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6:34, 09 April 2018

Prostate cancer: 4 in ten situations diagnosed late, charity says

Prostate cancer: 4 in 10 situations diagnosed late, charity says

Four in ten prostate cancer instances in the UK are diagnosed late, a study suggests.

The report by charity Orchid discovered a “worrying trend” of late diagnosis with 37% of prostate cancer situations diagnosed at stages three and 4.

The report located 1 in four instances of prostate cancer was diagnosed in A&ampE.

In February figures showed the quantity of males dying from prostate cancer had overtaken female deaths from breast cancer for the 1st time in the UK.

With an aging population, the charity has referred to as for urgent action to avoid a “ticking time bomb in terms of prostate cancer provision”.

Orchid chief executive Rebecca Porta said: “With prostate cancer due to be the most prevalent cancer in the UK inside the subsequent 12 years, we are facing a possible crisis in terms of diagnostics, remedy and patient care. Urgent action needs to be taken now.”

The report canvassed the opinion of the UK’s top prostate cancer authorities and looked at previously published data to get a image of the prostate cancer care across the UK.

The information came from organisations such as NHS England, charities and the National Prostate Cancer Audit.

The report says that 42% of prostate cancer individuals saw their GP with symptoms twice or far more before they have been referred, with 6% observed 5 or much more occasions prior to referral.

Greater awareness

Prof Frank Chinegwundoh, a urological surgeon at Bart’s Well being NHS Trust stated: “25% of prostate cancer cases in the UK are diagnosed at an advanced stage.

“This compares to just 8% in the US exactly where there is higher public awareness of prostate cancer and higher screening,” he added.

He said even though there was controversy more than the effectiveness of the standard PSA test used to detect the cancer, “it is nevertheless vital that sufferers are diagnosed early to assess if they need to have remedy or not as sophisticated prostate cancer is incurable”.

The report also mentioned there necessary to be renewed efforts to develop much better testing methods.

Prostate cancer symptoms

  • prostate cancer is diagnosed by making use of the prostate certain antigen (PSA) test, biopsies and physical examinations
  • there can be few symptoms of prostate cancer in the early stages, and since of its place most symptoms are linked to urination
  • needing to urinate far more often, specifically at night
  • needing to run to the toilet
  • difficulty in starting to urinate
  • weak urine flow or taking a long time although urinating
  • feeling your bladder has not emptied completely
  • men with prostate cancer can also live for decades without having symptoms or needing therapy due to the fact the disease frequently progresses really slowly

The PSA test is available totally free to any man aged 50 or more than who requests it, but the report mentioned this can “generate inequity” with tests getting taken up by “far more highly educated guys in a lot more affluent regions”.

Prof Anne Mackie, director of programmes for the UK National Screening Committee, stated the test was not provided universally because it was not really very good at predicting which males have cancer.

“It will miss some cancers and frequently those cancers that are picked up when utilizing the PSA test are not harmful,” she explained.

“Remedy for prostate cancer can trigger nasty side effects so we need to have to be positive we are treating the appropriate males and the right cancers.

“There is a lot of analysis into screening and treatment for prostate cancer and the committee, along with Good and the NHS, is maintaining a close eye on the evidence as it develops,” she added.

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