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11:10, 19 December 2017

Military Challenging Knuckle Tactical Gloves Motorcycle Gloves Motorbike ATV Riding Army Combat Full Finger Gloves for Men Airsoft Paintball Tan Medium

Military Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves Motorcycle Gloves Motorbike ATV Riding Army Combat Full Finger Gloves for Men Airsoft Paintball Tan Medium

Product Description
Desc.: Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves Full Finger Motorcycle Motorbike ATV Riding Gloves Army Military Combat Gloves for Males

Size Chart: (US normal size)
S:8.5-9 inch (palm perimeter)
M:9-9.5 inch (palm perimeter) 
L:9.5-10 inch (palm perimeter)
XL:ten-11 inch (palm perimeter)
Please Note: .5″size error is achievable as size was measured by hand. 
Package includes:1 Pair Full-Finger Tactical Gloves. 
This complete finger hard knuckle tactical gloves are ideal for all sorts of versatile projects:
ATV motorbike motocross motorcycle riding gloves,
army military airsoft paintball gloves,gun shooting gloves, perform gloves, biker gloves and sport gloves etc. 
Secure protection when punching and undertaking various activities outdoors.

Value: $15.96

  • Molded hard knuckle and reinforced palm for heavy duty.Adequate hand protection from influence and abrasion as tactical gloves, motorcycle riding gloves or perform gloves.
  • Gives exceptional dexterity and flexibility when outside sport or riding as motorcycle gloves, ATV motocross gloves, motorbike gloves, motorcycles gloves or moto gloves.
  • Nicely stitched,sturdy and lightweight material,top breathable and comfortable,and adjustable wrist design and style supply sense of snug and assistance when working outdoor sport.
  • Military tactical gloves is made of tough microfiber leather material and also best as ATV dirt bike bicycle or motorcycle riding gloves. Put on-resistant, anti-slip, lightweight and rapidly drying.
  • Higher efficiency versatile design and style as army military gloves, difficult knuckle tactical gloves, combat armor gloves,assault gloves,shooting gloves, airsoft paintball gloves and batting gloves.

How To Set Up Your WAR BELT | DUTY BELT | SF Assaulter Gear | Tactical Rifleman

Following our “How to Setup your Physique Armor” video, we received a lot of concerns about my War Belt and also some requests that we do a separate video covering my War Belt. Ask, and you will receive!

The war belt in the video is created by ATS:

So, this week’s video covers how to set up your Duty Belt, at the moment named a “War Belt.” Assaulters have been running gun belts or duty belts for decades. These generally incorporated just a pistol holster, spare pistol magazines and possibly a dump pouch.

Quickly forward, and the current trend is to move frequently utilised kit from your Body Armor to your Duty Belt. This does two things. 1st, it helps take a lot of weight off of your shoulders (where your Physique Armor rides), and transfers it to your pelvic girdle. This aids reduce down on a lot of the pain of being in Physique Armor all evening long. 38 pounds of “lightweight” kit is nonetheless 38 pounds of “lightweight” kit. Any way I can help cut down on the discomfort, brother, I’m prepared to try it.

Second, by running a lot of your generally utilized kit on your duty belt, you can nevertheless create and preserve that “muscle memory”, even when you are not wearing complete “battle-rattle” on the variety. No matter whether you are just operating a rapid class or burning up a half hour on the range prior to the ops briefing, you can nevertheless shoot and reload from your help side, just like if you have been in full kit. Also, while you are back inside the wire, and your armor is grounded in the ready room, you can still stroll about the FOB with your duty belt and rifle. You aren’t expecting to get into a gunfight, but if it happened, you nevertheless have at least some ammo and health-related gear. That’s much better than absolutely nothing.

Setting up your War Belt is just like setting up your Armor keep it basic and carry a minimum amount of gear. (Pistol / Ammo / Med / Particular Equipment) Do you want to carry flash bangs? Almost certainly not. I carry a couple of since I often use them in classes with students out at T1G.

Help support Tactical Rifleman by purchasing 1 of our T-shirts, verify them out at:

I hope you appreciate the video and, as usually, if you have a concerns or comments please leave them beneath. Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

For much more go to and Adhere to me on Twitter-

Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. jtorresalbq says:

    I apologize for the comment. My comment could have been more constructive and positive. You were very gracious with you’re response.. Again I apologize for the response being very negative.

  2. Noe Zartuche jr says:

    How is the holster attached to the belt?

  3. Aindrui O'Cuinneagain says:

    Love the top tips & advice! Love from Ireland ?????

  4. Reverend Rabbit says:

    Note the fact that medieval plate armor was designed as such that the majority of the weight of the steel plate was resting on your hips, not your shoulders. As well, even chain mail armor was secured with a belt to ensure the majority of the weight rested on your hips, not your shoulders.

    Remove as much weight as possible from your shoulders. Your legs and hips can take it. Your spine can’t.

  5. Anrae Godley-Cooper says:

    Great video Brother, Blessings.

  6. YT _LIFE says:

    Did he just say don’t run a Serpa holster lol Save a life lol Who do you know have shot themselves or someone else with a Serpa? That was some of the dumbest sht I’ve ever heard from a pro lmao

  7. MegaJeong says:

    Is he just a cook?

  8. 7curiogeo says:

    Your issue with serpa holster?

  9. Stcloud Transit says:

    Hey thanks for the great vids! Wanted to ask about nbc cbrn and what would you do loadout in which scenario etc?

  10. Billy Burd says:

    I carry all my shit in a walmart bag

  11. Stryker2279 says:

    So how would you mount a dropleg, would you mount it to the battle belt itself and hope your belt doesn’t slip or would you mount that to your pants belt?

  12. Stefano Dogg says:

    Very informative vid, many thanks

  13. Fun Freak says:

    Where did you get your light for pistol and holster

  14. Timothy Summers says:

    I would love to be able to afford those smaller plate carriers, not to mention the flash bangs….. But damn, I think I will be going through my kit this week and re-doing things….much thanks

  15. JC Cuby says:

    No watch? Wth?

  16. Survival of the Fittest says:

    Leatherman Surge is the best MT on the market, hands down! Dig that setup for sure. What fixed blade were you running on your vest though?

  17. Billy Burd says:

    This is why a have a tactical caddy. He carries all my stuff and I just wear flipflops and shorts.

  18. keenan walker says:

    Do you wear keepers on that belt so it doesn’t more or no?

  19. Don ald says:

    Not true. Keep only your gun and mags on your belt. The less wait on your belt the better. The vest is heavy enough where you will not notice any additional weight on the vest. A heavy belt will keep you from moving fast. When you are in a safe zone and you take off your vest, Do you really want to be carrying around all that extra stuff on your hips? Just your side arm and your pistol mags only. And all mag pouches should be open top. With flaps you will be fumbling in order to reload and could cost you your life.

  20. Charles Creech says:

    There is no ALS holster for the gun I will be carrying I’ve tried the Safariland holsters and the retention screw came lose so I went with a Black Hawk Serpa.and it works. I have been practicing and seems to be working as expected. The pistol I have started using is a Para p 13 45 Though I also have a ruger American 45 with light.

  21. Brandon Angle says:

    WTF is an "MADE BY ALS holster"? You mean it is made by Safari Land

  22. Don ald says:

    So whats your opinion on itw fast mag holders?

  23. audia keny says:

    From Whitehelmets to Peacekeepers until coalition.. media should be a simple pack..

  24. ed salisch says:

    We used to call it a pistol belt.

  25. Sam Karr says:

    war belts are so 2015. we have moved on to one single belt and belt mag pouches not molle.

  26. 5books 5bucks says:

    This channel is so fucking badass.

  27. Wesley Arnold says:

    I like the video. Sure there apparently disputes over holster’s and that will be an ongoing issue.
    My main question is why not use the ATAK -C to hold your Tourniquet’s? Question for anyone .

  28. Trevor Joshua says:

    Everyone hates the Serpa holster lol…. damn Serpa

  29. Richard Elbe says:

    LOVE and GREATFUL for my Serpa… especially when working large crowd events and kids trying for the stuff on the belt.. of visiting a bud and his ex shows up with the kids.. who forget their teachings from dad and reach for it from behind cause it looks cool… like all tools Serpas’ have their places to be used

  30. Todd Truitt says:

    Karl and TR Team, great channel and another informative video. Thanks !

  31. julieanusman011 says:

    Nice video! ?
    Just have a quick question:
    Which dump pouch from ATS (I assume) are you running?
    Thanks, keep up the good work.

  32. AJohnson0325 says:

    I had a blackhawk serpa holster that broke so I wouldn’t recommend it because of that. The retention system doesn’t work anymore and having a loaded pistol that would not be secure at all is not a good thing. I have also heard that some people don’t draw the pistol correctly with this holster leading to negligent discharge. I’m guessing that’s what he meant by the life you safe may be your own.

  33. qzr0jt says:

    Karl, How is your Tops knife sheath secured inside your war belt?

  34. Nic Turman says:

    I’ve got that almost exact set up. Same brand ats and pouches I do have a serpa and it’s never been a problem

  35. ACHERON33 says:

    REF your holster what kind of set up do you have so that it hangs lower then your belt I have a similar set up but would love to find out what you did for this. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  36. William Davis says:

    Which Glock does he have?

  37. SPARTAN300 says:

    I would rather carry the weight on my shoulders to much weight hanging on your hips will cut off circulation and your legs will fatigue alot quicker from my experience i always wanted all the weight on my shoulders ..move for 12 or 14 hours and you will regret shit hanging off your hips i promise you that ..get your shoulders stronger if your shoulders cant handle the weight pain keeps you awake anyway.hell move for an hour and youll regret it on range is fine.

  38. Carolina Fosella says:

    How mush dose it cost in total the war belt

  39. Wesley Arnold says:

    I like the video. Sure there apparently disputes over holster’s and that will be an ongoing issue.
    My main question is why not use the ATAK -C to hold your Tourniquet’s? Question for anyone .

  40. Earl Foster says:

    What pistol magazine pouches are you using on your belt. The one open and the one covered. What brand?

  41. Don ald says:

    As an old war dog I can truthfully say, this guy has way too much stuff on his belt. I don’t know where he got his training??? There should be no such thing as a "War Belt". A side arm , one mag, Cuffs if needed, Maybe a leatherman. The rest should go on your vest. Heavy belts prevent you from moving/running and wear you out. With the weight of the plates on your vest, Anything you put on it will not be noticeable. Thus if you are in a safe area where you can remove your vest, you still have a sidearm with one mag and a leatherman. Remember, Everything on your vest should be in the same place as the men you are working with. Especially the back of your vest. That’s for them to use, not you.And visa versa.

  42. UMBRELLA UNIT61 says:

    What supplies do you have in your med kit?

  43. jtorresalbq says:

    Running way too much crap on belt and carrier..

  44. Matthew Kirkpatrick says:

    Which Ifac is that and who makes your dump pouch?

  45. Johannes says:

    What pistol pouch is that? And what is the front flasbang pouch?

  46. sappercookie says:

    What inner belt are you running? I’ve checked out the War Belt on ATS and on their site it shows a belt with a shitty buckle that looks as if it will break if u look at it the wrong way. Any suggestions?

  47. brandon moyer says:

    What attachment method is that for the holster? Looks like it might be safarilands TMA..

  48. keenan walker says:

    Who makes that holster safariland?

  49. Christopher Gonzalez says:

    Has anybody tried this belt? Any feedback? Thanks

  50. Jack Pickette says:

    Itz ya boi tactacil rilfleman

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