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11:25, 12 January 2018

Paracord Survival Bracelet with Adjustable Black Stainless Steel D Shackle – Grade Sort III Military Bracelet – Suitable for 8 to 9 Inch Wrists – Army Green

Leatherman TREAD Bracelet Multi-Tool: ten Month In-Use Evaluation

The Leatherman Tread is some of the coolest man-jewelry you can buy… and also it fixes stuff.
Get the Leatherman Tread right here: //
Leatherman MUT: //
Leatherman Charge AL: //
Leatherman Juice CS4: //
Leatherman Squirt PS4: //

For all factors The Late Boy Scout:

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. OldFurniture Guy says:

    good review. new subscriber.

  2. Dan Meuse says:

    im just gonna buy a $40 knockoff on ebay

  3. Karim Xyz says:

    this bracelet you can give ot somebody as a gift, who is inprisoned, think he could use it

  4. Chris Martinez says:

    I like the night you showed before the Leatherman bracelet where can I find those knives

  5. Greg Wallace says:

    What about TORX bit’s? You have to have some TORX’s bits.

  6. sickpuppy4711 says:

    I want this, but in titanium

  7. Mike kunaschk says:

    you need to stop repeating yourself, get to the point!

  8. Julian Rocha says:

    Bro…you opened a twist off with the bottle opener…???

  9. Riordan Plows says:

    i used this in a fight the other day…did the job tore up his face before engaing witthe father….i believe i removed some eye matter in the first 20 s

  10. Daniel Combs says:

    Could have used this while I was assembling a stand-up desk at work. Ended up using a 3 inch blade instead – to turn the screws. I can see the benefits when you don’t want to scare a bunch of people at the office with a giant hacksaw multi-tool.

    25 year warranty hopefully means bent chain replacement.

  11. Jacob Locklear says:

    I hate bracelets I’d rather have one tattooed on my wrist rather than where a real one

  12. fdsafdsafdsa says:

    @11:52 most all baby food jars were ion-exchange strengthened as far back as 1995 [also all glass epi-pens]. You could toss one up to the ceiling and let it drop on a hard linoleum floor and it would bounce like a ball.

    20 years later it is reasonable to expect that this ion-exchange treatment is used on most glass jars used in commercial food products, hence the tougher than expected jar.

    thanks for the review

  13. The 'Murican TexMex says:

    If I’m 100% honest with my self…I really just want it cuz I think it looks cool haha.

  14. Jeremiah Bell says:

    Looks like a good tool. I see it more like a backup tool for redundancy sake. Basically I’d carry and reach for my Surge first. So if i did get a Tread it wouldn’t get much use other than as a bracelet. But in a pinch the Tread would be handy to have around.

  15. marjamada says:

    "From a functional standpoint, no, come on…" That’s where I bailed, because carrying a $165 half-pound of steel on my wrist as ‘man jewelry’ just doesn’t figure in my life. But hey, there are feminine types that might need some ‘manliness’ on them.

  16. geeznogoodname says:

    Hmmm, needs to the the time, maybe even a gps or heart monitor!

  17. MISTA Incognito says:

    F you I love my lightning otf

  18. Biboz0r says:

    everyone hating on the price probably pay 80$ a month for their iphone 7 and 600 a month for their f-150, and have never purchased jewelry in their lives.

  19. neurobook says:

    When you start off fascinated with "man jewelry " – you have already set the bar very low.

  20. Virginia Dashcam says:

    Nice review. Just ordered it after watching. Thank you!

  21. Ched Leicester says:

    Could you use this as a watch strap?

  22. Dan Luckins says:

    you missed the VERY best leatherman, the Wave

  23. Daniel Lotockyj says:

    why does he keep calling a hex head a phillips

  24. Rotor Burns says:

    "man jewelry." oh Lord

  25. Greg Wallace says:

    The glass breaker is for tempered glass like in a car.

  26. Poly Nikes says:

    Meh. All I know is I love my Leatherman Surge. Ftw!

  27. TheGreatUtopiaCat says:

    interesting concept i see some ppl will buy it but imo needs improvement

  28. MidWesti says:

    be a cool watch

  29. zq h says:

    this is not the real leatherman!it is made in China,about 45 usd:)

  30. House Dolo says:

    they should have added a military grade watch to that tread to make it at least worth that ridiculous price.

  31. Nicholas R.M. says:

    All the screwdrivers on my Juice XE6 are twisted a bit… However, I have been using and abusing it almost daily for more than 8 years!

  32. Larry Williams says:

    I do not think that’s a nice bracelet to me it looks more like a eye sore kinda reminds me of a bike chain especially at the price of 200$!!! with shipping. .maybe if it was nicer or thinner like a different design

  33. Ron gould says:

    can’t watch this video. I’m interisting in the product, but this guy just like to talk! life is short! get to the point.

  34. aslanyavuz says:

    Anyone got a comparison review on surge vs mut

  35. WarGrrl3 says:

    I can’t wait til you guys see a Woman wearing one of these so you can finally get over the gender stereotyping. otherwise great vid, great info.

  36. Tommy Urbina says:

    i love the scoultism

  37. mark poznak says:

    thats cute. cant wait for the leatherman pocketbook and lipstick…

  38. Nate Rivera says:

    Does another company make a Xbox One multitool to compete with the PS4? Sorry I’ve wanted to make that joke for awhile. ?

  39. Mihir patel says:

    i really wish it could operate as a watch strap

  40. skullmster says:

    I have a Leatherman tred but I feel this tool is one of the few hassle free multi-tools travelers. I agree with the everyday carry that there are better multi-tools and it becomes a conversation piece over functionality. I think you missed fact that it is TSA compliant and does not look like a tool that has a knife. So if you are flying without checked luggage it means going through screening easily and without them looking over the multi-tool for a knife, or confiscating it  as a questionable item. You can walk into court houses and theme parks without problems.

  41. Rotor Burns says:

    its not a glass breaker its a scribe. a glass breaker has ceramic in it

  42. thedarkone123123 says:

    What a piece of crap.

  43. Timmy says:

    Massively UGLY!!!!

  44. cafn8ed74 says:

    I own one of these. It was a gift from my wife, and not really something I would have bought for myself. That being said, there’s one setting where the Tread picks up usefulness points, and that is in a setting where things like knives and multitools are forbidden. Need to open some sort of stubborn food package or sharpen a pencil while stuck in the courthouse on jury duty? No problem. Need to tighten an Allen screw on a wobbly hi chair in the airport terminal? No problem. No, it’s not the best tool, but it’s pretty universally accepted as pretty harmless. As a bonus it can keep a cranky toddler amused for up to 15 minutes.

  45. Sita van Waarde says:

    I Am a woman ,. And i have THE black Letherman
    Why needs you to say so manny time tis a manly bracelet
    Girls can love those stuff too ?!

    May be
    They develop. More special tools for THE tread
    Like a Pencil Sharpener link
    Why dont develop a link measure digital watch
    And a good working compas ?
    By THE way i realy love iT

  46. Altex lan says:

    Leatherman is assemble in USA but all parts is made in China, hehehehehehe
    many fool don’t know about it. in fact Leatherman was sue in court for it n they are
    not suppose to stamp "made in USA" on the tool.

  47. Julian Rocha says:

    Bro…you opened a twist off with the bottle opener…???

  48. Shawn Lavigne says:

    it’s cool, but not my style as far as getting some wrist time.

  49. Jorge Maluf says:

    this glass braker is crap

  50. Tristan Ben Gonzalo says:

    Your review sir helped me make up my mind, and I’m gonna buy one. Thank you!

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