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14:19, 29 October 2018

State of the Midterms: Republican John James cuts Michigan Sen. Stabenow’s lead in half

State of the Midterms: Republican John James cuts Michigan Sen. Stabenow’s lead in half

Underdog Republican Senate candidate John James seems to be gaining momentum in Michigan, as the most recent polls show the political newcomer cutting incumbent Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow&#x2019s as soon as-comfortable lead in half.

James, an Iraq War veteran, is now trailing the incumbent by roughly 7 points, according to the most recent Real Clear Politics average of polls.

The split is equivalent to the race in Texas, where Democrat Beto O&#x2019Rourke is trailing incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. Like O&#x2019Rourke, James remains the underdog.

But as opposed to in Texas, the polls in Michigan reflect a steady tightening.&#xA0Stabenow, D-Mich., for months had led by double digits. As of mid-October, Stabenow was 16 points ahead of James, according to an MRG poll.

But an EPIC-MRA poll from late October showed Stabenow with just a 7-point lead, an Emerson poll showed her up 9 points&#xA0and a new Mitchell Investigation &amp Communications poll showed the incumbent&#xA0leading by 6 points.

&#x201CJohn James is providing 43-year politician Debbie Stabenow the fight of her political life and there is zero query she&#x2019ll be operating scared these final days,&#x201D Tori Sachs, James&#x2019 campaign manager, told Fox News in a statement last week.

A lot like Republicans in Texas, Democrats are taking the Michigan challenge seriously, with even former President Barack Obama going to the state to campaign.

&#x201CI&#x2019m hopeful, Michigan,&#x201D Obama told a crowd of five,000 final week in Michigan. &#x201CI&#x2019m hopeful that regardless of all the noise, despite all the lies, we&#x2019re going to come via all that. We&#x2019re going to don’t forget who we are, who we&#x2019re referred to as to be. I&#x2019m hopeful because out of this political darkness, I&#x2019m seeing a excellent awakening.&#x201D

James has noticed assistance from prominent Republicans as well, with President Trump&#x2019s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and Vice President Pence traveling to Michigan to make the rounds in the hopes of upsetting Stabenow&#x2019s chances for an additional term.

James is the very first black Republican to run for statewide election in Michigan in four decades.


&#x201CHe&#x2019s a star, an absolute star,&#x201D Jake Davison, the editor of Inside Michigan Politics, told Fox News. &#x201CHe has the base genuinely fired up.&#x201D

But his bid remains a longshot. Despite the praise for James, Davison claimed he &#x201Chas no possibility of beating Stabenow.

&#x201CShe just doesn&#x2019t make any mistakes and that is why she wins,&#x201D Davison stated. &#x201CShe is a machine.&#x201D

Meanwhile, in Indiana, Republican candidate Mike Braun is gaining a slight lead in the polls more than incumbent Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly. Braun, an Indiana businessman who has served in the state legislature, was initially trailing Donnelly, but mentioned last week that &#x201Ceverything started to pick up.&#x201D

The midterm map continues to reflect a solid Republican benefit in the race for Senate handle. Fox News&#x2019 Energy Rankings puts 50 seats in the Republican column (such as those probably or leaning Republican, and GOP seats not up for election this year), and 45 in the Democratic column, with 5 races rated as &#x201Ctoss-up.&#x201D

Democrats continue to hold the edge in the race for the Property. The Actual Clear Politics map shows 205 Residence seats tilting Democratic, and 200 tilting Republican, with 30 in the &#x201Ctoss-up&#x201D column. Fox News&#x2019 Energy Rankings similarly puts the split at 207 seats for Democrats and 197 for Republicans, and the rest up in the air. It requires 218 seats to claim a majority.

Fox News’ Andrew O’Reilly and Judson Berger contributed to this report.&#xA0

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