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8:08, 20 November 2017

Spiritual Politics

Can Obama save us or are we doomed to disaster?

Neither of these inquiries will get us anyplace, but most of the news commentaries try to answer 1 of these or a connected question, such as «What is Obama going to do to save us?» and «Can he, will he, do enough?»

All these questions come from a fearful perspective: There is a massive dilemma out there that is as well big to face ourselves, so we require to find the right person to do the job, or shield ourselves from the looming disaster.

We seem to forget that Obama was elected President simply because a majority of the voting population voted for him. He did not «save» the election, nor did he «crumble» below the stress of the enormous perform of the campaign. He could not have won with no more than 50% of the voting population voting for him.

The remedy was element of the beginning

Barack and Michelle laid out the remedy to this concern at the very same time he declared his candidacy. They were prepared to enter the race for the Presidency on a set of concepts, and if we, the public, liked these tips and supported them, the Obama’s would devote themselves to top the way, getting spokespersons for these concepts. And if enough of us shared and supported these suggestions, then the election would be won and we would have an opportunity to bring these tips to life. The clarity of this message was the core integrity of the campaign. Now it is time to live the ideas.

He also said that the election was not for or about him, but about us, the path of our nation and our part in the global neighborhood. He is not doing this so that we can all retire on a government pension, but so that we can with each other turn the nation and our individual lives toward a governing system that will address the needs of the instances we are in and a prosperous future for all.

Barack cannot save the country

Barack cannot save the country, but he can demonstrate qualities of leadership that inspire great options and allow those solutions to be implemented. This is what he did all through his campaign. And it was enough to win the election.

The reality that Barack was elected primarily based on the demonstration of leadership qualities, not on how effectively he demeaned his opponent, further reveals that more than half of the voting population sees and appreciates these qualities.

If we can see these qualities, we can reside them. And this is how the nation will solve our issues and get on a track to sustainable prosperity. We voted simply because we liked the concepts that had been becoming communicated, now we «vote» by letting the essence of those concepts guide our person lives and options.

The qualities of excellent leadership are not restricted to Barack, they are available to all. He is modeling them for us. He will help institute a program that allows these qualities to be expressed. He is currently performing that by choosing thoughtful, intelligent, non-ideological folks onto his team.

What are these qualities?

Any of us can turn our focus to identifying the core concern of a predicament rather than searching for whom to blame. Any of us can listen for a great notion from a range of intelligent and loving sources, rather than reacting hastily to an apparent urgency. Any of us can recognize the proper remedy for each and every problem, a single-by-a single, instead of trying to get what we want, safeguard ourselves, or to market an notion that is politically motivated.

But we, person private citizens, do not face decisions that will impact the entire country
Although that is correct, it is also correct that each and every decision, every single decision has a ripple effect beyond what is noticed. All Barack and Michelle need to have to do is to continue to make thoughtful options based on the problems. And all we require to do is the identical. As big and little concerns, at all levels of life, get addressed with enjoy, intelligence, clarity and a sincere motivation to learn good options, our nation will be prosperous once more.

What are these suggestions that we can all live by?

— Concentrate on troubles, not personalities
— Listen open-mindedly to an array of sources for thoughtful, intelligent tips that will function
— Discern the thought that is a good answer the situation — not what we want, not what’s politically or socially correct

What makes this Spiritual Politics?
Spiritual indicates «of spirit,» in other words, non-material and non-physical. It refers to the realm of existence that we can be aware of, however is not discerned by way of the five senses. This realm is most very easily recognized through our capacity to be aware of the qualities of consciousness that govern person activities. It is often referred to as an people «presence.» Presence is the high quality of becoming that is expressed via words and actions. So, «spiritual politics» refers to the qualities of being that support an open, responsive governing physique. This is not something that can be enforced, legislated, contracted or negotiated. It is something we can see and respond to. It is anything we can pay consideration to as portion of a governed physique. It is anything we can individually seek to purify within our own consciousness.

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With Gratitude,

Nancy Rosanoff
e-mail: [email protected]
telephone: 914-769-7226

Nancy Rosanoff is a spiritual coach/counselor and author of three books on intuition. She is the host and producer of the television show: The Listening Spot and is currently creating a documentary on Metapsychiatry. Her interest is in hunting at existing events from a spiritual(not religious) viewpoint by understanding what current events tell us about our values, motivations and perspectives.

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