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11:01, 15 January 2018

Out Now: ‘Rusty Lake Paradise’, ‘Let Them Come’, ‘HeliHopper’, ‘Fling Fighters’, ‘Tako Bubble’, ‘Logic Dots 2’, ‘Unlikely Heroes’, ‘Nindash: Skull Valley’, ‘Blobout’, ‘Beyond Helios’, ‘Swipe Fighter Heroes’, and More

Hello and welcome to the first Out Now post of 2018! You’ll have to excuse a lack of one of these posts for the past two weeks, the App Store was shut down from December 23rd to the 27th for the holidays, which meant that the week of the unfreezing didn’t really have many new releases, at least not enough to do a roundup of. There were a bit more new games this past week, though still not a ton, but the real issue was that both myself and Eli were out of town for the Hi-Rez Expo 2018. Well, things are mostly back to normal this week. It’s still a little slow in terms of new releases but there’s some good stuff out on this week’s list and I’ve also gone back for those two weeks we missed and included anything that looked interesting that we didn’t already cover previously. So check out the full list of new games below and as always let us know what you’ll be picking up this week!
Update: Latecomer Rusty Lake Paradise has been added to the list!

Asteroid Asteroid

iTunes Description
Blast Asteroids! Wave after wave, the asteroids keep coming. More and more asteroids. LOOKOUT! UFO’s are chasing you. Shoot them before they shoot you.
Your skills will be tested. How long will you survive in the asteroid field?
Asteroid Asteroid is a casual, arcade-style space shooter.
Forum Thread: Asteroid Asteroid (by Potato Toot LLC)

Beyond Helios

iTunes Description
Beyond Helios is a modern take on the retro space shooters found in arcades long ago. Your goal is to clear as many of the randomly generated battlefields as possible before all the ships in your squadron are taken out. A new battlefield is generated after each one you clear, so the game goes on as long as you can survive, but be careful the battles get more chaotic and dangerous as you progress. Completing zones earns you gems which you can use to buy effects and upgrades for your ship, allowing you to go even farther and keep increasing your high score!
Forum Thread: Beyond Helios (by Dylan Buchheim)


iTunes Description
Jump your Blob out of the mad scientist’s insane tower of tricks in Blobout, the insanely hard and addicting endless platformer!
Test yourself in the endless jumping action and challenge your friends on the leaderboards. Walljump, avoid hard traps and keep jumping to survive through the nearly impossible platformer.
Forum Thread: Blobout (by KIDE)

iTunes Description

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