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3:07, 25 November 2017

Politics of Good Men

Several individuals who are living in our society nowadays are of the idea that the greatest factor that could come about is to have the government to take more manage of our lives.  They accept the notion that it is OK to relinquish certain rights and liberties so as to allow the government dictate particular elements in everyone’s lives.  This, by any means, is not traditional wisdom and flies in the face of what America was founded on and what the word freedom means to many of us.

Freedom is greatest ascribed for man in the following way, to be left alone, to pursue one’s personal ends for one’s personal motives.  It is said that it should up to the individual to determine what is best for him in his life.  I think that many would agree that numerous of the rights we have as human beings are God offered and they cannot be taken away by any individual, organization or governmental physique.

If our society would take a closer look at society itself, take a moment to figure out what is going on in then people would be completely amazed at how deep the deception is. Yes there is a deception going on. This is occurring openly on an unknowing basic public for political as properly as state power.  I am quite certain that most see the way our government is behaving in an unfavorable light, and it is nothing less than despicable.  We have government officials embroiled in: tax evasion, spend for play, lying, obfuscation, disregard for the constitution, enforcing their personal belief systems so as to be fair or fairer to one particular group more than one more.  This is no way for man or government to be and undoubtedly is no way for men in power to behave. As it is, it should not be an acceptable practice that the most corrupt few tell everyone else how to reside, what to do, and in the process usurp all-natural freedoms.

If man were true to righteousness then we would have fair and just systems in spot. Those systems would in no way fail and the reason would be since man’s purity and obligation to do excellent. However, this is not the case, man is not pure, he is not capable of resisting each and every vice, and with some men, as it has been shown throughout history, have the vice of energy.  When a man of power attains a feeling of entitlement, empowerment or omnipotence then we have a man who could be prone to do wonderful evil upon his fellow man based on his private beliefs. 

Considering that man is imperfect it is fair to say that guys can be evil, and no matter how effectively intentioned a man is he can stray away from righteousness when he attempts to impose his own private beliefs on other individuals.  It tends to make me wonder what will it take to make guys in power come to the realization that their highest obligation is to constantly do very good. This is extremely easy to comprehend and is regarded as a single of the 1st Principles of the politics of excellent guys.  It was stated lengthy ago, 

«Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it» — William Pitt

It is now time for folks about the globe to realize the righteousness in themselves and demand that of their leaders.
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