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The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World

“You and Your Aquarium” is a book that is written by author Dick Mills. This interesting book covers various aspects of both saltwater and freshwater fish keeping and also elaborates about how to set up your first tank. A species guide to freshwater and saltwater fish is provided in this book and the species guide covers some of the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby. This book also elaborates on basics of filtration, heating, types of tanks and feeding. 

“The Aquarium Handbook” is a book that is written by author David Goodwin. This helpful book is one of the best books for freshwater fish and has an elaborated guide on which species of fish to keep in your freshwater aquarium. The species guide has clear pictures of various species of fish and the species guide also elaborates on the feeding habits of the fish. Basics of aquatic plants information is also covered in this book. The information included about aquatic plants includes names of plants are their requirement. This book also provides information about general guidelines of fish keeping.  

“Corals of The World” volume one, two and three are indeed the best books for new aquarium owners since these three books have detailed information about corals from all over the world. These books are highly recommended as they cover topics such as technical and non technical information about various corals, pictures of the corals and history about corals.  

Practical Fish Keeping magazine also known as PFK is a series of magazines that are published periodically and are of immense value to new aquarium owners. This magazine covers incidents of what happens around the world in the fish keeping hobby and also provide answers on some of the most common questions asked by new aquarium keepers.  

Tropical Fish Hobbyist is another magazine that is very popular with fish keepers. This magazine provides valuable information on all aspects of fish keeping and also elaborates on which are the best products for your aquarium along with reviews and adverts.

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Image from page 18 of “Allen’s book of berries for 1943” (1943)
Title: Allen’s book of berries for 1943
Identifier: allensbookofberr19alle_27
Year: 1943 (1940s)
Authors: Allen Co. (Salisbury, Md. ); Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Nurseries (Horticulture) Maryland Salisbury Catalogs; Nursery stock Maryland Salisbury Catalogs; Strawberries Maryland Salisbury Catalogs
Publisher: Salisbury, Md. : Allen Co.
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
PATHFIN|DE.R INCREASING ^^ ” ^ IN POPULARITY rfiere Are Good Pathfinder is one of the most pioductive of all varieties, ranking with Premier^ Catskill and Dresden. It is a strong and robust grower and nearly always makes plenty of plants for an ample uifing bed. Pathfinder is more resistant to the red-stele disease than any other goo(i variety. Growers with red-stele infected soils may still grow Pathfinder profitably. Pathfinder gave greater gain per acre for us in 1941 than any other variety. This was because the season was very dry and we had our Pathfinder on very low springy soil. It is not recommended as far South as Maryland. The berries are soft, rather poor quality, dull red in color and inclined to ripen unevenly. Pathfinder is most promising from Central New Jersey—north. As with Premier, Northern grown Pathfinder berries are firmer, brighter, better quality and far more attractive than those grown farther south. Wherever Catskill is not at its best, Pathfinder is one of the first that should be tried in seeking a productive, profitable ioiidseason variety; On February 25, 1942, Mr. Alonzo C. Lung of DeKalb Co., Indiana wrote us his conclusion about Pathfinder. "With us Pathfinder is the most dependable strawberry we have ever tried and we have tried about all of them. We have had a full crop of Pathfinder when the others were about all destroyed by frost. We have had nearly a full crop of Pathfinder when the others nearly all dried up. It is not as productive as Premier where Premier is at its best, but year after year it will produce far more. The quality is of the best. Bferries very large, solid and beautiful red, attracting a lot of attention." Price list, page 31. DRESDEN

Text Appearing After Image:
If the Eskimos ev«r wanted to grow strawberries they should try Dresden first. This variety seems to do better the farther North it is grown. Here’s a report dated June 26, 1942, about Dresden from Mrs. Henry Sachese of Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin, way up on the shores of the lake. "Two years ago I set 50 Dresden planU. Now I’ve got the second crop and they are just as grand as they were last year. We live right alongside the West Coast of Lake Michigan where it is quite cold. I find the growth, quality and quantity of Dresden simply wonderful. The berries are mostly large and though rather light in color, the flavor is good. We cater to quite a nice class of folks. I find the berries of the Dresden just the best sellers. The ladies almost quarrel as to who will get them." Dresden makes a vigorous, plant growth in all sections. Here in Maryland the plants are tremendously productive and the berries have a light, attractive color—but they are medium to small in sire, very poor in quality and wiU mosUy rot before they ripen. They should not be grown in the South. Most reports from New York where Dresden originated, and states of simUar latihide are favorable. In productiveness it ranks with the best like Premier, Catskill and Path- finder. Berries produced in the North are much brighter, firmer and of better quaUty although there is some complaint about quaUty even from New York state growers. Dresden is primarily a quantity berry, turning out amazingly high yields. We have some nice plants for northern growers who want to try it. Price list, page 31.

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