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8:08, 19 December 2017

Military Outdoor Clothes Never ever Issued US GI OD Skeeta Tent

Military Outside Clothing Never ever Issued US GI OD Skeeta Tent

Item Description
U.S. Army skeeta-tent which offers, insect protection even though you sleep. As massive as the old style GI mosquito net, but these pack smaller sized than the old style mosquito nets and have their own stuff bag attached so it won’t get Lost.

Value: $28.68

  • Genuine US Military issued surplus
  • Durable Nylon cordial fabric
  • Shops in an attached black bag
  • Fits more than cot or sleeping bag
  • Dimensions: 17′ x 11′

The Most High-priced Military Tent in the World Nemo The ALCS 1P SE

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What you are about to see is the most expensive tent utilised by military forces in the world and with no a doubt, the most expensive 1 individual tent of all time!

Nemo The ALCS 1P SE (sophisticated linking combat system)

Link :

Became obtainable 2012 and is still in use today.
Nemo apparently has been functioning within the military contractor neighborhood for over a decade in regards to the development of tents, sleep systems, weapon bags and so on.

This regarded as to be the most advanced tent ever created for the modern day warfighter.

Weight : Nearly 9lbs for the system

Attributes :

Four Season tent created to deal with powerful winds and snow loading
Produced for swift erection…….
Can be adapted to different environments thanks to the offered camo covers

Minimum Weight 7 lbs / 3.two kg
On the Fly Weight N/A
Trail Weight N/A
Floor Dimensions94 x 35 in / 239 x 89 cm
Floor Area23 sq ft / 2.1 sq m
Vestibule Area10.four sq ft / 2.two sq m
Interior Height39 in / 99 cm
Number of Doors2
Frame DescriptionEaston Reverse Combi
Packed Size20 x eight in / 51 x 20 cm
Shell FabricGore-Tex® W/B Shelter Fabric
Vestibule Fabric40D PU Nylon
Fly FabricN/A
Canopy FabricN/A
Floor Fabric70D PU Nylon Taffeta
Colour Coyote

Using a not too long ago unveiled, jointly created, and completely special GORE-TEX® fabric, NEMO has made a Berry Compliant, lightweight, linkable, 4-season, freestanding, individual shelter technique that is waterproof, breathable and flame retardant. Coupled with outstanding signature protection, ALCS™ 1P SE, GORE-TEX® (Advanced Linking Combat Shelter™) gives the Warfighter state of the art performance, concealment, and protection from the components. Single wall construction combined with minimal componentry and a single connected pole frame makes it possible for for important weight reduction and more rapidly erect and strike. And the revolutionary linking capability provides a “buddy-team” advantage although nevertheless allowing for self-sufficiency in combat environments. An optional ICC™ (Interchangeable Camo Cover™) allows you to adapt your ALCS™ shelter to diverse operating environments.
I have spoken with Nemo about this tent and they weren’t capable to go over it in extremely significantly detail.

What they did state was this

The ALCS, like a lot of of our military goods, was designed with feedback from Particular Operations Forces and is nonetheless in current use with SOF (Particular Operations Forces). The tent was designed to offer complete light blocking capabilities as effectively as the capability to hyperlink two shelters together to enable communication. We partnered with Gore to develop fabrics that would meet the requirements of this shelter. The ALCS also has optional covers known as the ICC that let the camo pattern to be changed to meet the existing environment.

Covers consist of : MARPAT Desert, MARPAT Woodland and MultiCam and each and every is roughly $250 each.

Other camo patterns for the US ARMY are said to be in development for the new US Army patterns

Want to acquire 1, good luck! This are really uncommon. So uncommon in fact that nemo wouldn’t tell me how several of these have been made. Ever so frequently you will uncover these popping up for sale on the web on auction websites, craigslist and so on. They are only for sale to government agencies and can not be exported to other nations due to the sensitives involving the technologies used in the design and style.

With a little searching, I located 1 listing for the tent which was sold on ebay a few years back. I also identified a listing on gear trade which was sold.

I have utilised this tent a quantity of instances and I can inform you that it is negative ass but that doesn’t mean that it is worth the expense. Not even close. Yes, it has some cool attributes but for the average joe, they imply absolutely nothing….but of course, it wasn’t created for the average joe….

Anything to believe about.

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Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. Robert Hickey says:

    It’s probably radiation proof too 🙂

  2. fa de says:

    This is the perfect argument to cut spending AT THE PENTAGON not spending for the people

  3. Cricket Wireless says:

    I am suprized if Trump allows this contract to exist…$2300 This is our manufacturing sector ripping off the government and tax payers it’s almost like the guys that got that contract to reestablish their communications in PURTO Rico with only 4 employees for millions of dollars..another GOVERMENT debockle… but we are being it all back to home, I BET China and Russia have the same tent and made it better based off our idea.. if it’s out in the public domain…. your secret none sweating tent is in their hands now…

  4. fenrir says:

    found a guy selling one for $1000

  5. Marco Lima says:

    funny..US wasting money for this

  6. J J says:

    What a waste of money ??‍♂️

  7. James Thomas says:

    I like that tent, of course civi’s can’t buy!

  8. Manny Ribera says:

    $2300 when it costs 23 cents to make. Its like expensive clothes brands. Same shit if not worse, different name.

  9. Sandro Rayis says:

    Is it bulletproof?

  10. Mike Maslen says:

    I’m not bashing the military here, only the government and the individual greed of the people who contract to them. Something as simple as a medicine cabinet on a navy ship can cost as much as $1000…this willingness to rip-off the taxpayer by over-charging the military to equip them properly is all about satisfying boards and shareholders. This tent is actually not as over-priced as it seems but military contractors are disgraceful.

  11. Deepak Sangwan says:

    Its 23 dollar worth

  12. joe jones says:

    Only government sales because no person in their right mind will will buy a tent for $2300.

  13. Andrzej Cios says:

    In my opinion this tent is not expensive at all. When you turn it upside down you have a boat. In some situation putting in some rocks one can use it as a submarine or underwater hiding place. The material is definitively bullet proof so when putting it on the side one can use it as a machine gun nest. In critical situations one can crawl backwards using it as a cover. Is it not worth the money?

  14. Tag 915 says:

    The yanks will never hear the end
    of it when they show up with connecting tents

  15. Art Thomas says:

    Talk about bending over and taking it dry, haha.

  16. River GN says:

    Wow! Whoever got that gov contract is a lucky mofo. That price is a crock of shit. Our tax dollars at work.

  17. Pipito Paerata says:


  18. Matthew Friedmann says:

    Our government spent the money. We paid for it. #wakeuppeople

  19. Kenny K says:

    Furnish each homeless person one. I’m going to Wal-Mart.

  20. Allert v Barneveld says:

    The Dutch army tent is much cheaper. And most of the same specs.

  21. SRV. 123 says:

    The tubes are special design for smuggling heroin. But seriously. It has an invisible coating of Muzzie Repellent.

  22. tyler william says:

    is it IR proof, how well does it mask body temperature. is it bio hazardous proof ie can I make it air tight? if so then I can see why its so expensive other wise its a rip off.

  23. Paul Greening says:

    Ha, the govt says they spend $2000+ for the tent. They do this shit all the time, so they have $ for other under the table deals they do. Hookers on out country trips would be one. Lol

  24. Jonathan Tobin says:

    What mos had this shit? I only had my wobby and a sleeping bad, and if i wanted to be safe from gun fire, i had a nice e tool to dig a nice hole

  25. sean Fox says:

    Luke ru gonna be camping with it soon and do three day weekend trip to ur property and and do a YouTube video of the tent

  26. Dale Erickson says:

    ok the one that was tested one man tent close to the ground and folds right out of the pack when done setting it up your pack was on the in side

  27. Dan outdoors says:

    I got health problems. Will you take me with ya on adventure im in georgia about hour two hours from springer mountain. I wana go before i die. I have gear butt never used it yet. I have northface phoenix. Tent.

  28. Jim Blane says:

    We better not be paying 2k for these, I’ll tell you that.

  29. Tom O'Hawk says:

    Wife? You do surprise me.

  30. ozzmanzz says:

    Only in the American military would they shell out $2,000 for a one man tent that is way too heavy for one man to carry with all his other gear.

  31. Daniel Le-Pine says:

    I would get one if they were cheaper. Look epic

  32. ERIC Laliberty says:

    Okay, so, I used a Gotex one in 2003, it was a prototype for, I’m guessing for this tent… it had a insert to covert it to a 4 season… with a USMC digital tent cover. And, yes, they exected two combat loaded Marines to be in this, with both your gear. I don’t think you could conect the tents with each other, if my memory serves me. So, I might be giving out something I shouldn’t, but, hey, it was over 10 years ago!

  33. Sperrin Outdoor Gear reviews says:

    Nice review

  34. ashrak12 says:

    can you please post the site to when you built the super tent camp? i have been looking for it but can’t find it. i love that show.

  35. Darryl Bass says:

    This is why the US military budget is as bloated as it is.

    Nothing about this tent says $2,300 at the most is probably worth $230.

  36. Mike Brink says:

    So it’s basically a regular tent but made out of Gore-tex fabric instead of nylon or polyester. Gore-tex lets moisture out but won’t let moisture in….Tyvek house wrap is similar in that it resists moisture & airflow from coming in but lets trapped inside moisture escape. If you know how to use a sewing machine buy some Gore-tex fabric and make your own tent. I have some Gore-tex cold weather motorcycle riding gloves coming in the mail. They’re supposed to be water & wind proof but let any sweat on your hands pass through. The Tyvek works good underneath tents coz it won’t tear easy like plastic and is still super lightweight.

  37. Travis Montgomery says:

    Our money is fake as the fucks that made it we place value on it like morons they dont .

  38. Lukas Gmünder says:

    It is a one person tent but solders sleeping in shifts. So it less then 800 usd per person.

  39. Colin Morrow says:

    I had one of these tents and it was awsome I used everytime I went camping and it kept me dry cool in summer and warm in the fall

  40. crazysaiyam goku says:

    Military also paid $1,500 for toilet seat cover

  41. C Dunn says:

    This material doesn’t leave a heat signature infrared or thermal

  42. Spanish Inquisition says:

    Just saw a chinese bootleg copy for 20$ dollars.

  43. redcinos says:

    Somebody is ripping off the government

  44. grunt life HORNO says:

    Marine Corps won’t see these until the Army upgrades to tents with flatscreens.

  45. david john Huxtable says:

    ive just remade an old double a pole ridge mountain tent as the original co that manufactured it went bust!! try looking up the havu4 by verestukala of finland at €1695 !!! they do a havu8 man also
    unique design uses any tree as its main pole or you can pitch it in treeless terrain comes with emergency exit zips and can be split in half to form open sided tarp like vestibule shelter
    has stove jack for hot tenting and non conventional doorway you step over into it not go through it as in a tent door its multi configurable and low profile can stay in it for many months in depths of winter
    heaviest duty best quality canvas materials used
    finland cost of manufacture is very high for raw materials hence price
    but i prefer the other sf tent which retails for $400 that you reviewed with 3 observation points lower profile used by ooh were so darned cool navy seals!! once again paid for by the taxpayer
    but at a more reasonable $400
    you had it for use in tan
    that to me is better option in combo with a camo dd tarp
    or mil tarp of yer chosen pattern saving $2000!!!!!!!

  46. Javier Charlier says:

    That better have WiFi

  47. Mel Alvar says:

    Is it rpg proof?

  48. Eric Cheung says:

    I thought soldiers are tough and they sleep in hammock.

  49. David Garcia says:

    I was an Infantry Marine and in my personal experience a tent is garbage in a war zone. I have been threw all kinds of weather and needed nothing more than my sleeping system and a pancho to make it waterproof. This product is for special forces or for some lucky pog unit.

  50. Brawling Style says:

    most expsensive tent that you cant stretch you feet out in

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