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13:30, 23 June 2018

She Became a Face of Household Separation at the Border. But She’s Nonetheless With Her Mother.

She Became a Face of Family Separation at the Border. But She’s Still With Her Mother.

She Became a Face of Household Separation at the Border. But She&rsquos Nonetheless With Her Mother.

A Honduran toddler cries as her mother is searched and detained near the United States border with Mexico on June 12.CreditJohn Moore/Getty Images

By Laura M. Holson and Sandra E. Garcia

The photograph of a Honduran toddler, sobbing as she stares up at her mother, became a symbol of outrage this week at the Trump administration&rsquos practice of separating young children and parents detained for illegally crossing the border.

But the youngster&rsquos father, reached by phone in Honduras on Friday, told The New York Occasions that the mother and daughter had been in reality by no means separated following getting stopped at the border, and that they stay detained collectively in a family residential center in Texas.

In a front-web page caption published June 14 with a equivalent photo from a series by John Moore of Getty Images, The Times said only that the girl was crying whilst her mother was searched. The family members&rsquos status and whereabouts could not be determined.

It was a connected image by Mr. Moore of the isolated toddler staring up at her mother and a border agent, both visible only from the waist down, that in subsequent days became a potent symbol in the angry debate over the family members separation policy, along with video and pictures of youngsters in chain-link cages and pens taken at Border Patrol websites.

That broadly published image, shared repeatedly on social media, inspired a California couple to set up a Facebook fund-raiser that rapidly raised a lot more than $19 million for legal charges for separated families. (The Occasions published the image on the web in an post about the fund-raiser.)

And Time magazine produced a photo illustration using the young girl&rsquos image for a cover, with President Trump looming over her tiny frame, the toddler&rsquos mouth agape. &ldquoWelcome to America,&rdquo the cover line reads.

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