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16:20, 27 January 2018

SMAEL Men’s Sports Analog Quartz Watch Dual Show Waterproof Digital Watches with LED Backlight relogio masculino (Grey black)

Affordable Field Watches – From Casio to Seiko

In this video, we look at eight different field watches, with offerings from Casio, Bertucci, Orient, Seiko, Marathon and a new entry from microbrand HEMEL. All match the quinessential field watch needs, tough, rugged, straightforward to read, water resistant, comfortable, and so forth.

For the watches shown in this video, please visit the links below at







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  1. Franco Franco says:

    hey mark, what is your wrist size?

  2. joseph burtulato says:

    I love the gshock watches but my only gripe is that their light sucks. For what Casio charges, the illumination could be a lot better. There are Timex watches that cost less than half with better illumination.

  3. Hungry Jacks says:

    Special needs

  4. rodin lutz says:


  5. E D says:

    Great reviews

  6. Jamie Cheslo says:

    Great video! Thanks so much! Love that Hemel with the bead blasted finish. Think I just might pull the trigger on that one, though it will compete for wrist time with my SNK809! Cheers, Marc!

  7. apen deni says:


  8. Mark Walters says:

    It would seem to me that Marathon is hurting its sales by offering such a small watch. Now it would be a great watch for females in the military. But the men would be better off with a G-Shock.

  9. Ikram Mohd Noor says:

    5:18 that Seiko Military SMK 809 made in Malaysia, and next to the date which is 26, have ‘SAB’. that stand for ‘Sabtu’, which is Saturday in our language, Malay. just sharing here, nice video by the way.

  10. FlorinU says:

    The Orient would be awesome without those stupid sub-dials that make the watch face unnecessarily busy. They could have simply added a day window.
    Oh, and a bit smaller, too! 42 mm is hardly a field watch, way too large to be comfortable, even for a large wrist like mine (7.5").


    Another field watch from Casio in my opinion: Casio HDA-600 and G Shock 5600 series.

  12. Dragoslav Miljević says:

    I’ve had the same Casio Tough Solar for almost two years now.
    The only bad thing about it is that white letters on the front will wear off very quickly. Other than that, it works flawlessly!

  13. Allahcuckbar says:

    Affordable is the key word you forgot to leave out.

  14. ismeto says:

    good voice

  15. The Denne House Gallery says:

    None of these (except perhaps the Casio) are field or military watches. All of them look very nice though and the prices seem to be alright as well. The three most important qualities a military or field watch needs are: 1.) Shock resistant, 2.) Water resistant, 3.) NO shiny or reflective surfaces. If one of these qualities is missing, it is no good for the military. (I believe "WHY?", … is self-explanatory). Not necessary but good extras would be: Compass, Altitude, Barometer, Thermometer etc. etc. (For survival situations) I understand that these watches are not very dressy, but that is totally irrelevant in the army or in the field. As a commanding officer, I would have never allowed one of my soldiers to wear anything else.

  16. thereal men says:

    hi mark

  17. FS E says:

    Thanks, but are you sure Marathon automatic is affordable?

  18. Anonimus di Anonimi says:

    Hi mark.

    I really like your watch video’s. They are clear explainatory. I really like that, is is so much better than everything else on YT. You’re doing a great job with these video’s.

    I specially liked your video on explaining the ‘slide rule bezel’. That was awesome.

    Now I’m not one of the high end buyers.
    I own e seiko watches.
    The first one is dearest to me. It’s a model 7A48-5010 and I still wear it regulairily.

    So, the most I’d like to spend on a watch is about US$ 400,-

    The request is if you could do a video on "shock proof"
    What is it, and what warranty do we get when buying ‘shock proof’ watches ?


  19. americanEagle45 says:

    We’re do you get those braclets

  20. Cyril De la torre Branger says:

    I am yet to find a simple design watch like Timex Mens Expedition with alarm. Is there anything out there? Thanks

  21. wenksification says:

    I have the tough solar but in white 🙂 perfect for my every day school watch. Matches my medicine uniform 🙂

  22. ENC98TV says:

    Nice video. What do you think of the field watch from MWC?

  23. Jay Tee says:

    I had a Bertucci A2-T Original Classic with Sapphire – it was light and had a great design, but the lettering wasn’t a very deep or bright white. The lume was far worse than Seiko as well. The worst of all was a defect – the minute hand was lose and would spin a bit, causing the watch to "lose time" as it would slip on the watch stem. I’m not the first to have this happen to a Bertucci. Unless they have their better watches assembled elsewhere, I wouldn’t recommend this brand. I returned the watch for a full refund from Amazon.

  24. SparkyMarkyMark 23 says:

    Awesome??Felid Watch Collection!

  25. Steven Dee says:

    wow. loving that Hemel watch . the luminescence with the 24 hour face is phenomenal!

  26. Chris says:

    You don’t want to stop battle and not know what time it is. Also, it’s important to have a watch which glows in the dark so that the enemy knows exactly where to shoot.

  27. Andrei Lucian Ghetau says:

    I have the Casio Tough Solar. Great cheap watch and amazingly accurate!

  28. John Kant says:

    Nice video

  29. MrGalaxxy9 says:

    The Hemel is nice but, at $400 for a watch in going to beat up working or, in the field doing whatever. no, thank you.

  30. RM B says:

    The Bulova 96B230 precisionist is another great one.

  31. Hitler is actually a cat says:

    I am entering the military soon and I am trying to find out if my seiko 5 snk803 is able to survive the basic military training or if I should just buy a beater casio?

  32. Ronald P says:

    Timex Expedition Scout watch for me too. Highly legible, keeps time very accurately over a good period of time, comfortable.

  33. Cold Fury says:

    Pls give the price of the watches when u intro them zzzz

  34. Nemanja T says:

    i have 2 casio tough solars, great watches, i just wish the case was made out of metal, the watch looks great and is very rugged however even though it feels rugged the plastic feels cheap. a similar watch with better quality materials and a double the price would be worth it.

  35. Kriegerdammerung says:

    Mark, what is a "hacking second hand"?

  36. Andy Gold says:

    Couldn’t see any lume on the hands of the Hemel.

    Do you have a brick and mortar location?

  37. Jordan Chouinard says:

    what kind of gloves are those?

  38. casualsuede says:

    talked to my friend who is in special forces living in North Carolina and his response was "none of the above" for which one he would choose (he did snicker at whether the youtuber has ever been in the field before, but I still like the LI guy). he does wear a casio but it is a digital g-shock. he loves his digital watches when he is in the field as he also wears an Ironman for regular use and also has a suunto core. the only analog watch he wears is a luminox 3050 carbon fiber that me and our friends bought him, but he does it more because of sentimental value. it maybe quartz but has a 45 month replacement charge! while he didn’t wear the watches that were in the video, he did like the marathon brand, just not that model. I guess some of his comrades wear that brand.

  39. Daniel Nouri says:

    love it :D. i made a video about a watch, check it out on my channel please. tell me what you think ?

  40. Screw You Google says:


  41. RobertoDonatti says:

    hi, what’s your take on Traser watches?

  42. Robert LeBlanc says:

    Hi Mark. Fellow Long Islander here.
    Where’s your store located? I couldn’t find it on Google Maps. Is your store online only?
    Thanks again for your great videos.

  43. Epoch Mod says:

    Just ordered my SNK809 from you today. Great service and quality products. Thanks again Marc!

  44. drake faudel says:

    how much does the first marathon go for?

  45. infiniteandroid says:

    seiko for sure …… package for the working man…….a 400 dollar watch just is not in the budget ;(……

  46. Rick Gordon says:

    Mark, are the Bertuccis screw down crowns?

  47. David Gambrel says:

    Love the looks of the Casio. Is there a replacement for the resin band? Hate resin bands cannot wear them

  48. Robert LeBlanc says:

    I recently bought a Seiko SNK803 in sand color for $60. It’s a tad smaller than I’m used to but I love it. It’s my second ever field watch, the fist being a Victorinox that I loved but lost.

  49. Peter Earl says:

    Great vid Marc thanks, I own the Casio, its rugged, light and inexpensive, as well as accurate. I like the range of watches you carry well done.

  50. Bill Dineen says:

    surprised No Timex Expedition or the Weekender Great styles and are very durable , nice build quality. Prices are good.. range from $50 – $100 really solid watches

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