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2:38, 21 December 2017

Men’s Military Waterproof Digital-Analog Display Sport Watches Multifunctional Wrist Watches for Men

Men’s Military Waterproof Digital-Analog Display Sport Watches Multifunctional Wrist Watches for Men

Item Description
*Multifunctional Digital Wrist Watches
*Can See Time Clearly in The Dark With Back-light
*Stop Watch Timer
*LED Digital Military Designer Watches for Men

Item Specification:
Brand Name: SMAEL 
Product Name: men sport watch
Band Color: khaki, black, army green
Dial Case Diameter: 1.97inch/5.0cm
Dial Case Thickness: .71inch/1.8cm
Band Length: 8.67inch/22cm
Band Width: .83inch/two.1cm
Weight: 70g
Package Integrated: 1* military digital watches with a gift box

Case Material:PU
Band Material:PU

*Please DO NOT press any buttons under water.As well much water make contact with will shorten watch life.
*Every single watch comes with 90 day 100% money back complete refund guarantee.Any question about the solution, please contact us, we will try our greatest to assist you solve your dilemma.

Spend Attention:
1. We have personal factory for Much more THAN 15 years with skilled knowledge. We can decrease expenses greater and handle the quality strictly.
2. Please kindly allow 1-2cm differs due to MANUAL MEASUREMENT.
three. Colors might appear slightly different by way of website due to pc Picture RESOLUTION and monitor settings.

Price: $15.99

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Backlight with Afterglow, Dual Time, Dual Face, Day-to-day Alarm, Lap Timer, Second Stopwatch, Auto Calendar, shock resistant, pedometer, waterproof. Perfect for sport and everyday use.
  • Sport watch: Shock resistant, ideal for each outdoor and indoor sports, such as running, climbing, fishing, football, and so forth.
  • Men’s Watch: Appeals to guys, particularly to these who like carrying out sport. Shock resistant, cease watch, military 24H time mode and LED back light make it ideal for all sport and everyday use.
  • Digital watch: Trendy sporty dial style, military style outlook. Massive Dial (1.97 inch) and numbers with light, show time clear in the dark.
  • MILITARY SPORT STYLE: Come with a gift box, Military Sport Designer. A perfect present for any present providing occasion: anniversary, business, birthday, Thanksgiving Day, Father’s Day,Christmas and so on.

The Very best Military Tactical Beater Watch Below $one hundred – Casio G-Shock DW5600MS-1 Assessment & Comparison

When you absolutely positively got to kill every single other watch below $100 in the room, accept no substitute! It’s been over 2 years since I bought my last g-shock that I use every day as my function-out and primary beater watch. Nowadays I replace my trusty Mudman “Military” G9000MS-1 and examine it to my latest acquisition. Introducing the DW5600MS-1, one of the greatest military inspired and tactical watches beneath $100. But this is no ordinary tactical G-Shock, I have also modded it and added various extras to make it even far more comfy, robust and typically cooler seeking!

To acquire your personal parts and accessories to customise your G-shock, I suggest Jay & Kays on eBay:

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To contact me please email: [email protected]
I do not use the messaging technique on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Thank you.

Обсуждение: 50 коммент.
  1. B MMH05 says:

    My GW-9010 and PRG240 with original resin bands have never failed, and they have been brutally punished since birth. They were good babies, decent kids, exceptional adults, but they are grumpy smelly disgusting old people now – which is perfect.

  2. Adam says:

    After having had the mudman for 10+ years I thought it’d be foolish not to get this model as well. This is a perfect, no nonsense watch. Rugged, easy to set, easy to use the functions, and the blackout look is gorgeous.

  3. Tsukani Takuda says:

    Your video just made me buy that model and the damn bars. I hate/love you. I bought it on amizon for $103 for everything and shipping. I regret getting another watch since I had my old one for only a year and 9 months. But I’m really excited to get it. Omg what have you done to me and why???

  4. DragonDoper says:

    Is this watch the 3229 or the 1545 version ?

  5. Lawnmowerman Boxcutter says:

    I have a mini collection going on, 5600, mudman, and seiko 5. I will be ordering the seiko Skx013 next and after that I want the Orient bambino and that will quench my thirst for watches for a while lol.

  6. wrxbungle says:

    love this watch, great review.

  7. George Vlahopoulos says:

    Ok, Like the video, the watches but please explain something to me…That’s a G-shock, obviously used, it even has salt I assume on the screen and you are wearing gloves????

  8. PersianOne says:

    Been looking into a G-Shock for an everyday beater watch and I stumbled across your videos. I’m not really into the bulky style of most of the G-Shock’s out there so I was looking at something that was a bit more slender. It seems you hit the nail on the head with this one. I may do a little more research before pulling the trigger but thanks to your review, it looks like I may be looking at my next watch. Enjoyed the detail review, you earned yourself a new subscriber and fan. Cheers from Hawaii!

  9. Onur Akgul says:

    Hey can you help me find that compass for the band? I haven’t been able to find one with a cover like TGV’s!

  10. zulma fernandes says:

    Pare vira vídeo relógio pufasu

  11. ARRONDEAU matthieu says:

    Hi TGV, may be it’s a good alternative to my very old W-93H. If I have 16cm wrist, is not ridiculous ? I just change the battery after …….. 10 years !!! it’s my best economic watch, ok the screen had become bland, but 10 years !!!! thanks for your vidéo Cristano

  12. RandomGuitarNote says:

    Square gshocks are awesome but your mudman had a lot of life left!!

  13. First Name Last Name says:

    Nothing even comes close to the Bin Ladens. $5-7 great durability can’t ask for a better watch.

  14. Brindan Domineck says:

    How much did your bretling cost i love that watch so much

  15. naanayo says:

    Here is a new online shop with some amazing watches. Even few military watches. Have a look

  16. Mayank Chand says:

    what is the difference between illuminator and fox fire version

  17. SparkyMarkyMark 23 says:

    What kind of compass is that has a little door clip?

  18. lontheking126 says:

    I demand you to take a toothbrush and scrub that old watch at once

  19. Maks kneb says:

    Hi man if you want you can have the same model ”Casio G-Shock gw-m5610 (1bjf)” touch solar, snooze alarm and radio multi band 🙂

  20. Reinaldo Dado says:

    i have purchased the dw5600bbn, beautiful watch, my first gshock

  21. jackie wong says:

    @TGV the Display of the digital Numbers is in Dank red. Is it still good to be Read?

  22. Robert Pepe says:

    I have said it before, TGV can review a $49 CASIO or a $15,000 Rolex and make it both watches cool and worth buying… Thanks TGV for another great video

  23. moses o says:

    I can’t find that style of compass with the flip up cap.

  24. Cameron Cloud says:

    Hey, just wanted everyone to know that you can find the entirely blacked out 5600bb in the states now. I found mine in the mall at Zumiez for only $99. Just an update to an excellent and informative video

  25. Zündapp97 says:

    Was looking for a good beater watch that I can use while working. Just ordered this, review was very helpful!!

  26. Andi0012345 says:

    This vid really comes at the right time. I am looking for a good affordable military watch and this vid explained a few features that I never thought of e.g stop watch + time etc. Thanks TGV

  27. Agent. K. says:

    How do you get them this cheap? They are double price in the U.K.!

  28. fakeyhero says:

    The strap looks really cool but is there a point to it? Cause I want the strap as well lol

  29. RomanDutch says:

    The intros are just too slick. Beyond anything else on YouTube

  30. J. Bradley of Rutledge says:

    Still my favorite intro you’ve ever done.. Ridiculously good.

  31. 750dc says:

    Intro song:

    Kryptic Minds – Six Degrees

  32. Kieren Moore says:

    Why not the DW-D5600P-1JF … ? It comes with the bullbars fitted, a vastly superior display, and even has the 5 second countdown lead-in and World Time that you wanted, all for $97 on Amazon: // …… If only they released it with the combi-bracelet, too …… :/

  33. salamattamalas says:

    My better half has his eye on a g shock mtg , what’s your verdict on them TVG ?

  34. Ismail Gheita says:

    Best watch related Channel out there, most of the other channels cater for the nouveau-riches. I purchased a 5600BBN after watching your video. Thank you very much, TGV, you are a true gentleman.

  35. Łukasz Łaźniak says:

    You can just wash this Mudman with soap and toothbrush take bezel off , it’s just 6 ph-00 screws and 4 for the strap. And the mudman will be like new. G-shocks are great companions, I know i have the 8 of them. Can wait to see more G-shock reviews like MTG-G1000D-1A.

  36. jf says:

    Hi mate! Just found your channel and loved your review. Might sharing where you bought the compass attachment? Cheers!

  37. SparkyMarkyMark 23 says:

    Better wash ur g-shock with a toothbrush on the back & rub soap on the front use either hot water or cold water 2 wash it.

  38. AUTOCARZ INDIA says:

    Nice compilation. Have subscribed your channel. Do subscribe my channel also

  39. Tom Vogt says:

    That intro!!!! Impeccable!

  40. Dario Cruz says:

    The intro to these videos are so dope!!!!!

  41. MorrisUK1990 says:

    I can’t find the compass with the cover anywhere online in the uk, where did you acquire yours from please? Hope you’re having a good day!

  42. Yazid Zizou says:

    hi please where i can bay the compass . i need adresse

  43. Kino Uy says:

    Is this mud resistant? Also, if a watch is mud resistant, is it also automatically dust resistant?

  44. salamattamalas says:

    You sold it to me TGV , going to get it for my husband as his beater

  45. DragonDoper says:

    After watching this Review I bought the watch from eBay £80 and the zulu strap and bullbar from jaysandKays also from eBay. But not cheap by any means. But was worth it 100%

  46. Todd Howard says:

    this intro is jaw dropping

  47. Robert Montes says:

    thanks for the review…it tempts me to had that one

  48. LyricsVillage says:

    I just don’t understand the negative lcd, it’s so hard to read.
    Why did they have it, is it for saving battery?

  49. eurabio says:

    Great, made up my mind. Ill buy one.

  50. Toshirō Mifune says:

    Casio should pay You for this intro !!!

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