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14:13, 19 December 2017

The military style medical id bracelet jewelry for guys and females(BLACK)(8.five)

The military style medical id bracelet jewelry for males and females(BLACK)(8.5)

Solution Description
This military style men’s healthcare id bracelet created with solid stainless steel, all the brushed surface to make bracelets a lot more resistant to scratches, A strong and dependable structure tends to make it an all-climate healthcare id bracelet, usually accompanied by your wrist

Cost: $29.99

  • Brushed Stainless steel no scratch,Not straightforward to scratch, bracelet lengthy as the very same as the new,Wear comfy, better than every little thing
  • 12mm width is Suitable for males, challenging wild design also reinforce male style!
  • Free custom Black laser engraving three lines Health-related situation, effortless to readï¼
  • Double check your engraving information Just before you press “buy”, spend consideration to spelling correctly, once submitted, will not be in a position to adjust.
  • Cost-free Healthcare alert wallet card Can let you record far more health-related circumstances

How to Make a Mad Max Snake Knot Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

Mad Max Snake Knot Paracord Bracelet Tutorial
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Hey Weavers! We’re revisiting the Snake Knot as soon as once again, but this time we’re doing it in the Mad Max Fury Road style! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Diamond Knot Tutorial: //

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Mad Max Snake Knot Paracord Bracelet Tutorial
Mad Max Snake Knot Paracord Bracelet Tutorial
Mad Max Snake Knot Paracord Bracelet Tutorial

Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. jaypee nickdan says:

    just want to know what kind of cord need in this.??? is this cord same as the shoe laces????

  2. Alejandro Madjus says:

    Whats the color of the paracord you use?

  3. JAYA PASGIM says:

    Thank for this video, its so easy and very nice

  4. Jucarofe ROP FER says:

    Sencilla pero bonita pulsera, me gusta el cierre especialmente.

  5. Carlos Mazzanti says:

    que material es ese cordon

  6. Aye_lmao says:

    What does this have to do with mad max?

  7. Dimas Ismoyo says:

    Why i couldnt make it straight like yours?

  8. Paul Hobby says:

    I want to get into making paracord items. Arrived here first. Subbed. 🙂

  9. Ledward Oviedo says:

    Español plisss

  10. Mary Tabler says:

    So sharp!

  11. Alfredo Martinez says:

    chingon jejejej

  12. andres rivera arango says:

    que cuerda se usa

  13. Stoic Josh says:

    Lol this could be a nice thing to do as a past time, perfect as dog collars also.

  14. Soledad Quitrak says:

    En spanich plis

  15. REVILLON Andre says:

    heu, where’s french explications ? No, not here ! M’enfin !

  16. N1go MsG says:

    con pequeños penes armas una pulsera

  17. ArkaneOmega says:

    cant you just use some spare cord and leave them in as ‘spacers’ at the first loop. i thinink if you mention this, people will have an easier time at the beginning.

  18. sadre alam says:


  19. mcsimeon thefin says:

    the diamond knot is so fucking hard even slowed down to 25%

  20. Ngao Tran says:

    you say so much

  21. kelvin tovar says:

    Where can I buy it??

  22. Carlton Olson says:

    This same technique (the Mad Max closure) should work with a Snake Knot Viceroy, maybe? I mean, they kind of start the same, if you follow JD’s tutorial. Input, oh Tim the Master Weaver of Eternity? (You can put that on your business card!)

  23. hossein bakhtiar says:


  24. Miha Brilj says:

    Where do you get a rope?

  25. madrascoolie says:

    i like this bracelet

  26. Apollo Barboza says:

    sou eh brasileiro

  27. Madamnesia says:

    proverò a farlo

  28. jovanni figueroa says:

    I learn something new and I oh it all to you thank you very much for the tutorial

  29. binh ha says:

    rồi vậy

  30. Martha Mezence says:


  31. Hunter Thompson says:

    What can I do to get the cord through if I dont have a needle to use

  32. DroidBoyM10 _ says:

    can you also do this with a monkey’s fist

  33. Charles lopes says:


  34. JosepH LevInskI says:

    Really nice manicure!

  35. MikeOlPL says:

    Best snake knot tutorial video thanks!!!

  36. Juan Marcos Vera Lara says:

    estarían mas chidos tus vídesos si los subtituladas

  37. adeshwar singh says:


  38. Frank Drawsnear says:

    But is it practical? How much time does it take to undo the knots?

  39. Aniyah Tucker says:

    Lol this is my first time making one and I couldn’t even do a snake knot ????‍♀️ I’ll be back after I learn

  40. myriam restrepo says:

    Muy agradecida , hermosa pulsera Gracias

  41. Copperstar Metalclan says:

    Thank you!!

  42. luis alberto paiva tume says:

    Muy buenos vídeos…

  43. Aaron Pons Mercadal says:

    You can not explain what the world is slow I do not follow you

  44. Rawdilz says:

    Love the video. But that lissssssssssp


    Where can I buy an equal needle. What’s your name?

  46. Romeo M says:

    i saw it ones and made it in 15mins like it

  47. Muhammad Haris says:


  48. No Name Gaming says:

    Slow the duck down

  49. Dylan Mays says:

    You should make a video on how to make a extendable and retractable monkey fist

  50. David Enochs says:

    I wanna say thank you for this. I’ve already completed my first one by your design and it should come in very handy for my bushcraft hobby. Keep up the wonderful videos

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