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Thursday, 24 September 2020   Subscription to updates  RSS
5:03, 16 December 2017

Play Russian Roulette With Friends for Money in ‘Blind Luck’

Sometimes silly ideas can make for fun games if you add some kind of competitive element into the mix, and Blind Luck, the upcoming game recently posted in our forums, is doing just that. Blind Luck simulates the worst game you could ever play with a friend, Russian Roulette, and does it for in-game money. Specifically, you can challenge a friend or a random opponent into a game of Russian Roulette that has no cheats, power-ups, or anything that would dilute the experience. All you do is spin that barrel and try to survive longer than your friend. If you fail to do so, well, you face one of the many types of death, which the game’s cute art makes even more entertaining.

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Blind Luck has more stakes than just your life; money is also on the table. So, while your animated life doesn’t matter, your fake money does. You get to collect different characters along the way and compete with others for luck supremacy on Global Leaderboards. I expect many friends to be trying to kill each other before they themselves die once the game comes out. You can join the beta for Blind Luck in our forums and test your luck.


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