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1:00, 12 February 2018

STORYTIME: Why I Went to Urgent Care

STORYTIME: Why I Went to Urgent Care

So fundamentally, my life is a mess and clearly I want to be much more cautious lmao. THANKS FOR WATCHING FELLAS! Hope all of you are a lot more cautious in the kitchen than I am. Enjoy u all, subscribe for more. xoxo, emma

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4 Stitches
The score is jackrabbits 1, Mercury .

This morning Mercury sliced his foot on one thing really sharp. A clean-edged 2cm laceration that was deep enough to cut a tendon or ligament as properly. He’s house now from urgent care and ensconced in his donut bed with discomfort meds and plenty of sympathy from his mom.

We’ll hope that despite the fact that he reduce a ligament, it will not influence like it would our fine motor manage in our hands. But the cut ligament does imply that it will be slower to heal and most likely more painful.

Tag is not but aware how enforced rest for his brother for two weeks will effect his play agenda…
By The Pack on 2007-08-12 12:08:38

“It is urgent!”. “I want it now!”. “Hurry, it is late!”. “I want it yesterday!” Does it sound familiar?

These days, it seems, everything is urgent. Ding! You got e mail. You should not, but you begin reading it. You are in the second sentence, when the phone rings. Guess who is calling? Yes, the particular person, who just sent you the e mail. “Did you respond to my e-mail but?” – he asks. Crazy, but not far-fetched, is it?

Initial, let me make a bold statement: urgent&gt, most of the time, does NOT equal critical. By the way, urgent is not to be confused with an emergency. The latter is a various story altogether.

Far more frequently than not, some thing becomes urgent, simply because somebody (or you) neglected to do something in time, or didn’t program for creating it come about.

Urgent tasks are deadline-associated and typically driven by other individuals.

Crucial tasks are connected to your objectives and you want to do them.

So, how do you deal with all the “urgent” stuff, with out losing your sanity?

Take into account the following steps and ideal practices:

Write down your best (3 or four) company and private objectives.
Use the above as a gauge against which to evaluate all tasks (to-dos) and/or requests coming your way.
Something, which supports your (company or personal) targets, is essential.
After you know what’s important, it really is time to prioritize. a. Urgent and Essential = Priority 1 b. Urgent but NOT important = Priority 2 c. Not urgent but Critical = Priority 3 d. Not urgent and not crucial = Priority 4
Everything being equal, you may possibly give greater priority to a activity if its completion (or overall performance) impacts your private or your business’ reputation. I.e.: you made a specific commitment to deliver or execute.
When you identified your priorities for a provided day, you need to create them in your calendar, reflecting the actual time needed for their completion.
If it is not in your calendar (with all the intention to do it), there is a 75% possibility it will not be carried out.
Of course, there are interruptions. But, they happen to the extent you enable them to take place. If you have to permit them, then you have to also leave further time in your calendar for interruptions.
True life situations never necessarily fall into nice, “black &amp white” categories. Urgent tasks do pop up or come your way. Nonetheless, if you prioritize systematically, program your tasks pro-actively and with reality, you should be in a position to accommodate urgent tasks and interruptions.
Find out to say no.

Alex Revai, president of Productivity Solutions (//productivity-solutions.com), is a expert organizer, who helps businesses, firms and experts boost profit, productivity and peace-of-mind. An engineer by instruction, Alex is also a seasoned organization manager with over 30 years of higher-tech industry encounter.

Alex is a member of the Expert Organizers in Canada (POC) market association. He is an exceptional problem solver and a passionate mentor, who supplies hands-on help, as effectively as workshops and seminars.

Alex may possibly be contacted for a complimentary demands assessment and consultation.

P.S.: Any use or reprint of this write-up (in full or component) needs attribution to the author by way of a hyperlink or by providing the complete internet site url: //Productivity-options.com

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  1. Madeline Jaynes says:

    my middle fingers are crooked too! for literally no reason its so weird

  2. Ted Hill says:

    We would all be so lucky to have a Judy.

  3. Reid Quiggins says:


  4. LHiller says:

    This was hysterical to me.

  5. Paige Douglass says:

    welcome back to the oatmeal! aaaay

  6. Gustavo Galvan says:

    Are you going to post that interview with ryan?

  7. MafaGaspar says:

    Do more recipe videos!!!! One crazed foodie at your tube!!!

  8. Ethan Toth says:

    I went to ergent care and got to ride in a wheelchair and then they gave me a boot for my fractured foot and then I couldn’t run for 2 months

  9. Julia A says:

    The whole story honestly made me lol. Glad you’re okay though

  10. Jayna Gunter says:

    Random but still fantastic

  11. David Aha says:

    Another grateful Jpizz fan, and glad u r ok. Stay away from strawberry bites!!

  12. IamWayside says:

    Did it feel good?

  13. grifffin says:

    oh yeet, I’m in a fella squad now.

  14. jacob says:

    oh my, my favorite person is ok…. i can breathe!

  15. Andreas Koustrup says:

    How can you wife me up?

  16. Grace Steensma says:

    “It was one of those situation where u know something bad is going to happen but u do it anyway”. Literally me, like everyday.

  17. Steve Starr says:

    Hey Fella!! Where’s the helmet while on the bike? Hmmm? Be careful!

  18. Axel Arroyo says:

    That moment when you realize this vlog has been in the view of a side character and J-Pizz is actually the real hero of the story

  19. Steve Seckinger says:

    My college knife story is one night a huge fly was buzzing around the cutting board on my kitchen counter like crazy and I went to chop it in the air with a serrated bread knife….right as my roommate tried to grab the same fly! The knife hit his hand pretty darn well and we had to go to the ER for 4-5 stitches. The bad part was it hit his ‘trigger finger’ and he had a shooting test the next day for a law enforcement training class he was in!

  20. SammiJinx says:

    My one and only urgent care experience involved going because half of my face was bruised due to a severe ear infection. The woman prescribed me a child’s dose of antibiotics and sent me on my way. My mother, who mind you works in the medical field, spent the whole drive home contemplating ways to get me "the good stuff" in the most legal way possible

  21. Rachel Lehnert says:

    the intro montage is on point!

  22. Cooper John says:

    Judy is a great driver

  23. CSGO News and More says:

    Dope stuff

  24. Parker Jones says:

    So I’m like 10 or so and I’m at a friends birthday party and it’s at a hotel. We are playing in the pool area and playing tag (don’t run around wet areas kids) and all of a sudden, I step in this grassy path and step on a piece of glass (from a bottle) and my foot starts to bleed profusely (I’m probably exaggerating). I ended up going to the E.R. after nobody could get it out ? (the shot hurt SOOO bad)

  25. kg062007 says:

    Medical professional mindset  = " young white female, knife wound to wrist, = suicide attempt, no discussion "

  26. YvoneTran says:

    In order to be a good runner, I have to incorporate long runs and the only longest run I can do is 3 miles at a 7:45 pace. I’m kind of struggling to go run some more miles. Any tips?

  27. Nathan Augustine says:

    Hurray for Judy f…ing Florence Nightingale! JFFN FTW!

  28. Laila A. says:

    Glad you’re okay Emma! Thank you for raising strawberry ball knife wedging awareness lol.

  29. Just Another Runner says:

    I just found this channel. 1. You’re hilarious. 2. Am I the only one that wanted to see the cut?

  30. seheadhunter50 says:

    You’re so pretty and funny lol I will have to sub since I am getting back into running heavy

  31. Judy Pendergast says:

    were you greedy? yeah…. was it worth it? yeah probably!!!
    i enjoyed the experience 10/10 would recommend to do at least once in your college years

  32. TrailsVonMudder says:

    I think you accidentally have just launched the nickname you hate into prominence. #fellasquad.

  33. Bretzky says:

    Hopefully Ryan learned how to say your name by now.

  34. Kathryn Altieri says:

    My bike had the same noise but it was just the gear chain things that needed to be fixed

  35. Stacy Briggs says:

    On Thanksgiving Day I was making a pumpkin pie for my family. I had the pan on a sheet tray for incase the filling overflowed and when I took it out the oven I wanted to take it off the sheet tray right away (not a good idea) While trying to move the pie with these oven mitts on I drop the pie and the burning hot, straight out the oven pumpkin filling gets all over my leg. Since it was a holiday my only option was to go to the ER. I had a 2nd degree burn the size of my hand to the outside of my knee. I was so scared it wouldn’t heal right and I’d never be able to run the same again. It’s been over 2 months and all I have is discoloration where the burn was. It’s just crazy that it could have all been avoided if I just let the pie cool on the sheet tray smh

  36. Erica Minnich says:

    Who else thinks Emma’s hair look sooo pretty at 4:28??????

  37. Karl Engel says:

    Love the Pizz!!

  38. Cammie Purtell says:

    I had to get stitches in between my pinky toe and the other toe because I was wearing my flip flops and got my foot caught on the corner of the metal door at school!

  39. Eva Taylor says:

    bachelor nation all day long fella

  40. Eva Taylor says:

    j pizz STAYS in clutch

  41. Tinka Watson says:

    More importantly, did you eat the strawberry bite after wedging it off?

  42. Katelyn Walton says:

    You need to be put in a bubble

  43. Galaxy says:

    As long as you can still vlog

  44. LucasLay says:

    You’re the best!!!! Hope your wrist feels better. PS don’t be that greedy anymore for strawberry bites haha.

  45. Sandra Kromminga says:

    S/O Judy!!

  46. Mike Bailey says:

    Love your videos Emma! Glad everything worked out in the end! You are fortunate to have Judy as a good friend! I wonder if you have seen the YouTube video of Judy running for Naperville North in the 2015 Roy Griak Girls High School Cross Country 5 km race September 26, 2015 at the Les Bolstad Golf Course, University of Minnesota. Judy is racing Grace Ping on a beautiful sunny day and it is an inspirational race to watch. //www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-ap9KvsQzc Thank you for all the hours of happy, positive and funny videos!

  47. Josie Dower says:

    “Fella squad” YTBBB ??

  48. anthony desrivieres says:

    Everybody makes mistakes
    Everybody has those days.
    ~Miley Cyrus

  49. Joe Gaidosh says:

    Oh heck yeah we all wanted to see the cut maybe next time ?your bottle needs help also is it rated at least a four or five if not throw it away. Anyway ask Ryan for a discount he always does

  50. Alyssa R says:

    Bro it’s not one crazed Judy anymore now it’s one trusted Judy or one trusty Judy

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