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Wednesday, 26 February 2020   Subscription to updates  RSS
14:37, 18 January 2018

SUNKAX Tourniquet, Ideal Combat Military Tourniquets Rapid Single Hand Application Tourniquet Highest High quality Survival Gear Excellent for Military, Hiking 1st Help, Emergency, Trauma, Medic

[Overview] Nerf Tactical Gear | Bulk Assessment!

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. ItsSimon says:

    2:13 this dudes a sex offender

  2. ps4gamer says:

    I love the magazine holder

  3. Sierra and Elvis Solis says:

    stop calling it tacticooool

  4. PJ Tells You says:

    Ok ok ok, that nerf dump pouch thing is a rock climbing chalk bag, not a random pouch

  5. Sarah Soon says:

    2:13 hahahahhahnahajahhaahhahahah

  6. Lizardpoon Guatever says:

    this tactical gear is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

  7. adachr24 says:

    on the tactical purse you could place rival mags inbitwin the other mags

  8. Jacob Blubaugh says:

    Coop, could you please not curse as much?

  9. Macro Lucius says:

    I think the Ammo Bag thing would be best used for a support role, to run mags to teammates.

  10. Smartphone Gamer says:

    If you are going to get military surplus store gear for mags, I recommend Vietnam style pouch, yes i know they have a real name my mind is just going blank.

  11. Llahr Rlahr says:

    So mature **not

  12. Nature wolf 08 says:

    Do a Boxfort video

  13. oyun adası says:

    will the nerf stryfe fit the holster

  14. Aden Crouch says:

    I love the regulator

  15. Centurion of honor says:

    The way you show of the tatical handbag at 9:17 is amazing

  16. Mohammed Muqtadir says:

    0:27 GET REKT

  17. Nathan Disher says:

    3:05 lol ive made better holsters out of duct tape and cardboard which would be hard than taking a piece of fabric and velcrowing it in a circle

  18. Ian Frederick says:

    Fot a regulator add for this video and war of clans at the end…

  19. Nerfed Central says:

    You should do a review on the nerf micro shots

  20. Abdelilah Nachit says:

    Thanks for your video

  21. Golden kidz 45 says:

    My regulator in front of me looks just like the one you had in this video no Mag regulator storage stock no scope no barrels looks just like it it’s Hilarious

  22. Mdp 31 says:

    skip ad at 0:39

  23. Yarleen Telez says:

    You where bras

  24. Devarsh Mehta says:

    I am going to buy the nerf purse

  25. flipsniper 2468 says:

    That game is bad

  26. EmperorDarkstar _8162 says:

    I’m probably gonna get a bunch of this stuff

  27. wolfman Rick 11 says:

    To be honest I would where that with some camo shirts and vest and pants because I think it would be light easy to carry it’s easy to fight in so I will totally buy

  28. Abdelilah Nachit says:

    And whats your favourite nerf gun?

  29. Shiver Shock says:

    Coop, is the Regulator your favourite blaster?

  30. mik 420 says:

    Strong arm and holester or deploy

  31. Joel Virki says:

    When you bought that magazine holder did you get those mags with it?

  32. Brody Does YT says:


  33. cyberlinkstudios says:

    since u dont want it i will take it(i only have nerf guns and no gear)

  34. Riley the pokemon master says:

    0:44 where the video starts

  35. Abdelilah Nachit says:

    Wats your favourite nerf gun

  36. Alex Sanders says:

    The only thing I liked out of all of this was the tactical purse, that one has practical use

  37. Genesis 9302003 says:

    Coop772 if you don’t recommend the nerf tactical gear then what would you say is the ideal gear? Can you please send me links? Thank you

  38. michael jensen says:

    "it does pouchy things" -coop772 2017

  39. Ivan Potts says:

    I kind of think the purse thing is pretty cool

  40. Ian Frederick says:

    800th comment

  41. flipsniper 2468 says:

    But the gear is epic

  42. Andrew Chadwick says:


  43. Abdelilah Nachit says:

    Wow wow wow

  44. experimental memes says:

    *SEND DAT* H A M

  45. Abdelilah Nachit says:


  46. Ursula Woods says:

    I had to cut the strap

  47. Abdelilah Nachit says:

    This is so nice

  48. Clark McCroy says:

    what would you recommend for a speed type lodout for flyweels any of them

  49. tinyman 300 says:

    #man purse. I keep all my nerf mags and 10 darts. So tacticool

  50. Road to 1000 Subscribers says:

    It’s not tactical gear it’s tactigear

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