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0:07, 26 August 2018

North Carolina mom in &#039disbelief&#039 right after son, 10, punished for calling teacher &#039ma&#039am&#039

North Carolina mom in &#039disbelief&#039 after son, ten, punished for calling teacher &#039ma&#039am&#039

The mother of a ten-year-old boy in North Carolina is outraged that her son was lately punished for calling his fifth grade teacher &quotma&rsquoam.&rdquo

&ldquoI was in disbelief,&rdquo Teretha Wilson, the boy&rsquos mother, told Fox News on Saturday.

Wilson noticed her son, Tamarion, was not himself when she picked him up from the bus quit earlier this week.

&ldquoI asked him what was wrong, and he told me he got in difficulty for saying ‘ma&rsquoam’ to a teacher. I was confused,&rdquo she stated.


Inquiring further, Wilson asked her son to give far more detail about the incident. That&rsquos when the fifth-grader at North East Carolina Preparatory College in Tarboro, North Carolina, pulled out a piece of lined paper with the word ma&rsquoam written dozens of times.

Wilson was shocked, especially when Tamarion told her that his teacher, who has not been formally identified, told him that he was essential to return the piece of paper with a parent&rsquos signature.

The young boy also claimed that the teacher threatened to throw some thing at him throughout the incident, his mother mentioned.

&ldquoHe was disappointed due to the fact he felt like he had carried out something wrong,&rdquo she mentioned.

The subsequent afternoon, Wilson went to the college to meet with Tamarion&rsquos teacher and the school’s principal. With her she brought a separate piece of paper on which her son had written the definition of ma&rsquoam. (According to the&nbspOxford Dictionaries,&nbspma&rsquoam is defined as &ldquoa term of respectful or polite address employed for a lady&rdquo).

Wilson claims Tamarion&rsquos teacher told her that her son &ldquowas receiving on her nerve when he called her ma&rsquoam&quot but &ldquocouldn&rsquot give me a reason of why that was undesirable.&rdquo The teacher also claimed Tamarion knew that she wasn&rsquot severe when she allegedly threatened to throw something at him, Wilson mentioned.

Tamarion has been placed in a different teacher&rsquos class considering that the incident occured.

In a statement to ABC 11, an official with the school named the situation a &ldquopersonnel matter,&rdquo which &ldquohas been handled appropriately by the K-7 principal.&rdquo

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Nevertheless, Wilson stated she plans to contact the college board on Monday to see &ldquoif they&rsquore really going to handle it,&rdquo even though she did not elaborate on what this would entail.

&ldquoThis is about my child getting respectful, then threatened to be hit with something. This isn&rsquot about racism, as some men and women have created it out to be,&rdquo Wilson said, referring to some of the comments on a family member&rsquos Facebook post where she detailed the incident.

Moving forward, Wilson stated she has encouraged her son to &ldquoalways be respectful to [his] elders even if they don&rsquot want to be known as ma&rsquoam,&quot she said.

&ldquoIs this what happens from raising your kid in a great way?&rdquo she asked.

A spokesperson for North East Carolina Preparatory College did not quickly respond to Fox News’ request for comment.&nbsp

Madeline Farber is a Reporter for Fox News. You can comply with her on Twitter @MaddieFarberUDK.

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