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11:15, 19 December 2017

Military Tactical Backpack,Small Molle Assault Pack Army Bug Out Bag Backpacks Rucksack Daypack with Tactical US Flag Patch Black

Military Tactical Backpack,Tiny Molle Assault Pack Army Bug Out Bag Backpacks Rucksack Daypack with Tactical US Flag Patch Black

Solution Description
Desc.: Military Tactical Backpack with US Flag Patch
Tactical assault backpack size approx.:11″*18″*12″ (W*H*D), it’s typical size daypack
Military backpack is made of 600D higher density fabric–sturdy and water-resistant.
Tactical backpack has molle system,
MOLLE is a small different as most tactical molle bacpkacks and is not to spec.
Spacing in between of molle is less than 1/two”.
Military backpack with double-stitched, Heavy duty zippers and utility-style cord pulls,
Side and front load compression system, Comfortable padding back location, Ventilated mesh padding shoulder strap.
Tactical backpack has hydration compatible that performs wonderful for a two.5L hydration bladder(backpack didn’t consist of hydration bladder).
Notice: Tactical assault pack backpack’s waist straps and chest straps are removable,
please verify straps just before you use it in order to avoid straps fell off and lost.

Cost: $37.50

  • Tactical assault backpack size approx.:11″*18″*12″ (W*H*D), it is normal size daypack
  • Military backpack has molle technique, MOLLE is a little different as most tactical molle bacpkacks and is not to spec. Spacing amongst of molle is significantly less than 1/two”
  • Military backpack with double-stitched, Heavy duty zippers and utility-style cord pulls, Side and front load compression system, Comfy padding back region, Ventilated mesh padding shoulder strap.
  • Tactical assault backpack has hydration compatible that works excellent for a two.5L hydration bladder (backpack didn’t contain hydration bladder) as hydration backpack or outside camping hiking backpack.
  • Tactical assault pack’s waist straps and chest straps are removable as heavy duty perform or school backpack, please verify straps prior to you use it in order to stay away from straps fell off and lost.

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  1. Song Bird says:

    video was good but thumbs down because of clickbait

  2. IPLAY ROBLOX says:

    Sky saver that sucks they can just cut the rope lol

  3. Garrett - says:

    4:30 Wouldn’t pulling the charging handle be your first option?

  4. Ahmad Zaki says:

    Disliked due to thumnail bait

  5. clayton sample says:

    the sky saver is a really good invention for aparments high up

  6. Душан Радин says:

    Mandalorian armor that is not…just a game pack.

  7. Lee Darklighter says:

    8:09 What if the bad guys shoot you in the top of the head whilst you descend down the building?

  8. Tim Lipinski says:

    Just one big add !  The head light is great because it includes a Red LED !  A RED LED with the head Light is great at Star Parties ! ! !  And all Leatherman Tools are Great !  tjl

  9. lyx says:

    the clips can break not that hard for the battle belt, better use metal, or lock in metal pins of course thicker once not thin

  10. Jason Koth says:

    Where is my Clone Trooper Face Mask like in the thumb nail?

  11. poser sh!t says:

    I don’t want to join the military but I pretend to be a veteran starter pack

  12. Adam Collins says:

    6:25 who the fuck ever opened the MRE box with a fucking knife? It’s like a cereal box. Does this person open up his cupboards in the morning and slice open his box of Raisin Bran with a fucking knife?

  13. Ben Moreno says:

    tumbnail not real? aww i wanted to look like a proto type boba fett ;^;

  14. Ahmed Taha AlNady says:

    Technology is gate to the future
    – strong arm … open any bunker’s door crush any lock on it with no need to exploding it with a small & handy lithium ion powered tool
    – strikes lights … with IR lights built in it … see your foes & identify your friends easily & stealthy

  15. BrightForestTV says:

    Click bait pictures should be banned.

  16. Andrew Mason says:

    Roses are red,Violets are blue,I came for the thumbnail and you did too.

  17. Fv M says:

    Strikes lighting+ shows the sniper just where to shoot to get that +100 headshot!!

  18. Robicheaux 88 says:

    that thumb nail pic was so fucken cringy omg. smfh

  19. Sascha Gruss says:

    Because everyone needs tactical gears, as much as he can get….

  20. Jedi -master Nender says:

    If you use that light in the military you’re begging the sniper to shoot you

  21. Cipta Cambo says:

    Oh my fv<king god, what stupid POG came up with this list?!

  22. Teddy Bird says:

    What if you are using the sky saver and someone just cuts the wire.

  23. Назар Гуляк says:


  24. ROSS JONES says:

    I love click bait.

  25. Michael Warnock says:

    …………. i own a MUT its not only available to the Military and Law Enforcement Agencies.

  26. Mickei says:

    More like 5 useless / overpriced items

  27. Travis Space says:

    7:25 I thought the bad guy was trying to shoot his buddy in the back with that kind of barrel movement, horrible acting

  28. Emanhoe says:

    the soldier in the thumb looked like a clone trooper but if it was in the American army

  29. Pele sch says:

    8:12 – seriously ?
    i understand if you use it for a fire in the building but "running away from terrorists" ?
    stupid commercial

  30. Manish Sharma says:

    Sky Saver is for those whose boss sits near front door of the office… especially for Fridays…:-)

  31. Attila Kun-Szabo says:

    Sky saver is good until they cut the rope

  32. Orion Some says:

    Why didn’t the assassins just cut the sky saver string.

  33. El Hombre Mo says:

    4:16 – Hahaha really? The bolt override tool? i’m pretty sure that’s what the charging handle is for… but ok.

  34. Jillsandwich says:

    Lmaoo that malfunction took is dumb just perform sports if that doesn’t work move on to remedial action ??‍♂️

  35. wizzzer1337 says:

    didn’t know Mandalorian Armor is tactical gear I should have.

  36. MadKiller _ 324 says:

    0:20 Oh look they have achines to break thin peices of wood and doors look what i have it’s my foot it can shatter glass kick doors down shoot through walls great isn’t it thanks for giving me this amazing limb god

  37. Krappy Doodlez says:

    Lets just hope the criminals after this guy don’t unlatch the hook……. It would be better for the guy to have a firearm and defend himself .

  38. Enrique Torres says:

    5, useless, why would you need to clamp anything in the field, you have the but of your gun, your elbow, knee, fist, and feet. 4, if your going to be sneaky you don’t use a light you use, thermo googles because law enforcement don’t do thing quietly all the way through, just getting to the destination quietly which they can do without any light, except special government squads. 3, great tool in the field. 2, why would you have a backpack with cord to zip line down, if you know what your doing you can just jump out and role, go with the crowd, have a hiding spot in your office if your that important, or have body guards. 1, its okay but there are other belts that have clips, making them more durable, but if that belt is strong then its fine. Some of these inventions are just so stupid i just cant hold it in and want to punch a steel wall because of how unbelievable peoples logic are.

  39. Jason Anthony says:

    Yeah. BOBAFET set up. BYE!!!

  40. Garrett - says:

    8:05 Cool until they cut/shoot the rope. I think I’d just carry a gun lol

  41. Randell Darcky says:

    strong arm. great for breaking into houses

  42. Andy Encinas says:

    Where do they sell the mut

  43. Mein Land Nicht Deins says:

    i wanted to see the h&k bodyarmour not this shit

  44. Ričardas Baika says:

    that 3 tool make me laugh :D. Your gun got stuck bullet inside ? No problem, just put your hand in your pocket, find that multitool, put it inside your gun and pool. It is more faster than regular fixing your gun with your hand, like you always do :D. Bravo. By the time you pool that tool out of your pocket, you will be dead.

  45. TheYounggun551 says:

    sky saver for paranoid rich doushe bags

  46. Joshua Thiessen says:

    thanks for the click bait thumbnail

  47. นาง สุนิดา สะอาดเอี่ยม says:


  48. Doom Slayer says:

    first need a gun. gov wont give me one

  49. TrankWithAnR says:

    Are you fuckers just going to ignore the fact that the song at 8:26 is basically "Turn Down For What".

  50. Stick Man says:

    The hurst strong arm Is a badass tool!

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