each other and possibly lovers. This story just blows my mind. I sometimes hear people on blogs and such calling for or warning about a coming race riot/war. Well people, this is what one looks like and it doesn’t look pretty. 35 blocks leveled and I don’t even know what the outcome was of the rape accusation.

  17. doz reynolds says:

    So sad, I have never heard of this. This was an act of genocide. One love, peace to all.

  18. UnleashTheBlob says:


  19. Abeer Ebrahem says:

    And the Americans thinks the enemy is Islam and Muslims! Maybe your government is the problem and 911was an inside job. Grentfell Tower in London burned for a whole day and did not collapse while two of the World Trade Center buildings collapsed and building 7 that was not hit same day! The American government is creating an false enemy that dose not exists to put peoples mind into coma! Read history people know who your true enemy is the Black people have never had a decent chance to live a good life in the US. That is why they killed Martin Luther King and Malcom X anyone who’s got the people and is with the people who’s black will be taking down by the government. It’s a different kind of slavery a mind slavery people of colour are in today. White men owns everything even the Rap music industry for every dollar a Raper is making a white Jewish man is making millions that is why you see so many broke multiple music hit singer rappers ect.

  20. Jon Farr says:

    How can we ever know exactly what happened in the elevator? One person says one thing, and the other says the opposite? All races are capable of telling lies. Honest question.

  21. jjthesavage says:

    Wow, I didn’t know about this, how awful.

  22. Bruce Parkes says:

    Started by the "fake news"….beware the media anytime anywhere.

  23. Rick Uyeda says:

    Those planes were used to spray crops. What was dropped was homemade napalm. Strafing makes it sound like the military.

  24. Steven Gruber says:

    The blacks are always the innocent victims aren’t they. How does she know the white woman wasn’t raped?

  25. Flipp Wilkerson says:

    Well I’m Irish and I’ve been prosecuted and f****** my my fat people have been beating and f****** kill two so was that mean it happens to every f****** race

  26. Latasha Ceasar says:

    This is so sad. I hope they make a movie about this.

  27. Misty Adana Browning says:

    Dammed if you build your community, dammed if you don’t. The bottom line is more than on the surface.

  28. Lt. Strange says:


  29. Wade Borth says:

    The question is how did the community get to be so profitable and so affluent? They understood money and that if money flows you create wealth. They understood privatized banking and to not let money flow out of you system or community

  30. Terrence Smith says:


  31. scenery77 says:

    This wasn’t a race riot. This was a terrorist attack. Saying it was a race riot makes it seem like both races were involved in physical combat or destruction. This was about 100’s of Whites attacking Blacks early in the mornning while they slept. This is about a jealousy and an unexplanable hatred for American Black Hebrews bc of their skin color. A choice God made…
    A Black man got on an elevator and the White woman got scared and screamed. Whites claimed
    he said something inappropriate and he was arrested. Nothing was said at all to the elevator operator.
    These crazy, mad Whites droppped dynamite fom thier airplanes bombing and destroying 35 blocks of their homes. Shooting Blacks on their way to work, sleeping in their beds. Looting and burning the hiuse the bombs missed.
    This was a prominent Black community in Tulsa Okl. They had their own hospital, fire department, grocery store, theater, clinic, etc. They had lawyers, nurses, firemen…they were independant.. separate from
    from the White man.. Isn’t this what he claims he wants? Then why does he destroy our efforts each time we do? Remember Rosewood? It just keeps happening and no punishment is doled out to the White man. Blacks are compensated. need to realize justice from the White man for the Black man will never be..but we are rich.

  32. Trevino Williams says:

    I want to take a class

  33. Kevin Clements says:

    These are times where you wish there was a time machine which could send back an Abrams tank and plenty of ammo. (To stop the mob)

  34. Texas Yankee says:

    Spark was black WW II vets shooting ten white people setting up a riot.

  35. Tulsa 1921 says:

    They’ll Always Deflect Because That’s What They’ve Been Taught To Do. "Act Like It Doesn’t Exist & It’s All Conspiracy Theories." We’re Still Enslaved The Plantation Just Expanded. Do Your Research & Think. It’s Not Illegal Yet.

  36. Ronnylova Becton says:

    cutting people heads off and hands and you crakas really know riots……

  37. Bazzaen says:

    They should try this on the Muslim rape gangs of Rotherham

  38. Web Rookie says:

    This is ridiculous. How dare an American college spew such inaccurate, inadequate, racially biased and false information. They should be ashamed. Proof that schools are designed to tell people what to think not how to think.
    A) he wasn’t a messenger. He was an adult male high school drop out shoeshine boy. B) the honor of all women was protected at the time. Not just white women and lets not forget she was a minor. Nothing would have changed if it were a black girl and an adult white male ran from an elevator with leaving her behind screaming. Even today if you see an elevator open which an adult male came running out of with a girl in there screaming any decent human being would investigate. C) a group of armed black men raided the police station and killed 12 citizens who gathered outside to see what was going on. They killed Blacks and whites btw. It was then the whites got together and dished out some vigilante justice. Then more blacks fought against whites. Before you know it the guard removed as many women and children and innocent men nite involved in the fighting. Took them to a park then dropped bombs and burned it all down. It was horrible and awful and many died of all colors. To make matters worse insurance companies wouldn’t pay out because the way they saw it they initiated, instigated it and caused their own destruction. Thats the pathetic part. The pathetic part is that citizens are now forced to give these mobsters money and they can still refuse to payout. So much for American freedom eh. But let’s not forget what started all this. An adult male grabbed a teenage girl. No matter his color or intention in the Edwardian period this was an absolute no no. Even if he tripped, at that time a man, to braced himself at the expense of a woman, much less a child, was as much of a worthless pig as a rapist today. She adamantly denied that he raped her. She did however say he grabbed her arm forcibly even though she didn’t didn’t know his intent, she began to scream. He claimed He tripped. She said she didn’t notice him trip. He was arrested and held at the police station. To await trail. The same police station a group of armed black men rushed into and began shooting people. 12 men died as a direct result of their actions. Not the action of whites, blacks, Indians, Mexicans, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese or any other ethnic group. Their actions. This grip of men caused the death of many. Plain and simple. Later they claimed whites conspired against them. I guess whites used emence brain power to take mind control over those impressionable not to bright black males. I mean they’d have to be stupid otherwise their brains would have been able to fight off the mid control conspirators. They must have used that mind control to force them to take up arms, invade a police station and shoot ppl. All against their will. That’s what started it all. It wasn’t referred to as racial until 1996. Well after most of all those involved had died. Those that were still living refused to take part in the 96 committee. Therefore it must be repressed racism and not the misguided acts of a few men. Let’s face it, if it was racial it was the blacks that had the issue. For they were the ones who raided the police station armed and killed ppl. Had they had not done that none of this would have happened.

  39. Fatty McGee says:

    A white man had been lynched just before all this had happened the fucking sheriff knew this was coming and he should’ve called for local and national help with the situation. Of course the black people showing up with guns to protect against a lynching didn’t help they had to have known that was the worst of ideas. You have a segregated city with whites out numbering blacks, it’s a recipe for disaster, this doesn’t sound like America but South Africa. It’s so shameful and I understand why I had never heard of this story til a couple days ago.

  40. Veronique Louissaint says:

    I really want to share this video on my Facebook page. Would it be a problem to post the video and give credit to Emory University?

  41. dieselphiend says:

    Pretty hard to believe that black Americans had more economic opportunities in 1921.

  42. Nicholas S says:

    My grandmother and great grandmother owned, now Turley, at now 56th St North and HWY 75 in Tulsa, where the dump is. My mother never knew of the Tulsa Race Riot until she was an adult. Whem my mother learned of it, everything she overheard her mom and grandmother made sense.

    The Tulsa Race Riot is still not known stateside in Oklahoma. And it should be.

  43. Jerk Off says:

    I see a lot of "white" people speaking about hate and saying forget the pass.

    I say, STOP bombing the Middle East and forget about 911, Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City Bombing, etc. Forgive the "Muslim Anti-Christ" that supposedly crashed into the twin towers.

    Lastly, why should "whites" be judged individually when they have been judging people as a whole for centuries and still are?

  44. Ronnylova Becton says:

    these crakas will have their day

  45. steven ramos says:

    Not race riot, not even terror, but racial cleansing, an attempted genocide.

  46. Christopher Steele says:

    Professor Carol Anderson gives a wonderfully impassioned talk here. Thank you for uploading.

  47. Christy Cheung says:

    White people are so fucking disgusting

  48. Spanishpac says:

    This is a reminder of the worse massed murder in American History-An estimated 300 people were killed in the riot. Tulsa Historical Society. About 40 blocks were destroyed, including 1,256 homes, many of which had been looted before they were set alight.

  49. Ronnylova Becton says:


  50. Leon Gardner says:

    professor Carol Anderson, thank you…when we don’t know our history, ppl will us anything, especially to make themselves look good…no wonder we can be shot down today like many yesterday ago.

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