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15:40, 21 November 2017

The most important yoga | OHMME | Simon Borg-Olivier

The most important yoga | OHMME | Simon Borg-Olivier

The most important yoga | OHMME | Simon Borg-OlivierCheck OHMME yoga clothing for men here: http://ohmme.com/

More infos about Simon here: http://www.simonborgolivier.com and http://www.yogasynergy.com

Filmed and edited by Alessandro Sigismondi

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About Me:
After 16 years working in the advertising market, I needed a break. Being a dedicated yoga practitioner, everything happened naturally, following the natural flow of my life and my trips around the world along with my family. That’s how I started to offer my expertise and skills in communication, videography and photography first to the yoga community, then to all the inspiring people and brands out there.

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Обсуждение: 49 коммент.
  1. Mitra Hoop says:

    love this one with Simon! aho! thank you for sharing all this beautiful video Alessandro.

  2. Turtlefoot69 says:


  3. Annalisa Kite says:

    I love how you flow.

  4. Moonspell80 says:

    So serene… So strong… Straight to my heart! Thank you so much Simon – you are such an inspiration…. Living sage <3

  5. Julian Till says:

    An amazing video! Wonderful words! An inspiration! <3 The right way of living!
    where did you learn it? On you´r own? With a teacher?
    In Germany it is so expensive that you need a lot of money to learn it correctly…. :/

  6. Cathryn Thordarson says:

    As I stroll thru your beautiful videos I’m fully experiencing a truly lovely gift that your have blessed us with…these elegant glimpses of inspirational yoga practices …thank you ??

  7. Rona JP says:

    Very Great !
    We can´t only look !! but a referencial for life. To reach this connection there was a path of detachment and synchronism with nature.

  8. Michele Dillon says:

    can you hint at where I may find the track.. ?
    ?would be fantastically appreciated

  9. Ann Mader-Flowers says:

    Always Inspiring … grateful to have experienced your teaching, love Ann

  10. Salud Entera says:

    Gracias por compartir (y) maravilloso

  11. João Almeida says:

    The better video about yoga i ever whatched!! Great

  12. tokeby aim says:

    Beautiful, thank you Simon. Can you share please, how you breath second by second ? Im so curious 🙂

  13. AdschaRa says:

    sooooo nice 🙂

  14. diana suri diana suri 007 says:

    very ….very…????

  15. Angeline Mels says:

    i want to learn yoga more with simon borg… he’s jenius, i think

  16. gimmecookiez says:

    Severely underappreciated video

  17. Jane Bennett says:

    Thanks Simon for encapsulating your perceptions of the sutras in such rich language we can live with in the modern world. So lovely to see your journey and I love and resonate with your three principles. Bring joy!

  18. MOJO Physio & Yoga says:

    I agree. Beautifully said Simon. Thank you 🙂

  19. Socio yoga says:

    very awesome video by a great teacher

  20. Jamie Young says:

    Simon your video is profoundly inspiring. I would like to learn more from you!

  21. Haha! My cookie. says:

    His program looks so graceful and meditative ahhhh ❤❤❤ I’ve just started putting my own program together recently, still working out some kinks. It’s a bit jerky haha, sometimes I have to stop and try to remember the next movement, but I’m getting there! Hopefully it will have the same sort of vibe as this guy’s when I’m done.

  22. William Lane says:

    Thank you

  23. Mariana C says:

    Wise words!

  24. Fool Friend says:

    لعن ربي

  25. Beth Rini Scott says:

    indescribably beautiful!!!

  26. smileynorie says:

    beautiful….! made me cry…

  27. Duffy Sullivan says:

    Now there is someone who understands asana. You can see the internal movement of apana and prana coursing through the body, even in a video. If someone asks, what is yoga? link them to this video. He does and understands, while I am merely aspiring.

  28. javier lasarte says:

    Hi Simon i follow you since a waile, i Wonder if you can recomend some yoga teacher(s) or Academy in Madrid. Thanks & blessings

  29. Miss Anthrope says:

    Is he vegan?

  30. OceanBushWarrior 2101 says:

    This was incredibly moving. Your message brought tears to my eyes. I am so grateful having had this experience. You would not understand the impact this message has had on not only myself, but I’m sure many other individuals who have viewed this.
    I would like to follow further into how yoga came into your life and how did the changes impact you at the start of your journey.
    Thank you again.

  31. R Kavasseri says:


  32. Simon Mancini says:

    well spoken , i love it 🙂

  33. Deepa Singhal says:

    Fantastic definition of yoga, yoga is to take care of yourself than you can take care of others, give little time in a day to connect with your own self. thanks and namaste. Myself Deepa Singhal from India.

  34. Aakaanksh Pothukutchi says:

    Brilliant message and the shots and editing are absolutely spectacular as well.

    You have an amazing voice and I’m ecstatic to see yoga being propagated in this manner. I’ve spent the past three weeks on an ashram doing a TTC, so it’s brilliant to see the Yamas and Niyamas put forth in a manner such as this.

  35. Eglė A. Makaveckaitė says:


  36. Michele Dillon says:

    inspirational art and music choice…very beautiful. i love to collect movement art..thankyou Alessandro..what is this music? beautiful day to you

  37. Pereira P says:

    I have started practicing yoga about 1 year and this video inspired me to practice more and more.
    all of my pratices are at home and this was brilliant!

  38. Marco Viegas says:

    which song is it?

  39. franck aymon says:

    j’aime beaucoup ton yoga Simon, quelle magnifique harmonie, quel rythme…….

  40. Meditation Easy App says:

    There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle

  41. Йога-Синергия Вадим Левашов says:

    Simon Borg-Olivier – мой учитель и наставник

  42. قصة ومعلومة says:


  43. YouYou Ruan says:

    so poignant.

  44. Tarek Karam says:

    Simon – we did it! 5 months later and happy to call you Teacher. Thanks for a truly fantastic learning experience in Goa with Bianca. I see it as a 1 month investment in my mental, physical, physiological and spiritual well being. Time to build my own practice with a strong foundation in Yoga Synergy! For the record, my belly is getting more and more relaxed by the day. Look forward to baby belly comparisons next time we meet (and also to see what other new tricks you’ve picked up i.e., evolution :p). Please send my love to Bianca, Eva & the Family back home.. your little brother. T

  45. Guillaume Michigan says:


  46. Renato Stefani says:

    fluid, surrendering, astonishing message! thank you for that!

  47. Laura Gonçalves says:

    I have been suffering from depression for 9 years now but this year I realized that I could never better the way I felt about life, myself and others without a connection to my inner self. I discovered yoga and I started my journey to reconnect with myself. I think it’s saving my life. You are a beautiful soul and you did here changes my perspective every single day… thank you from the bottom of my heart dearest Simon

  48. frank röbling says:

    Dear Simon, thank you for this wonderful experience at vishnus vibes!!! It was so inspiring and encouraging! Thank you for this very, very special experience. Love and light, Frank 🙂

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