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1:26, 18 December 2017

New Genuine Dell Precision M3800 XPS 15 130W 19.5V 6.67A AC Adapter Charger 3XC39 492-BBIP 03XC39

New Genuine Dell Precision M3800 XPS 15 130W 19.5V six.67A AC Adapter Charger 3XC39 492-BBIP 03XC39

Product Description
New Genuine Dell Precision M3800 XPS 15 130W 19.5V 6.67A AC Adapter Charger 3XC39 492-BBIP 03XC39

Value: $69.95

  • Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V 6.67A 130W

Razer Blade vs Dell XPS 15 vs Macbook Pro 15 | Which is Best?

What’s the greatest laptop you can purchase? We evaluate three of the ideal (and most pricey!) laptops on the market place, the Razer Blade, Dell XPS 15 and Macbook Pro 15.

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#119 – Study Buddies
By TaylorB90 on 2012-04-28 23:19:57

Обсуждение: 49 коммент.
  1. kercmerk says:

    The guy on the left is so unbelievably biased towards the XPS 15, and I understand that’s because he owns one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a gorgeous laptop and I’m going to order the QHD model next year, but try to be a little more objective.

  2. Conikfly says:

    Well done. Good review

  3. Alexandre Rebmann says:

    I am a simple man, I got an XPS 15 9550, I see a review with other laptops, I click to see how he’s going to be the best and the winner ^^

  4. jigsaw99 says:

    retarded review. dell xps version they use has a terrible screen. you can get the 4k touch screen and it costs less than the apple version. XPS wins display.

  5. Morris Getman says:

    them dumping XPS’s display as "fine but needing an external monitor for video/photo" alone takes any credibility out of this review.

  6. RICKY SEKHON says:

    *Apple* not for cheap ass

    If you can’t afford it don’t be negative about it , simply buy other tons of cheap laptops out their

  7. Mjd Abrashh says:

    Did you take the laptops???

  8. Vincent Laurent says:

    This review is crap. As everybody says : 4K on XPS is the best… And MAC OS is shit. Performance and compatiblity issues…

  9. RayddenPrimeTV says:

    mmmhh nah..i ll go for the Razer Blade. the other 2 are a bit lame and cliche…more power , and is available in 4k touch screen..tho i wouldnt get that one just the 1080p is way more than enough on a small screen..14′ 15′ screen ..1080p is more than enough. the 4k crap is just a reason to boost price and suck up people’s money..the ignorant ones.. a big screen like a monitor or tv yes..4k go for it. but not on a small screen..its just money outta the window. honestly i like what u get with the razer blade compare to the dell or mac

  10. Sabrina B.Vree says:

    this was a great and short comparison video. thanks! probably going to get the dell xps15 🙂

  11. Denis Protopopov says:

    Actually, XPS 15 4k screen surpasses the MacBook Pro display in virtually every metric

  12. Robbie Robinson says:

    Common, really compare the right screens.

  13. kyle king says:

    Great comparison! Super quick and outlined alot of key points.

  14. FastLikeUNO says:

    The Dell kicks apple’s ass with the 4K IPS display and there is no contest.

  15. MARTAY MEDIA says:

    thank i made my mind up.now getting the Dell want a work horse and that’s the best i think

  16. Seedy Mcfly says:

    The guy on the right is clearly an Apple fanboy lolol. Very clear to see

  17. ThE LeOnIdAs says:

    the 2880×1800 ?? he said about the mac. Isnt it 3200×1800 ?

  18. Jerrell Cortinas says:

    Getting a mac cause I get 50% off lol

  19. swati mardia says:

    Why does the XPS have such an awkwardly positioned camera?? I would buy it if it did not!

  20. sakib ahmed says:

    dell should’ve gone all out with at least 1050Ti 4gb GPU …. then bannnnggggg ….

  21. Wolf OG says:

    You completely messed up the razer blade. First off. It now offers a 7700hq, and you didn’t mention how the razer blade has the 4K touch screen the same as dell so. Horrible review. Know your facts next time


    is the Dell good for Adobe Premiere Pro after effects and fast rendering what screen you think is best for editing 4k or FHD

  23. UnderWaterFilms says:

    It’s between the Razer and XPS for me personally. I video edit, produce music, and game heavily. This would also be used for college… The ONLY thing that throws me off from the Razer is how ugly the screen is with those bezels. Also, editing on a 13 inch screen is…. kind of hard. Anyways, what do you people think?

  24. Mohammed Aliyu says:

    Get last years model of XPS 15 which can be had for around 700 now

  25. Joshua Afolabi says:

    replace xps with dell precision

  26. Lee Cason says:

    this is an apple hugging review. the 4k Dell XPS has a higher screen accuracy and higher resolution AND less bezels than the MacBook
    I don’t usually complain about bias but that is soooooooooo stupid

  27. Derek Furst says:

    The guy on the right seems to be an apple apologist. Every compliment he gives the mac seems to be followed with an explanation why he’s reaching on it.

    Poor battery life: "well people overestimate their workload and apple isn’t great about communicating battery life"

    its display "well its got the best colors" even though the almost universal consensus is that the xps has the best display

    the fucking ports "well you can technically plug anything into it" and then goes on to skip the rebuttal to the "adapter" argument.

    You can like macs. But even mac fans acknowledge this was a flop. its a waste of money. just accept it

  28. Peeyush Kumar says:

    The guy on the right kind of looks like ali a

  29. Davin Mountifield says:


  30. Cid Jackson says:

    Did you film this in Farnborough?

  31. barcitaa says:

    The blade has horrible screen aspect ratio! if it wasnt because of that I would definitly buy it.

  32. Oshawott 98 Channel says:

    Go for Macbook 15, its better!

  33. Silly Thing says:

    the only thing that bugs me in this video is the two table is uneven

  34. Artisan of Adaptation says:

    The Dell takes the cake for the screen. Don’t kid yourself idiots.

  35. RamonTV HD says:


  36. Moin Ud Din says:

    please tell me best laptop

  37. Ben Benkhadra says:

    Razer: Ugly but powerful with a nice chroma Keyboard. Terrible quality and support

    Dell XPS: Crap but good value. With all Dell problems. You know… it’s Dell

    MacBook Pro: Best Machine in the world (Beast) but a bit overpriced.

    Surfacebook is also Great like MacBook Pro but for windows.

  38. Roshna Sanjay says:

    They said everything I wanted them to say luved this vid

  39. Carson W says:

    Dell XPS- Casual people who are educated
    Razer Blade- Gamers looking for a portable oasis (that of course has good bit of money)
    MacBook Pro- Idiots who want a pretty computer

  40. kuterv says:

    Eh, If Razer had that gorgeous XPS’s screen

  41. tipoomaster says:

    The 4K Dell screen iirc has the widest and most colour accurate coverage of all of them, rMBP included. Something like 99% gamut vs 75%. But otoh, then you don’t get its 10 hour battery life anymore. 2880×1800 is a pretty good middle ground.

  42. sale83 says:

    Macbook pro, overpiced junk with ddr3 and radeon pro 560 in it’s strongest version for 2017.Joke.

  43. Stacko says:

    Easy choices. Razer for gaming, XPS for anything but gaming, and MacBook if you have down syndrome!

  44. raunk says:

    VOTE for XPS 15 !

  45. Morphic says:

    The guy on the left has no clue what hes saying 2:39 he says the laptops both have pascal GTX 1060 and GTX 1050 these cards do not have a pascal form like the Titan series

  46. Irwan Dharmawan says:

    As a designer and programmer, also heavy gamer, i would like to recommend you to use Razer Blade, it so versatille for every work that need to be done quickly and works with many windows. Im not sure about the bad side, but the black things on every side of the screen just throw me up to an old time.

    XPS 15 is very good too, it has average quality between Razer and Macbook. The only bad side that i found in XPS is for heavy gamer, XPS has an average fps and performance for playing game (Heat will be increasing more drastically) compare with Razer.

    Everyone know macbook has many good sides for every work a holic and developer person. But if you like to use many programs and spend less of money, Windows and Linux will be the best. Simple and Elegant will be nominated to Macbook, but yeah macbook is very bad at gaming.

  47. simon gentry says:

    next time review based on professional usage – real world peeps using the laptop for the video editors, music producers and pro photographers out in the field… pls. ty

  48. Ayush Khanal says:

    aero 15 is the best

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