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Monday, 24 June 2019   Subscription to updates  RSS
12:33, 24 June 2018

“The Auction” on Tulsa Cox 19, 2001

“The Auction” on Tulsa Cox 19, 2001

Hostess Layla presents as-is merchandise on “The Auction”, Tulsa Cox Cable 19, circa 2001. This program was an inspiration for local Tv troupe “Beef Baloney”, who vowed they could do greater. A lot more about “The Auction” and “Beef Baloney” right here:


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  1. TulsaTV says:

    @InfamousShad: Yes, one more, which I will get out there in a day.

  2. leilani hauth says:

    I’m old now!!!

  3. celonsus says:


  4. Cody Fitzgerald says:

    +ChainSmoking Dave could you ask your mom if she remembers a guy named Jimmy on the auction?

  5. justin cox says:

    I remember this

  6. Sim says:

    Me and a friend use to watch all the time. I still have a few things that i purchased from them. I forgot the guy name who on air all the time.

  7. SuperFunTimes says:

    oh MYgod she’s awful excited about the toy at the start…

  8. TulsaTV says:

    Leilani, you were cute and spontaneous on that show. And working without a script!

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