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Wednesday, 25 November 2020   Subscription to updates  RSS
5:01, 06 December 2017

‘Riddlord: The Consequence’, ‘ The Room’-like Puzzle Game, Is Out

A few days ago we wrote about Riddlord: The Consequence [$3.99], a game that looked a lot like The Room in that it has players manipulate objects in 3D space, and now that game is out. Riddlord has you solving three-dimensional puzzles in some really good-looking environments as you try and navigate an intriguing storyline that interweaves fictional characters with real stories about unsolved crimes (and everyone knows how much people like real crime stories). The Riddle Master has created some devious puzzles, and you’ll have to solve them as you explore the meaning of reality and a world where dream and life are hard to tell apart. In other words, there are some complex ideas in Riddlord.

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I like the game’s visuals, and I’m always up for playing games that emphasize tactility, since touchscreens are great at representing that. The whole concept of the game is different enough from The Room to feel like a different experience, and some of the puzzles are associated with real-life killers (the Zodiac for instance), which should make Riddlord intriguing to play. Riddlord is out now and costs $3.99.


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