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8:09, 19 December 2017

The November Nocturne Ancient Bronze Hand Braided Classic Black Leather Army Green Wax Rope Wrap Bracelet

The November Nocturne Ancient Bronze Hand Braided Classic Black Leather Army Green Wax Rope Wrap Bracelet

Item Description
Bracelet is a type of accessories in the history of human improvement, various situations in diverse periods has various meanings for various men and women.There are all kinds of material on the market of bracelets, has grow to be a sort of trendy element.

Value: $8.99

  • Lover style unisex wrap bracelet
  • Diameter is 6cm(two.36″),long is about 18(7.09″)-22cm(8.66″),weight is 11g.
  • Appropriate put on to each occasion
  • Appropriate as a gift,for lovers,friends,loved ones
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 5-15 Organization days

550 paracord outdoor survival bracelet with whistle, compass, and fire starter by Sahara Sailor

Get it here…

1. The bracelet could be disassembled as rope for creating traps, developing tents, and in a lot other emergent circumstances
two. The scraper operates as a fire starter, but could utilized as a knife as properly
3. The add-on compass function offers effortless security for navigation even though travelling
4. The built-in whistle is clear and loud to be heard from miles away

Обсуждение: 34 коммент.
  1. jared wong says:

    These bracelets come in handy. I’ve pulled a friends truck out of a rut with one of those. Also I have some for sale on eBay

  2. Patrik Martini Dalene says:

    the striker is magnetic so it can affect your compass. if you want your compass to do right, you should then take off the bracelet so the magnetic striker dosent affect it

  3. Mommy & Me says:

    I’m getting a pack of 7 for $16 everyone getting on for Christmas lol

  4. TechnStylenMore says:

    cool stuff

  5. TMichaelMartin says:

    Go into any U.S. Army recruiting center and they have these for FREE in black or O.D. (while supplies last).

  6. Dylan Morgan says:

    how much of the coating do u need to scrape through on the fire starter to get a good spark every time ?

  7. 陈健邦 says:

    you also can buy bracelt + multi knife at here

  8. Jaylan Sims says:

    U can get it on eBay for $1.28

  9. DJbanana 55 says:

    I found the same one on e bay for 1.60$

  10. roni bober says:

    Not to hate on your video or anything like that actually it was a very good video to show what I was buying but I just bought the exact same bracelet and mine was 2.64 and I bought it on alien press very amazing site to buy expensive stuff for free

  11. Extracted says:

    I got one for 1$ on wish

  12. SoManyUsernames says:

    I found one that is 5.89 I think

  13. Wolf Reviewing says:

    How long does the Flint or whatever e stuff is on the rod last could it be used a lot for striking or only few times ? I’m going camping and plan to use this as fun and light fires with it but how many time it lasts ?

  14. Louis Gonzalez says:

    love ur review. was so honest and genuine!

  15. Nick monkey says:

    I got mine for 1 dollar

  16. Chef Panhead says:

    I’m looking for the same exact bracelet but I can’t find it anywhere. Help!

  17. roni bober says:


  18. Patrik Martini Dalene says:

    and how i know it? i have one and ive tested it

  19. Benjamin Murphy says:

    keep on surviving

  20. vladimyr Michel says:

    would it be ok if i put this video on my website? i sell this item

  21. CJ7 says:

    Bro 7 bucks i bought it for £1.7…

  22. Clorox Bleach says:

    i just got it yesterday for 1.62 dollars in gear best

  23. Paulo xavier Gamer05 says:

    I bought for $ 1.00 at the site called wish

  24. Fฺํran Studios says:

    Can that metal rust??

  25. Moses Park says:

    can you wear that bracelet and ride the airplane

  26. Dung Doan says:

    Burn Baby!!!! Burn!!!!!

  27. TVOLGs says:

    I got my one of EBay for 1 to 2$ plus free shipping

  28. roni bober says:

    Not for free but for cheap man I did not go over what I wrote I am sorry people

  29. kael starwynd says:

    I mean it’s cool and all but I really wish people would stop buying these. Not only is it cheaper to make your own (literally like the same amount of money you spend on one of these, you can spend on all the supplies and make at least three (with tons of paracord left over) but it also gives you the knowledge in the different bracelet combinations and such.

  30. Luis Diego García says:

    Thank you men, greetings from Costa Rica

  31. mauriceandchill says:

    How to tighten it

  32. furnacefire says:

    I have these bracelets and have tested the fire starter a few ways ; fat wood scrapings , cotton ball ( covered in vaseline ) and quick tinder. It performed perfectly every time. The key is how you prepare the material that you want to catch fire 😉

  33. Adventures with Frodo says:

    the thing I find funny is people almost never really see what it takes apart a paracord braclet.

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