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5:10, 20 November 2017

Power Yoga – with Adriene

Power Yoga – with Adriene

Power Yoga - with AdrienePower Yoga with Adriene features one full class called “HEART” from our Empower Yoga Series that we shot in the hot Texas summer!

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It’s sunny, it’s sweaty and it is perfect for those trapped in by snow. Also just a challenging work out for those who don’t like the gym or anyone needing that extra push to move it and groove it. HEART aims to get the heart rate up and invites you to sweat and get the blood pumping. A practice that invites you to open your mind and heart to new things. This “Power Yoga” sequence provides a full body experience to connect you to your spirit, burn calories and work it out. Connect you to your breath and get the blood pumping! This is my version of “Cardio Yoga” without all the frantic fitness frenzy!

Though this practice is swift, I encourage you to move at your own pace and listen to your body. Allow the vinyasa to move with ease and take your time growing this practice. This vinyasa fusion focuses on toning and building strength in the lower back body. Connect your feet to the earth as you build strength in the legs, the glutes and connect to your core to support lower back health.

I invite you to arrive on the mat for this practice with an open mind and HEART.

Here are some Foundational Videos that might assist you as you practice HEART 1:

Downward Dog –
Forward Fold –
Sun Salutation A –
Chair –
Pigeon –

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Anda Salgau says:

    Adrian, you are awesome….

  2. Hila Eigner says:

    once again an awesome video! Thank you

  3. Thinkb4utype says:

    Out of body experience after 2nd humble warrior sequence! Most intense Y4A vid?

  4. Hakyung Chang says:


  5. Kelli McLaughlin says:

    Made 30 min in with 4 breaks. Thought I was gonna throw up and sweated like crazy! Then I cheated and skipped to the end. I will definitely come back to this. Adrienne is so kind and sweet. My favorite on line instructor for sure. Much love!

  6. FabledTales says:

    The jumping jacks are too hard on my body (i.e. my chest), is there another movement I can do instead of the jumping jacks?

  7. Anna Saifulina says:

    Haha I had to put the video speed on 0.75 in order to survive! thank you for the great workout!

  8. roxanne roxanne says:

    Thank you!!!

  9. Yifan Liu says:

    breath is too fast!

  10. Aaron McAlister says:

    wow wow wow!!

  11. Kimber Kingdon says:

    Every single time I practice with you, I have a distinct thought at the end that I love myself. It only happens when I practice with you! Thank you so much ❤️

  12. Paul V. Cassidy says:


  13. Patricia Mejia says:

    thank you Adriene!!! im watching you from Peru!!!

  14. Aaron Johnson says:

    New Video Idea.
    The Yoga To Your Heartbeat.
    And Heart Rhythm.

  15. kate skateshop says:

    Thank You! 🙂

  16. CB Douglas says:

    ‘Twas cold in San Diego this AM, but we create so much heat in this power flow. Thanks!

  17. gregpetrilli1 says:

    Not cold down under!?

  18. Maja says:

    Sweaty after this!
    It went a little fast, almost fainted of all the headbowing and raising, but all in all great!

  19. Louisa Nink says:

    Wonderful practice!!!!!!
    Do you thought about a 30 days power Yoga practice? I would be very happy about this. Thank you für your great Yoga Adriene 🙂

  20. My Ugly Plant Based Kitchen says:

    I have only been doing beginner sessions but I thought I would give this a try. I suffer from fibro so it is tough. I only made it to 26:11. I will keep trying this one until I get through it all.

  21. Helena says:

    I love your calm narration and the music is perfect, I felt really relaxed and cleansed after following your routine. Will be revisiting your channel! <3

  22. TheVeganMe says:

    Amazing and truly challenging in the best possible way! Thank you 😀

  23. Laurel Clark says:


  24. A Happy Life says:

    Awesome I’m in California and feel great now thankyou 🙂

  25. Stephanie says:

    if it was not for your yoga channel I would not have started yoga. the first time I ever did yoga was to one of your videos, that prompted me to go into private lessons. 3 years later I’m taking my teacher training in November 2017! so much gratitude for you!!! thank you thank you Adriene!!!! <3333

  26. Camille A. Wint says:

    I really needed this today thank you

  27. Jane's Earthworm says:

    Thanks Adriene! Very much needed! xoxox

  28. The March says:

    thank you adriene, this was so awesome, i want more of this!!!

  29. Elissa Bispo says:

    Loved the practice!!! Doing it everyday here in my sunny place in Brazil ??The way you teach yoga is really encouraging for those who are new to the practice! Tks for sharing the free videos! Peace ?

  30. Chris Nejdl says:

    great workout!

  31. Kathy Peacock says:

    That was AWESOME.

  32. Laura Carpenter says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ That was wonderful!! Thank you for sharing!

  33. Angel Cash says:

    Beautiful! Going to kick today’s booty!

  34. Lizzy Leigh says:

    Such a lovely practice. And it’s funny, I’ve always dreaded jumping jacks, and saw them as ‘hard work’, but I think that’s because I only ever did them with HIT workouts before. With you and this practice, I was actually able to feel the playful childlikeness with doing them instead! Lovely! 😀

  35. Sara K says:

    Thank you Adriene, that was amazing. Please come back soon with a 30 day challenge yoga

  36. Leanne Johnston says:

    I loved this! Thanks for posting / creating / leading a great class! I can’t wait to follow along with other videos 🙂

  37. MIMZ says:

    She looks like a fresh apple! <3

  38. Lewis Cook says:

    I wish I could show you a before and after picture. The Adrian you help me lose near 100 lb in 2016

  39. Robert Holmes says:


  40. mamfie6 says:

    Ive been with you since the beginning of this year. I have been doing repeat revolution yoga camp and your 30 days.
    Found this one. Oboy did I sweat. But love every minute of it. Thank you again.
    You really are very special to all of us out here.

  41. Charmaine D. says:

    Love you Adriene.

  42. katandmitch says:

    Fun practice, but wear a sports bra ?

  43. preety narendra Shende says:

    Beautiful……I enjoyed it?

  44. Simona Pau says:

    This is great. Thank you, Adriene. <3

  45. Bernadette Molloy says:

    Brilliant ?

  46. Madelyn Brouillard says:

    Wow! My mantra for the day was to practice facing challenges with laughter and joy (something i’ve been struggling with on the mat and in life) and I found this pace to be super challenging for me. But not once did I curse of get upset, I laughed it off and made it my own. Thank you thank you thank you Adriene

  47. jed gordon says:

    jumping jacks and yoga dont mix.

  48. Jasmine Sara says:

    Thank you so much I really enjoyed this and it was exactly what I needed today! Love your teaching style 🙂

  49. Eduardo says:

    Thanks for the video! 🙂 Great view

  50. LeenthePotato says:

    now that’s a workout! thank you so much Adriene! appreciating all your yoga videos! <3

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