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4:41, 16 January 2018



My body hates me… And pills 🙁

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torbakhopper from heaven warns — beware of white imperialists/imperialism disguised as the criminal actions of impoverished militants (2015)
dear planet sheep and fools and holier than thous…

the cash makes the mustard.
you place it on the dog.

you eat the dog
and never say thanks.

schill, shell, shall!!!

you are the greatest

ERBIL, 5 August 2014 – The reported deaths of 40 children from minority groups who had been displaced from Sinjar city and district by armed violence are of extreme concern.

According to official reports received by UNICEF, these kids from the Yazidi minority died as a direct consequence of violence, displacement and dehydration over the previous two days.

Households who fled the area are in quick need of urgent help, such as up to 25,000 young children who are now stranded in mountains surrounding Sinjar and are in dire need of humanitarian aid which includes drinking water and sanitation services.

Sinjar, a district of Ninewa in northwest Iraq with a population of at least 150,000 children – such as numerous who are internally displaced – was taken more than by the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) on Sunday.

Kids are specifically vulnerable, and are most affected by the continuing violence, displacement and fighting in Iraq. UNICEF repeats its urgent get in touch with for all young children in want to be protected and immediately offered with life-saving assistance to avoid additional loss of life.

so let me ask you this… how are these children undertaking right fking now?!?!?!

do you even care??

what if JUST one of these kids had been yours?!?!

no, truly, let’s just get back to all that other exciting NEWS. what is so &quotnewsy&quot about thousands of violently displaced children?
By torbakhopper on 2015-01-08 20:04:ten

Xuancheng: poultry urgent “upgrade”

Farming modest scale, low-technology, lack of brand

Reading Tips Xuancheng poultry sector far more than twenty years, critical in the province, the city has been eager to develop a “poultry sturdy city.” This year, announced the city sent went to Weifang, Qingdao, special “discover” poultry farming, processing and export 7 months late, the city has held two high-profile forum on the poultry sector cluster improvement, conspiracy Poultry Market Modernization and development. How to strengthen and expand the poultry sector?

Poultry sector have met with the “bottleneck”

“Poultry farming is the city’s important industries of agriculture and also agriculture and rural financial improvement in our city’s highlights, big-scale, intensive, standardization and industrialization of sophisticated level in the province.” Morning of September four, Xuan City Agriculture Commission deputy director of the Hai-Lin Chen told reporters.

Xuancheng poultry sector over twenty years of history, the initial formation of chicken, duck, egg birds, avian architecture and avian 4 poultry breeding, hatching, breeding poultry merchandise, animal feed, slaughter and processing, poultry items in circulation and other industrial program to match. In 2008, the city reached 210 million poultry, accounting for the province’s 1 / five, an annual turnover of five billion yuan, accounting for large-scale farming for much more than 90% of the total.

The exact same time, Xuancheng poultry initially constructed the “major enterprises + Association + + professional farmers cooperatives farmers” organizational system of agricultural industrialization, emergence of four state-level, 5 provincial agricultural industrialization top enterprises, poultry farming cooperatives, a lot more than 40 specialist farmers a lot more than 4,000 households. In the Yangtze River Delta in East China, specially the establishment of a much more stable sales network of much more than 85% of poultry and poultry products sold in this area to become the largest in East China’s poultry chicks, meat and poultry items production base.

In Anhui Province, east China, the poultry business has a major Xuancheng. But greater than not know, a much more than surprised. Shandong trip to Xuancheng poultry industry, “well-liked shock,” “enlightening” to improve the development of a sense of crisis, the stress and responsibility. Compared with advanced countries, Xuancheng poultry market in the industrial scale, industrial level, the core technologies and brand building, there is a number of “bottlenecks” in urgent require to break.

Uncover the potential difference was discovered

“Deep processing capacity to a huge extent decide the level of industrialization.” Hai-Lin Chen, said, compared with the advanced area, declared the city poultry goods processing capacity, export capacity and the level is still in the initial level. Most enterprises nonetheless stay in the slaughter division of the original stage, low added worth, urgent extension of industrial chain. The Qingdao and other areas devoted to the development and processing of poultry merchandise, has created a deep-fried, grilled, conditioning class 3 series more than 50 varieties, a massive number of merchandise are exported, but also distribution to the KFC, McDonald’s and other Western-style quick-meals enterprise.

Xuancheng scale poultry market should be improved. So far, none of the poultry industry in the city listed in city scale poultry enterprises in 3737, slaughter capacity to 50,000 to 100,000 and 100,000 or a lot more, only 298, 49, were only large-scale breeding of 7.97 % and 1.32%. Some little-scale farmers poorly equipped facilities, quarantine method is not excellent, technology is weak, the production level is low. Xuancheng poultry businesses want to “upright” massive groups of big enterprises.

In core technology, Xuancheng poultry sector “voice” not much. Shandong inspection process, the city discovered that the local poultry industry focus on technological innovation and institutional innovation in breeding technology, processing technology, item development, high quality management, and other places have formed their personal special core technology. Even so, the city declared the poultry enterprise talent shortage, technologies improvement and application as “weakness”, how to accelerate the improvement of qualified personnel to promote technology innovation and service, to turn into bigger and stronger company imperative.

“No brand is our painful encounter.” During the interview, head of the city of some poultry businesses have stated that. No brand, there is no industry, is challenging to talk about sustainable and healthier improvement. Declared the city a quantity of poultry firms, but simply because of the low degree of industrialization, technical force is not robust, brand-developing seriously lagging behind, the lack of “China Renowned Brand”, “Chinese famous brand” and so on-identified and influential in the name of particular merchandise, and variety single, homogeneous significant, exports have not but “of the essay.”

“2003 Year ‘atypical pneumonia’ as the industry common Xuancheng poultry farming possibilities, soon after 2004 the ‘bird flu’ to promote the poultry market Xuancheng the road to industrial improvement, the 2008 is a challenge considering that the monetary crisis and opportunities, Xuancheng poultry business to seize the theme of accelerating the development of meals safety, upgrade the industry, worthy of severe discussion. “Xuancheng Agriculture Commission associated to the person in charge.

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  1. Anabell Gordon says:

    One time I took a tums and I thought I could just Swallow it and so I did. So I drank coke and it helped. But it hurt sooo bad.

  2. Cupcakes says:

    3:02 #MileyCyrus

  3. Sophie Luv says:

    I hate soup the most ???that made me so happy

  4. Ian Arechiga says:

    This happend to me right now, i found this video looking for what is wrong with me, worst feeling ever??

  5. Angelina Morris says:

    Couldn’t you just blend solid food

  6. KrazyStuff#Stupid #Music says:


  7. Tammy Mcguire says:

    Hates lodged pills in throat .. food too & so sorry.. you will throw up sorry ok

  8. Ava28 says:

    I WANT COKE ??

  9. Tammy Mcguire says:

    Scary Arse posters . Dont get riled by those ok.. lol

  10. Cookie Girl says:

    but soup is da worst ;(

  11. The B and C Show says:

    You can put your food in a blinder

  12. Gabriella Mojica says:

    Look at matt

  13. Tammy Mcguire says:

    Oo yes coke does dissolve capsules truly

  14. Laurie H. says:


  15. Sydney Bush says:

    I love you now because I’m not the only one who hates yogurt

  16. Delaney Walker says:

    love you Rachel!!!!

  17. Simply Eva says:

    ik how u feel i have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

  18. Amanda Bigham says:


  19. Trista D. says:

    omg I feel so bad for u

  20. Harry_Potter_Fan_Girl _101 says:

    This is why I don’t take pills I’m scared

  21. Leah Schipf says:


  22. Samantha Sansom says:

    I had to drink coke as well but that’s because I was ill

  23. LammNguyennn says:

    you say soup in a very funny way

  24. trinidee says:

    I want a doctor to tell me I have to drink Coke

  25. Kira Tortomasi says:

    i know that i’m gonna get a lot of hate for this but I don’t like soda

  26. Shannon Gilbraith says:

    I hate soup as well

  27. Weird Observationer says:


  28. James Respress says:

    One day I was talking to my brothers and I swallow a half chip,and it hurt when I swallow it

  29. Maria Rebecca says:

    Same I hate soup too

  30. Lily Blogs says:

    I don’t like Coke I would much rather drink Diet Coke but I don’t know if that would work the same if you actually read this comment please tell me I haven’t had it happen to me before but I just want to know in case

  31. Randem Evans says:

    Best prescription ever

  32. Ag.peace says:

    Pause at 1:58 ?

  33. Autumn Estabrook says:

    I have to drink coffee every day

  34. Leslie Paniagua says:

    thats what i wanted a doctor to say to me…?

  35. sunny sunny says:

    That’s happened to meeeee

  36. Tammy Mcguire says:

    I’m just a nurse lol enjoy

  37. The B and C Show says:

    Hi love you

  38. Awesometeddygirl 123 says:

    I like soup and yogurt!

  39. Heidi Shuler says:

    You are so cool!!!!!!!

  40. Kam Bice says:

    Awl! I love soup!?

  41. EJ Pickle says:

    When ever I get migraines, my doctor tells me I have to have chocolate and coke a cola. sadly I am unlike 99.9% of people and I hate both of those??

  42. Wolf Ella says:

    I wish my doc told me to eat cake every day

  43. The Maddie Carnochan says:

    Can u come to Dubai???

  44. Zuper_girl says:

    My aunt has this thing and shes not allowed to eat vegetables or anything healthy?
    Basicly the only thing that wont almost kill her is junkfood

  45. Katie Reidy says:

    Whenever I take any pill it gets stuck in my throat and it last for about two days and I also get really bad acid reflux

  46. little princess says:

    Rachel has a problem with soda but not fattening meat and animal products and eating that fattening food at 1am ? , but she has a problem with SODA. I don’t like soda but come on.

  47. Lily morris says:

    Idk Rachel Idk

  48. Evil Bastard says:

    You must be from california…

  49. Well Hello says:


  50. Elizabeth Jacobs says:

    Don’t dry swallow pills! That’s right kids you heard Rachel, don’t dry swallowed pills! ?

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