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11:46, 05 August 2018

Saving Facebook images, uncover totally free audiobooks, Tv restaurants, and far more: Tech Q&A

Saving Facebook pictures, discover free of charge audiobooks, Television restaurants, and a lot more: Tech Q&A

Want to know how to quit Facebook but hold your photographs, tighten your Amazon public profile, search for Television restaurants and find free audiobooks? Then study this column.

My Amazon Public Profile

Q: Did you say we have public profiles on Amazon like a social media account? I had no notion. How do I see it? How do I delete that?

A: The short answer is yes, you do have a public profile on Amazon, and it is a lot like a social media account. You agreed to this when you signed up. The thought tends to make a lot of sense if you have a profile that close friends and loved ones can access, they can buy intelligent gifts for you. Amazon has other little-identified settings that may alarm you, and your shopping experience will be considerably a lot more comforting when you change them. Tap or click here for five Amazon settings you need to modify now.

Quit Facebook But Keep My Photographs

Q: I want to quit Facebook. Is there a way to download all my pictures?

A: You are not alone. Nevertheless, there are a handful of factors men and women hesitate prior to terminating their accounts: they wonder how they will preserve in touch with pals and loved ones. They worry &quotmissing out&quot on critical events, like weddings, babies, and even funerals. Lastly, they be concerned about losing their photographs, which symbolize so numerous memories. Over the years, Facebook users may upload hundreds or even thousands of images to their accounts, and it really is challenging to imagine losing these forever. Naturally, Facebook doesn’t want you to abandon their service, so they don’t make any sort of termination simple. Now, there is a way to download all your images and store them on your personal computer or cloud. Tap or click right here to download all photos from Facebook.

Far more from Kim Komando

Get the Free of charge Komando App

Q: Do you have an app? I want to put it on my phone.

A: I do have an app, and it is a great way to preserve track of the most current tech trends. If you have any doubts, just read some of the testimonials: &quotI have followed Kim for more than 20 years. This free of charge app is the greatest present you can give your self.&quot Alternatively, &quotGet trusted tech advice you can use each and every day!&rdquo No matter whether you use iTunes or Google Play, search for &ldquoKomando.com&rdquo and the app ought to pop up. The best part? It&rsquos totally free! Tap or click right here for links to my cost-free app.

Find Popular Restaurants

Q: I am a total foodie. Is there a way to see the restaurants on the Television shows on a map? We’re traveling around the nation in an RV.

A: I think about numerous of my readers and listeners are envious of your cross-country journey. A single of the wonderful joys of travel is attempting various foods, of course, and there are lots out there to sample. Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of Guy Fieri or Andrew Zimmern, you may well go out of your way to try a restaurant you saw on your favored road-meals series. There have been so a lot of distinct shows on the Meals Channel and Travel Network about roadside eateries. You can be pretty significantly anyplace in the nation and be able to drive to a well-filmed venue. Thanks to a wonderful site, you can effortlessly locate them all. Tap or click here to locate the areas of the restaurants you&rsquove noticed on Tv.

Totally free Audiobooks

Q: I listen to audiobooks. I’m tired of paying for them. Are there any decent free of charge ones?

A: No longer the clunky piles of audio cassettes, an audiobook is simple to download and takes up really tiny memory on your phone. You can run with an audiobook with no worrying about the CD skipping. As convenient as audiobooks are for workout or long commutes, they can get expensive, mainly if you use a service like iTunes or Audible. Do not get me incorrect these platforms are wonderful, and you can use Audible’s credit system to get amazing offers on some pricey titles. But &quotfree&quot is usually the best value, and if you’re not satisfied with your neighborhood library’s Overdrive collection, one particular site delivers a real steal. Tap or click right here for an superb supply of free of charge audiobooks.

What digital life style questions do you have? Call my national radio show andclick right here to discover it on your neighborhood radio station. You can listen to theKim Komando Show on your telephone, tablet or computer. From buying suggestions to digital life issues,click right here for my free podcasts.

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