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Friday, 27 November 2020   Subscription to updates  RSS
5:02, 19 November 2017

Nekki’s New 3D Fighting Game ‘Shadow Fight 3’ Now Available Worldwide

It’s been a long time coming for the latest entry in the popular Shadow Fight series, and we’ve been covering the development of the third game since it was originally announced in April of last year. After closed beta testing and a significant soft-launch period, Shadow Fight 3 [Free] has finally launched globally in the App Store. Shadow Fight 2 become a massive hit with its focus on extremely technical fighting and incredibly smooth animations. Basically, because its gimmick was that all the fighters were just silhouettes, they could add a tremendous amount of frames of animation to the characters without having to literally draw all those frames. It made for a really neat look, too. Well, Shadow Fight 3’s major change is the jump into full 3D polygonal models and backgrounds, meaning the characters actually have details and there’s a huge emphasis on all the crazy armors and weapons you can unlock and equip in the game which will change your fighter’s appearance and abilities. Keeping to its roots though, the shadow fighting is still here, just as more of a special mode you can enter into during fights.

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I was a big fan of Shadow Fight 2, but it took a while. Like I said, it’s an extremely complex and technical fighter, so it’s not as easy to just jump in and start throwing down as it is in more arcade style fighters. That said, once you’ve put the time into learning the game it’s a very rewarding experience, and although I’m pretty early into Shadow Fight 3 I think the same will be true here. I wasn’t so sure about the new 3D visuals at first but I actually really like them, it’s a beautiful game and more importantly it’s just as smooth as ever. There’s some freemium shenanigans to deal with but so far it doesn’t seem any worse than the previous game. I’m excited that Shadow Fight 3 is finally officially released so I can really dive in, so if you’ve been anxiously waiting to get your hands on it you can grab it with the link below and share your thoughts and strategies with other players in our forums.


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