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7:54, 20 December 2017

New Dell XPS 15 9550 laptop // 15.six” FHD (1920 x 1080) InfinityEdge Screen, Intel Skylake i5-6300HQ Quad Core, 1TB HDD + 32GB SSD, 8GB Ram, NVIDIA GTX 960M 2GB, Bluetooth 4.1, Win 10

New Dell XPS 15 9550 laptop // 15.6″ FHD (1920 x 1080) InfinityEdge Screen, Intel Skylake i5-6300HQ Quad Core, 1TB HDD + 32GB SSD, 8GB Ram, NVIDIA GTX 960M 2GB, Bluetooth 4.1, Win ten

Product Description
Dell XPS 15 9550 laptop // 15.six” FHD (1920 x 1080) InfinityEdge Screen, Intel Skylake i5-6300HQ Quad Core, 1TB HDD + 32GB SSD, 8GB Ram, NVIDIA GTX 960M 2GB, Bluetooth 4.1, Win 10

Price: $1,299.11

  • 6th Generation Intel Core i5-6300HQ Quad Core (6M Cache, up to three.2 GHz)
  • 15.six” FHD (1920 x 1080) InfinityEdge Screen
  • 1TB 5400RPM Difficult Drive + 32GB Solid State Drive, 8GB (1x8G) 2133MHz DDR4 Memory
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M with 2GB GDDR5
  • Windows 10 property

Dell XPS 15 9560 – 1 Month Later Overview

Ive had the Dell XPS 15 9560 for about a month and a half and im going to inform you why you ought to consider purchasing it or not.

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External Mic: Rode VideoMicro
Tripod: Manfrotto Compact Action
Phone: LG v20

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By kjarrett on 2007-08-09 18:47:30
tagsGet The Best Bang For Your Buck With These Laptop Ideas

If you need a laptop laptop, there are many variables to consider. Now that computers have reached a high level of advancement, the possibilities are quite a few. Read these tips to uncover the best laptop laptop for your wants.

The property shopping networks regularly sell laptop computer systems at a wonderful cost. These internet sites provide monthly payment plans with no credit check. You might get the laptop you have often wanted for just $100 a month.

Prior to getting a laptop, create a spending budget. When deciding on the spending budget, you need to consider the sort of laptop you will want. Do you want a Mac or a Computer? Macs have the benefit of superior graphics technology which is fantastic for those who use graphic-rich applications.

Appear at on the internet reviews prior to buying a laptop. Anything new can be dazzling, like a laptop, but if you move as well rapidly, you might later find out some much less-appealing items that you wish you knew. For that reason, it pays to get the impressions of existing owners.

If you program to watch any HD movies or engage in lots of gaming, it is much better to get a laptop that has dedicated graphics chips. With no that, you may possibly discover that other laptops with integrated graphics could have problems keeping up with your demands. Choose between a dual-core and quad-core processor laptop.

Paying this amount for a laptop won’t mean that you happen to be getting a much better 1. This isn’t the case when you spend a lot more cash since you will not usually get the greatest machine. Sometimes, you are only paying added for the name. Be particular to use specifications as you guiding rulebook.

A intelligent investment to defend the laptop from overheating is getting Excess heat is amongst the most frequent causes of laptop trouble. Just $20 can give you a cooling pad for your laptop and extend the life of your machine.

If feasible, get a hands-on test drive of the laptop you are contemplating so you know the actual size, weight and really feel of it. Several people overlook a single of the most critical characteristics of a laptop – how it physically fits you or the ergonomics. Your laptop need to be a comfy one for you to use.

If you are seeking for a laptop pc, do not get a netbook. They look like miniature laptops, but they are not a laptop. Netbooks offer fundamental functionality for net surfing and e mail, but lack the power of correct laptops. Although netbooks have their objective, they are not a good substitute for a laptop computer.

When you are searching to buy a new laptop, shop sensible. Look about at office supply stores and other stores that carry laptops to see a wide variety in person. Play around with whatever models you can to make certain that you are happy with your decision. Once you uncover a laptop you like, commence searching online for the very best deal.

Now that you have the info you discovered in this post, you can get the laptop you have been wanting. You are much better prepared to understand what you are shopping for. The key is to choose the ideal a single for your wants. It is an crucial choice, and you will need to spend close interest to all particulars.

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  1. Simone Dibari says:

    I would agree that this laptop is fantastic, but I’ve returned my laptop to Dell twice and they still haven’t been able to fix it .

  2. Radicool Gaming says:

    You can game on it if you connect it to the Razer Core. You will have to get the latest BIOS update from dell’s site and Razer Synapse software from Razer’s website.

  3. Leo Fang says:

    Great Video! It makes me quite determined to get a Dell XPS 15. Do you think 4K and touch screen is nessesary? I’m a photographer and I do a lot of photo retouching.

  4. klaire bee says:

    I’ve had my current laptop for about 4 years (it’s a dell inspiron) and I can’t wait to get a new one !! The xps 15 with 4k is still kind of expensive for me but seems 100% worth it- I’ve done A LOT of hours of research lol. I’m also entering college soon so I hope it will come into great use if I do actually get it. Thanks for the review

  5. Loser says:

    how about the finger print scanner? I heard that it wasn’t very efficient on a lot of models

  6. 95btkh says:

    How’s the battery life for your day to day use?

  7. Malitha Dharmawardhane says:

    Does the dell xps 15 4K have a bad battery life? How many hours can u spend on it.

  8. musmost says:

    Great review my two times
    I have a question
    can I run games on this laptop? especially open world games like GTA and witcher 3

  9. Dhruv Garg says:

    Nice video! How is the sound quality on the headphone jack output?

  10. Lewis W says:

    Waiting on delivery…….. ETA – 20th

  11. RGMG says:

    Good video….Just bought the Dell XPS 15 myself. So far so good. 1 complaint….I was getting the error message in browser (Microsoft Edge) that read "Hmm, we can’t reach this page". Problem was INTERMITTENT on random sites. Called Dell Tech Support…spent first 3 hours I got laptop on phone with their support. They were unable to resolve within doing a REINSTALL of Windows. Wasn’t happy about that but everything has been working great since. I’m using for Video Editing…

  12. Mrigaank Shah says:

    Hi. I had a question about quad core laptops in general. What is it that dual core laptops fail to do that quad core can? I mean, can you do all work on a dual core? And does number of cores have a difference in the longevity of the device?

  13. Mathias Cilia says:

    hey bro, which model do you have? the i7 or i5? loved the was very helpful and i think i’ll just buy it tbh

  14. Epidrigo says:

    Amazing review dude! Well done

  15. Joe Elgar says:

    Love the double chin comment lmaoooooooo

  16. Donna Gambrell says:

    Thanks For The Share!! I’m getting ready to purchase mine, however, all I’ve been viewing are the silver color looking ones. Unless my eyes have deceived me, urs look like a matt black…….I, honestly, do not like the silver colored ones. I want the blk one. Again, thanks for the share; enjoyed watching the video!! God Bless & Be Well11

  17. Brandon 45 says:

    I am getting the dell xps 15 man!!!

  18. Derek Uhm says:

    Do you time your comments to the music? Damn that sounded like a monologue in a real song

  19. gonbechyan says:

    I have a question about the laptop. I’m considering buying it, but my biggest worry is the speakers. Do the speakers being on the bottom of the laptop really affect the sound quality?

  20. Stefan Andersson says:

    Do you use it for a workstation? IF so, what docking station do you use? Im wondering if I should go get the dell thunderbolt docking station, or a cheaper version

  21. Zac S says:

    Great video I love the chill vibes. Keep it up man

  22. Nico Szapsiowicz says:

    What is the better power bank for this beast? Very good video. Beast regards from Argentina

  23. Ben Steyn says:

    Love the porno music in the background lol sounds like your making love to the laptop thumbs up from South Africa

  24. Dean Bullock says:

    Cool video. Subbed 🙂

  25. Speeder says:

    Great video bro, thanks for sharing.

  26. Paulo says:

    Razer for smaller? hmmm (X) doubt

  27. Steven Salazar says:

    Hey can you make a video about the correct/best way to clean its carbon fiber part? I have been searching videos about any laptop with carbon fiber and couldnt find any :/

  28. aribbonatatime says:

    you’re a good reviewer. Nice job

  29. Denis Bonasera says:

    Thanks for the nice review mate!

  30. Jericho Pedronio says:

    Is the FHD screen worth it? is the difference between the 4k and FHD that big? cause I prefer matte finish over glossy..

  31. Gadget Man says:

    I only subscribed because you had De La Soul in your intro 🙂
    I should also mention, having no issues with screen flicking, coil whine or killer wifi dropping connection so this laptop I use for heavy tasks and a entry level 2017 MacBook Pro 13 for travel seems to be the perfect combo for me.

  32. diego m says:

    Hey, im dealing with the struggle of buying this laptop or save more money and buy a macbook pro 15(at least 2016 with similar not that much lower spec than this one) for 3d modeling, rendering, photoshop,etc. Can you give me some advice?

  33. The Epicurean Mat says:

    Dude, I’m loving your review syle. Thumbs up! N I fully agree, the guy who thought of the camera placement NEEDS TO BE FIRED! Hahahah! I’m thinking of getting the XPS 15 for video editing work as well but I’m kinda torn between this n the Asus Zen Pro UX550. Any thoughts on that? Tks dude. 🙂

  34. ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ says:

    You’re black…

  35. Brandon 45 says:

    Cool video man!!!

  36. Spicy MayMay says:

    enjoyed the video! I really like the slow-paced relaxed tone, nice and easy to listen to.
    purchased the 9560 myself last week and waiting for it to ship. I’m an I.T student and need something to handle multiple VM’s at a time

  37. Soso64bit says:

    I feel like making love to my girl after watching this for some reason..

  38. Aayush Kc says:

    macBookpro or dellxps 15 i cannot choose ??

  39. Mr Thug says:

    that music made me feel like i am watching a porn

  40. ki hyeok Jang says:

    I wanna buy!! but waiting for 8th gen intel core…

  41. says:

    hey thanks for the info.
    I’m a mac user and I never turn off my macbook air. It goes to sleepy and wake up really fast. The battery doesn’t go down while on sleep mode. Problem that I had with old windows computer. How does the xps works on this matter?

  42. hennwei says:

    are you recording in your office? O:

  43. nucci giovanni says:


  44. 김재준 says:

    Is monitor Ghosting a major issue? I heard some comments about this model that it has a poor response time, thus a severe ghosting lag… nice voice by the way!

  45. Eduardo Mota says:

    When you say around $2000 would you still recommend getting the "cheaper" versions. I’m looking for a laptop for exactly what you said daily use and light gaming but the $2000 price tag was not part of the picture.

  46. KNorth2 says:

    Camera is the only thing I don’t like about this machine from store visits. I finally decided to order one Sunday night, but I will need to figure out my solution for the cam. I mean, I have a Logitech C920 webcam, but my concern is how little bezel there is for it to sit on. I guess we shall see.

  47. Shahab Hamidi says:

    Instead of you consider to performance , on the contrary you have focused on the unimportant things

  48. saki says:

    *What are you thinking about this one, I’d like really to know:*

    *Dell Precision 5520, Intel-Core XEON E3-1505M v6 (Quad Core Xeon, 3 GHz, 4 GHz Turbo), UHD, 32GB DDR4-SDRAM 2400MHz, M2 PCle SSD 1TB class 50, NVIDIA Quadro M1200 4GB GDDR5, Lithium-Bat. 97 Wh*

    *Costs $4,000 – worth it or not?*

  49. Umer Khalid says:

    I got the 4k version for VMware use. I had the screen issue and I guarantee that is the driver issue, nothing hardware related! If you’re using it to run virtual machines like me please just don’t use antivirus like AVG and Avast as their behavior analysis components cause the VMs so slow down to a halt.

  50. cchanyam says:

    Thanks a lot for the review. This kinda helps me a lot with decision making.

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