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11:57, 27 June 2018

Supreme Court, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Planet Cup: Your Wednesday Briefing

Supreme Court, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Planet Cup: Your Wednesday Briefing

Supreme Court, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Planet Cup: Your Wednesday Briefing

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her supporters in the Bronx on Tuesday night. A 28-year-old political newcomer, she staged 1 of the most considerable Democratic upsets in years.CreditDavid Dee Delgado for The New York Instances

By Chris Stanford

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Very good morning.

Here&rsquos what you need to have to know:

A main statement on presidential power

&bull The Supreme Court has upheld President Trump&rsquos ban on travel from several predominantly Muslim nations, saying on Tuesday that the president&rsquos energy to secure U.S. borders was not undermined by the incendiary statements he made about Muslims.

The court&rsquos liberals denounced the decision, which Justice Sonia Sotomayor compared to the 1944 ruling that upheld the detention of Japanese-Americans for the duration of Planet War II, Korematsu v. United States. That selection has been nearly universally recognized as a shameful mistake, and the court overturned it on Tuesday.

&bull The 5-to-four ruling on the travel ban, combined with a separate 1 on Tuesday in favor of opponents of abortion, validated the Republican strategy of blocking President Barack Obama&rsquos nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. Mr. Trump&rsquos nominee, Justice Neil Gorsuch, voted with the majority in each circumstances.

Protesters outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday. President Trump&rsquos very first travel ban, issued a week soon after he took office, was promptly blocked by courts around the nation.CreditErin Schaff for The New York Occasions

On the streets of Caracas, young folks play with bolivar bills, the Venezuelan currency that is virtually worthless.

Listen to &lsquoThe Every day&rsquo

What does the Supreme Court&rsquos endorsement of the travel ban say about the extent of the president&rsquos power?


Mexico&rsquos goalkeeper, Guillermo Ochoa, is on the left, and Germany&rsquos Mario Gomez is on the correct. But exactly where&rsquos the ball?CreditMichael Probst/Connected Press

&bull Quotation of the day

&ldquoThe forcible relocation of U.S. citizens to concentration camps, solely and explicitly on the basis of race, is objectively unlawful and outdoors the scope of presidential authority.&rdquo

&mdash Chief Justice John Roberts, who formally repudiated Korematsu v. United States, the case that permitted the internment of Japanese-Americans, in a ruling backing President Trump&rsquos travel ban.

&bull The Instances, in other words

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&bull What we&rsquore reading

Lynda Richardson, an editor for our Travel section, recommends this piece from NBC: &ldquoIs the &lsquobreaking news&rsquo of late breaking you? A single therapist has coined fatigue from the 24/7 news cycle &lsquoheadline stress disorder.&rsquo This piece gives approaches to remain informed with no damaging your mental overall health. As an editor, I can&rsquot go as well far off the grid, but I am into podcasts!&rdquo

Back Story

The John Newbery Medal was awarded for the very first time on this day in 1922.

Named after an 18th-century British publisher and &ldquofather of kids&rsquos literature,&rdquo the award recognizes the most distinguished American youngsters&rsquos book published the previous year.


&ldquoA Little Quite Pocket-Book,&rdquo by John Newbery, was published in the mid-1700s and is regarded one of the earliest books for kids.CreditBritish Library

Newbery demonstrated that youngsters&rsquos literature could be profitable, but he also utilized his books to market other company ventures. In &ldquoThe History of Tiny Goody Two-Footwear,&rdquo a character dies due to the fact &ldquoDr. James&rsquos Powder was not to be had.&rdquo Thankfully for the concerned reader, Dr. James&rsquos Fever Powder was broadly offered at the time luckily for Newbery, he inherited the patent.

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