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17:31, 20 December 2017

ReFire Gear Men’s Warm Military Tactical Sport Fleece Hoodie Jacket

ReFire Gear Men’s Warm Military Tactical Sport Fleece Hoodie Jacket

Item Description
The Tactical Fleece jacket is very good design and style for Military Army Training and outside sports. It is created of soft fleece, hold warm and comfy in cold winter. More pockets design and style is good for outside, like hiking, climbing, fishing and so on. You can place EDC tools, cell telephone, credit card in the pockets. It also can be used as warm lining, match the professional waterproof outside Jacket. And It is casual garments.
Seven Tactical Pockets,
2* large front pockets
two* back pockets
two* left arm pockets
1* appropriate arm pocket
Jacket Chest Measurement Size: (The specifics is showed in the size chart photos)
S 43.5” , M 46.4” , L 49.2” , XL 51.2” , XXL 53.2”
The Size Chart is measured by hand, just for reference only, please enable .5-1″ differences due to manual measurement.

Price tag: $38.99

  • Made of soft fleece material, Keep warm in autumn and cold winter, No pilling
  • Military Tactical style, total 7 pockets. 2 massive pockets in front, 2 pockets in back, two modest pockets in left sleeve and 1 tiny pocket in right sleeve
  • Double zipper, lengthy sleeve with thumb-hole, Velcro on every arm, fleece hoodie
  • The size is tiny tiny than US size , please measure and refer to the SIZE CHART in the left pictures
  • Best for military army tactical combat, outside sports, hiking, climbing, fishing, travel, adventure, casual, style

Tactical Gear Loadout – Psycho’s Gear

Panzer interviews me as we check out my common gear loadout for airsoft.

Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. A Case of The Hits says:

    This guys pc sits on him like a chest rig

  2. -_- says:

    the only thing wrong is you dont sound as confident as you should if u sond confident most people wont be like OH UD GET SHOT IF IT WAS REAL good video tho

  3. MaceGaming53 says:

    xD your eye color multicam too ???

  4. glock 4life says:


  5. Maw W says:

    I think he likes multicam….

  6. Silverbullet 1066 says:

    Dananana MULTICAM MAN

  7. Richard Jones says:

    What an amazing video!!!

  8. Crazy_Airsoft_child says:

    Wait so you guys fucking stab each other with real knives? WTF

  9. uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas says:

    Sooo much multicam

  10. Bryan Moore says:

    This is the best uniform I have seen☺

  11. Lifted Souls says:

    your vest is sitting kinda low by the looks. it might be more comfortable if you adjust it to sit higher but other than that great vid mate.

  12. -T-X-M- says:


  13. Noah Duffy says:

    Your condor plate carrier is screwed up

  14. mibunookami says:

    Dude you need to wear that carrier higher. It’s a plate carrier, and the plates are to cover your vitals which you have exposed. This is airasoft yeah, but if you dont feel comfortable wearing it properly then try something else.
    Two dump pouches, one on top of the other? I dont know where the hell did you got that, but to me the pouch on top of the other gets in the way of properly tosing your magazines quickly.
    I don’t want to be disrespectful but dude, seriously there a shitload of thing to improve.

  15. Jan Paweł II says:

    Multicam and cccp flag pls kill me

  16. Mechaninjalo says:

    yeah total let down with the gloves 😛

  17. Helmut Weikert says:

    Surprised no one is crying about stolen valor.

  18. Geoffrey Rj says:

    your vest is to low

  19. Bewitagos1 says:

    Are you actually allowed to bring that knife on to the field?

  20. Nathan bellinger says:

    Is bb and arson the the same thing?

  21. saucermonkey320 says:


  22. Jan Soukup says:

    Pls remove soviet patch cuz M416 😉

  23. Nexonlolz says:

    good load out get upgrade on rifle 

  24. Airsoft Braeden says:

    Hey dude I think u need a little bit more multicam

  25. NewBobby says:

    fuckin commie, rip the patch off and burn it

  26. Giovanni Santoni says:

    Properly wear your gear and i mean your vest. -_-

  27. ZN Gamer says:


    I know a lot of people who are sooo proud of their loadout and have spent a lot of money on it but but they dont even come close to yourse

  28. ZN Gamer says:

    614??? Isnt it a 416??

  29. Clint's Corner says:

    Gear looks way too clean. Does it ever leave your closet?

  30. Holy grail goals222 1 says:


  31. Agent Louisiana says:

    So much multiglam

  32. Dat Offensive Guy says:

    What is a 614? Wow american kids are so freaken dumb, don’t go to school but play airsoft and then can’t even say numbers xd lmfao
    Also you’re boots, gloves and google cover and speedloader pouch and knife and speedloader aren’t multicam also you’re russian flag patch and also wtf is this loadout supposed to be?
    You’re gun and acog isn’t multicam also the mags lel
    So much gear? This poor dude has almost nothing on xd
    Hahahhahahahahhahhaha fat diabetic fatass can’t go to the military, shouldn’t eat so many sweats fatass

  33. Reinier Romero says:

    Where did you get the gear

  34. Brian Reedy says:

    your toes give your camo away

  35. MrJuggernaut247 says:

    oh boy guys he was going to serve that’s why he’s a multicam bad ass.

  36. MenOfValor says:

    10/10 man, keep the good job 😉

  37. Combine Overwatch says:

    ‘Kinda add to the intimidation factor’. Nah mate it’s not even slightly intimidating.

  38. Schnapps z says:

    Вы носите на рюкзаках флаги ссср мы носим флаги конфедерации.Парадокс однако))

  39. Dead Head says:

    Ok like this comment if you agree, dislike if you disagree; but im starting to think people are taking Airsoft way too seriously…. i mean look at this gear he’s wearing your protecting yourself from little plastic balls, and not going to a real battlefield!. PS dont take this comment seriously you look awesome.

  40. Glass Devguy says:

    get a life, you should learn to realize that you are lucky you got rejected by the military.

  41. Jesse Hardiman says:

    it isnt a knife its a machete look out… JOKES!!!

  42. NOKEBABS says:

    cant see anything i can only hear a sound from the video

  43. Chance Oviedo says:

    *cough* peopleweargearbecausetheyhategettingshot

  44. Antiseptic -Grunge band says:

    I run an multicam loadout and it has only cost me about $150.00

  45. JopMans says:

    multicam 10/10 😀

  46. Kim Nash says:

    how much did it cost

  47. Glass Devguy says:

    these wannabe air softers get in a real firefight and cry for mamma, seen it before. seen them turned into hamburger because they froze and pissed all over themselves. stay the fuck out of the military until you grow a pair and have some skills.

  48. cjtnegrete says:

    no one is scared of you bro… theyre all laughing at you….

  49. Jacob M says:

    he says that he wears because its comfortable but we all know he just wants to look cool.

  50. glock 4life says:

    And that plate carrier is like 3 inches too low

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